Verb: красить краситься покрасить расписывать
Noun: краска окраска румяна


to coat with paint - покрывать краской

to dissolve paint - растворять краску

exterior paint - краска для наружных работ

flat paint - матовая краска

floor paint - краска для пола

to paint an icon - писать икону

several layers of paint - несколько слоёв краски

to paint in oil(s) - писать масляными красками, маслом

to apply paint to a surface - наносить краску на поверхность

to daub paint on a wall - мазать стену краской

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Wet paint! - осторожно, окрашено! (объявление)

We painted the door blue. - Мы покрасили дверь в синий цвет.

I need more blue paint. - Мне нужно больше синей краски.

He painted that portrait of his wife. - Он написал этот портрет своей жены.

The paint's still wet. - Краска ещё не высохла.

This paint covers well. - Эта краска хорошо ложится (на поверхность).

The paint is too thick. - Краска слишком густая.

The ceiling needs painting. - Потолок нужно покрасить.

I had paint splatters on my jeans. - Мои джинсы были забрызганы краской.

Will this paint wash off? - Эта краска смоется?

It just needs a lick of paint. - Его нужно просто немного подкрасить.

What color paint shall we use? - Какого цвета краску будем использовать?

The paint splattered my clothes. - Краска забрызгала мне одежду.

The paint's still slightly tacky. - Краска всё ещё чуточку липкая.

The paint was still sticky. - Краска была еще липкой (не высохшей).

Slosh paint all over the walls. - Заляпай все стены краской.

I paint for the sheer pleasure of it. - Я рисую только ради удовольствия.

The paint is peeling away already. - Краска уже отваливается.

He painted his mistress many times. - Он много раз рисовал свою любовницу.

It'll be okay after a lick of paint. - Немножко подкрасить — и будет нормально.

The house is sorely in need of paint. - Дом остро нуждается в покраске.

A white cross was painted on the door. - На двери был нарисован белый крест.

The house needs a fresh coat of paint. - Дом нуждается в свежей покраске.

Did you chip the paint? - Ты отбил старую краску?

He paints mostly in oils. - Пишет он, в основном, маслом.

The heat checked the paint. - От жары краска потрескалась.

We painted the rooms yellow. - Мы покрасили помещения в жёлтый цвет.

Dip the brush into the paint. - Окуните кисть в краску.

She likes to paint landscapes. - Ей нравится писать пейзажи.

He dominates play in the paint. - Он доминирует при игре в "краске" /в трёхсекундной зоне/. (о баскетболе)

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Связанные термины:

oil paint: Oil paint is a thick paint used by artists . It is made from coloured powder and linseed oil.

paint gun: an air gun that fires paint capsules, as used in paintballing

paint out: to cover up with or as with a coat of paint

paint pot: a container, as a jar, pail, or bucket, for holding paint while it is being applied

war paint: War paint is the paint which some groups of people used to decorate their faces and bodies before they fought a battle.

gloss paint: Gloss paint is paint that forms a shiny surface when it dries .

lead paint: paint containing lead

matt paint: a paint which is dull rather than shiny when it dries

paint bomb: a device containing paint which explodes on impact

paint spray: paint bought in a special can which you spray on a surface by pressing a button on the top of the can

spray paint: Spray paint is paint bought in a special can which you spray on a surface by pressing a button on the top of the can.

water paint: any water-based paint, such as an emulsion or an acrylic paint

enamel paint: a type of paint that has a very hard and shiny finish once it is dry

finger paint: paint made from starch, glycerine, and pigments and applied with the fingers, hand, or arm

grease paint: an oily mixture of melted tallow or grease and a pigment, used by actors, clowns, etc., for making up their faces

paint roller: a roller of absorbent material, mounted on a handle, that is rolled in a trough of paint and then over the surface to be painted

poster paint: Poster paint is a type of brightly coloured paint which contains no oil and is used for painting pictures .

eggshell paint: paint that has a slight sheen

emulsion paint: a light-sensitive coating on a base, such as paper or film, consisting of fine grains of silver bromide suspended in gelatine

luminous paint: paint containing a phosphor that emits visible light when irradiated with ultraviolet light

paint stripper: Paint stripper is a liquid which you use in order to remove old paint from things such as doors or pieces of furniture .

oil-based paint: any paint made with a drying oil or solvent such as linseed

paint-by-numbers: formulaic; showing no original thought or creativity

oil color: a color or paint made by grinding a pigment in a drying oil, esp. linseed oil

paint the town red: to go out and enjoy yourself

paintbrush: A paintbrush is a brush which you use for painting .

paint the town (red): to go on a boisterous spree ; carouse

acrylic color: a color or paint made by mixing pigments in a solution of acrylic resin

paint yourself into a corner: to find yourself in a difficult situation where you have to act in a certain way

something is like watching paint dry: said to mean that you find something extremely boring

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Однокоренные слова:

paint in - вписывать красками
paint on - рисовать, подрисовывать
paint out - закрасить, закрашивать

Связанные слова: