Noun: живопись


to complete a painting - закончить картину

to dabble in painting - время от времени брать в руки кисть

painting farthest removed from reality - рисунок, находящийся дальше всего от реальности

talent for painting - талант художника

the house wants painting - дом нужно покрасить

movement in painting - динамика в живописи

dip painting - окрашивание окунанием

painting theorem - теорема о раскрашивании

to turn to painting - заняться живописью

woolly painting иск. - письмо грубым мазком

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What does this painting say? - Что означает /о чём говорит/ эта картина?

the soft tones of the painting - мягкие тона этой картины

The house needed painting. - Дом нуждался в покраске.

The painting was judged a fake. - Эта картина была признана подделкой.

The ceiling needs painting. - Потолок нужно покрасить.

He hung the painting on the wall. - Он повесил картину на стену.

The house requires painting. - Этот дом нуждается в покраске.

The painting discolored. - Картина /краска/ выцвела.

He knows quite a bit about painting. - Он довольно мало знает о живописи. / Он не много знает о живописи.

Degas' style of painting - манера живописи Дега

The room is ready for painting. - Помещение готово к покраске.

The tear devalues the painting. - Прореха снижает стоимость этой картины.

She made a bid on the painting. - Она предложила цену за картину (на аукционе).

What do you think of my painting? - Что вы думаете о моей картине?

He is studying abstract painting. - Он изучает абстрактную живопись.

The painting had effective colors. - Картина отличалась яркими красками.

Painting a room can be messy work. - Покраска комнаты может быть грязной работой. (работой во время которой можно испачкаться)

Painting the metal will deter rust. - Покраска металла предотвратит коррозию.

He studied oil painting in college. - В колледже она училась живописи маслом.

a painting of a woman at her toilet - картина, изображающая женщину, занятую своим туалетом

the predominate color in the painting - преобладающий цвет в данной картине

a cubist painting with angular shapes - кубистическая живопись с угловатыми формами

This painting is typical of his work. - Эта картина является типичным примером его работы.

Isn't that painting the wrong way up? - Разве эта картина не висит вверх ногами?

He created a new movement in painting. - Он создал новое движение в живописи.

Painting a room involves a lot of prep. - Покраска комнаты требует большой подготовительной работы.

The painting was hung the wrong way up. - Картину повесили вверх ногами.

Is this valuable painting meant for me? - Эта ценная картина предназначена для меня?

She has a sincere interest in painting. - У неё неподдельный интерес к живописи. / Она искренне интересуется живописью.

He made a bid of $100 for the painting. - Он предложил за эту картину сто долларов.

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Связанные термины:

impaint: to paint

paint: Paint is a coloured liquid that you put onto a surface with a brush in order to protect the surface or to make it look nice, or that you use to produce a picture.

peinct: to paint

cave painting: a painting done by prehistoric people in caves

drip painting: a technique of abstract painting exemplified chiefly in the later works of Jackson Pollock and marked by the intricately executed dripping and pouring of the paint on a canvas placed on the floor

face painting: decorative painting of the face, esp for children

oil painting: An oil painting is a picture which has been painted using oil paints.

rock painting: a painting done on rock, usually by early people

sand painting: in Navajo Indian healing ceremonies, the sprinkling of colored sands into designs made up of conventionalized symbolic figures

tone painting: musical description, by harmonic, melodic, or rhythmic means, of the words of a text or the story elements in program music

wall painting: mural painting executed by any of various techniques, as encaustic, tempera, fresco, or oil paint on canvas, often as an enhancement of the architecture of which the recipient wall is a part

word painting: an effective verbal description

action painting: a development of abstract expressionism evolved in the 1940s, characterized by broad vigorous brush strokes and accidental effects of thrown, smeared, dripped, or spattered paint

enamel painting: the art or process of decorating an object made of metal, porcelain, etc. using enamel paint

finger painting: the process or art of painting with finger paints of starch, glycerine, and pigments, using the fingers, hand, or arm

genre painting: a category of painting in which domestic scenes or incidents from everyday life are depicted

acrylic painting: a painting done with pigments in a solution of an acrylic resin : it dries quickly with a brilliance and depth comparable to those of both watercolor and oil paints

landscape painting: a painting of a landscape

no oil painting: unattractive or ugly

painting and decorating: a trade specializing in painting and decorating buildings

finger paint: paint made from starch, glycerine, and pigments and applied with the fingers, hand, or arm

spray paint: Spray paint is paint bought in a special can which you spray on a surface by pressing a button on the top of the can.

he's or she's no oil painting: he or she is not good-looking

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Однокоренные слова:

paint - краска, окраска, румяна, покрасить, красить, краситься
painted - окрашенный, покрашенный, расписной, крашеный, цветной, разукрашенный
painter - художник, живописец, маляр, носовой фалинь
paints - краски
painty - размалеванный, свежевыкрашенный, перегруженный красками

Связанные слова: