Noun: пара чета партнеры жених с невестой
Adjective: парный
Verb: спариваться спаривать соединяться соединять по двое


a pair of candlesticks - пара подсвечников

a durable pair of boots - прочные ботинки

pair of gloves - пара перчаток

to show a clean pair of heels, to take to one's heels - удирать, улепётывать

a faded pair of blue jeans - потёртые джинсы, линялые джинсы

pair of oars - лодка с двумя гребцами

pair of jeans - джинсы

plaintext-ciphertext pair - пара (открытое) сообщение/шифротекст

prime pair - пара (последовательных) простых чисел

source-destination pair - пара источник/получатель (сообщения)

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She bought a pair of shoes. - Она купила пару туфель.

Just clear out, the pair of you! разг. - А ну, убирайтесь, вы оба!

The company is run by a pair of brothers. - Компанией управляют два брата.

a good pair of walking shoes - хорошая пара прогулочной обуви

They will make a lovely pair dancing together. - Они будут прекрасной парой, когда будут танцевать вместе.

Now sod off, the pair of you! - А теперь, вы двое, проваливайте!

Those two kids make quite a pair. - Те двое детей – отличная пара. (речь может идти о детях, подростках, молодых людях)

I need a new pair of glasses. - Мне нужны новые очки.

It's a different pair of shoes / boots! - Это же совсем другое дело! (идиома)

Oh, get out, the pair of you. - Убирайтесь отсюда оба.

I need a new pair of trousers for work. - Мне нужна новая пара брюк для работы.

Let us drink to the happy pair. - Давайте выпьем за счастье молодых.

a pair of old worn-out walking boots - пара старых изношенных ботинок

He slipped on a pair of blue jeans. - Он нацепил джинсы.

I threw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. - Я набросила на себя джинсы и футболку.

She bought a new pair of trainers especially for the trip. - Специально для этой поездки она купила новую пару кроссовок.

a neatly creased pair of pants - аккуратно выглаженные брюки

a pair of expensive handmade shoes - пара дорогой обуви ручной работы

She was wearing a cool pair of shades. - На ней были крутые солнечные очки.

a pair of gloves trimmed with fake fur - Пара перчаток, отделанных (отороченных) искуственным мехом

He was wearing a pair of mirrored shades. - На нём были зеркальные солнцезащитные очки.

I've got a pair of aces. - Мне пришла пара тузов.

A pair of posts marked the goal. - Ворота заменяла пара столбов.

He got a pair of kings in the draw. - В прикупе он получил пару королей.

The pair had a baby, Josh, in August. - В августе у супругов родился ребёнок - Джош.

a pair of robins courting - пара малиновок в процессе ухаживания

a pair of verminous old cats - пара старых блохастых котов

a fine pair of Chippendale chairs - отличная пара стульев в стиле "чиппендейл"

I just saw a nice pair of halves. - Только что мне попалась пара неплохих полуботинок.

The engaged couple make a charming pair. - Будущие жених и невеста — прекрасная пара.

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Фразовые глаголы:

When people pair off or are paired off, they form a pair, often in order to start a romantic relationship.

If people pair up or are paired up, they form a pair, especially in order to do something together.

When people pair off or are paired off, they form a pair, often in order to start a romantic relationship.

If people pair up or are paired up, they form a pair, especially in order to do something together.

Связанные термины:

au pair: An au pair is a young person from a foreign country who lives with a family in order to learn the language and who helps to look after the children .

pair up: If people pair up or are paired up, they form a pair, especially in order to do something together .

base pair: a pair of bases consisting of the pyrimidine base of one nucleotide joined by a hydrogen bond to the complementary purine base of another nucleotide: such pairs form the links between the two strands of DNA and of double-stranded RNA

lone pair: a pair of valency electrons of opposite spin that are not shared between the atoms in a molecule and are responsible for the formation of coordinate bonds

pair bond: the exclusive relationship formed between a male and a female, esp in some species of animals and birds during courtship and breeding

pair-oar: a racing shell in which two oarsmen sit one behind the other and pull one oar each

pair off: When people pair off or are paired off, they form a pair, often in order to start a romantic relationship .

Cooper pair: a pair of weakly bound electrons responsible for the transfer of charge in a superconducting material

pair royal: (in some card games ) a set of three cards of the same denomination

breeding pair: a male and female animal that produce offspring together

minimal pair: a pair of speech elements in a given language differing in only one respect and thus serving to identify minimum units such as phonemes, morphemes, etc. For example, tin and din constitute a minimal pair in English

pair trawling: the act or practice of using two boats to trawl for fish

twisted pair: A twisted pair is a pair of wires that are twisted together to reduce interference .

pair production: the production of an electron and a positron from a gamma-ray photon in a strong field as that passes close to an atomic nucleus

inseparable pair: You can refer to two people as a pair when they are standing or walking together or when they have some kind of relationship with each other.

pair of tongs: a tool for grasping or lifting, consisting of a hinged, sprung, or pivoted pair of arms or levers, joined at one end

pair of bellows: an instrument consisting of an air chamber with flexible sides or end, a means of compressing it, an inlet valve, and a constricted outlet that is used to create a stream of air, as for producing a draught for a fire or for sounding organ pipes

pair of compasses: an instrument for finding direction, usually having a magnetized needle which points to magnetic north swinging freely on a pivot

pair of pincers: a gripping tool consisting of two hinged arms with handles at one end and, at the other, curved bevelled jaws that close on the workpiece : used esp for extracting nails

pair of scissors: a cutting instrument used for cloth, hair, etc, having two crossed pivoted blades that cut by a shearing action, with ring-shaped handles at one end

pair of spectacles: a score of 0 in each innings of a match

pair of tweezers: → another name for tweezers

prial: (in some card games ) a set of three cards of the same denomination

a safe pair of hands: If you say that someone is or has a safe pair of hands, you mean that they are reliable and will not make any serious mistakes .

tongs: Tongs are a tool that you use to grip and pick up objects that you do not want to touch . They consist of two long narrow pieces of metal joined together at one end.

show a clean pair of heels: to run off

pliers: Pliers are a tool with two handles at one end and two hard, flat, metal parts at the other. Pliers are used for holding or pulling out things such as nails, or for bending or cutting wire .

shears: large scissors, as for cutting cloth, jointing poultry, etc

snuffer: a cone-shaped implement for extinguishing candles

tweezers: Tweezers are a small tool that you use for tasks such as picking up small objects or pulling out hairs. Tweezers consist of two strips of metal or plastic joined together at one end .

compass: A compass is an instrument that you use for finding directions. It has a dial and a magnetic needle that always points to the north.

virginal: If you describe someone as virginal, you mean that they look young and innocent, as if they have had no experience of sex .

show someone a clean pair of heels: to win a sporting contest clearly and decisively

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Однокоренные слова:

pair off - уходить парами, разделять на пары, разделяться на пары, жениться, выйти замуж
pair up - объединяться в пары

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