Noun: стоянка автостоянка автомобильная стоянка паркирование


parking space - место для стоянки

set parking brake - авто ставить на ручной тормоз

parking charge - плата за парковку

parking configuration - конфигурация при стоянке

long-term parking - длительная стоянка

parking problem - задача о выборе стоянки

parking fine - штраф за парковку в неположенном месте

parking forbidden - здесь стоянка автомобилей запрещена; стоянка автомобилей запрещена

heated parking lot - теплая стоянка для автомобилей; теплая стоянка автомобилей

parking meter - счётчик оплачиваемого времени стоянки автомобилей; счётчик на стоянке

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No Parking - Стоянка запрещена

We have a problem with parking in this area. - В этом районе у нас есть проблема с парковкой.

Turn off at the parking area. - Поверните возле автостоянки.

Police will be enforcing the parking ban. - Полиция будет следить за соблюдением запрета на парковку (в неположенном месте).

She backed into a parking space. - Она задним ходом въехала на парковочное место.

The parking area is just beyond those trees. - Парковка находится прямо за теми деревьями.

back the car into the parking spot - загнать машину задним ходом на парковочное место

I couldn't find a parking space near the shops. - Я не мог найти парковочное место возле магазинов.

Bob reversed into a parking space. - Боб задним ходом въехал на парковочное место.

Restrict the use of this parking lot. - Ограничьте пользование этой стоянкой.

I nosed my car into the parking space. - Я медленно и осторожно въехал на парковочное место.

Today we're going to practise parking. - Сегодня мы будем тренировать парковку.

He pointed to the empty parking space. - Он указал на пустое парковочное место.

There is ample parking at the stadium. - На стадионе есть просторная парковка.

Free parking is available at the hotel. - В гостинице предоставляется бесплатная парковка.

No skating is allowed in the parking lot. - На стоянке не разрешается кататься на скейтборде.

Our car was vandalized in the parking lot. - Наш автомобиль изуродовали на этой стоянке.

I snagged a parking space in the last row. - Я зацепил парковочное место в последнем ряду.

a prohibition against parking on the street - запрет парковки на улице

She let the parking attendant park her car. - Она позволила парковщику припарковать свою машину.

He made a real meal out of parking the car. - Он устроил настоящий спектакль из парковки автомобиля.

The baseball field neighbors a parking lot. - По соседству с бейсбольным полем находится автостоянка.

He prayed that he would find a parking spot. - Он очень надеялся, что получится найти место для парковки.

I think we might have a job parking in town. - Я думаю, что нам, возможно, будет непросто припарковаться в городе.

All parking areas are designated on the map. - Все автостоянки обозначены на карте.

I found a primo parking space right out front. - Я нашёл классное парковочное место прямо перед домом.

Level ground is best for parking and camp areas. - Ровные участки земли являются лучшими для размещения стоянки и лагерной зоны.

Are the parking facilities adequate for 50 cars? - Достаточно ли парковочных мест для размещения пятидесяти машин?

There is a major problem with parking in London. - С парковкой в Лондоне — большая проблема.

Parking in the city can be a major inconvenience. - Парковка в городе может представлять серьёзные неудобства.

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Связанные термины:

park: A park is a public area of land with grass and trees, usually in a town, where people go in order to relax and enjoy themselves.

parking bay: a space in a car park designed to be large enough to park a vehicle in

parking lot: A parking lot is an area of ground where people can leave their cars.

parking area: A particular area is a piece of land or part of a building that is used for a particular activity.

parking brake: a brake operated by a hand lever

parking disc: a flat circular plate

parking fine: a punishment in which a person is ordered to pay a sum of money because they have parked a vehicle somewhere illegally

parking light: The parking lights on a vehicle are the small lights at the front that help other drivers to notice the vehicle and to judge its width .

parking meter: A parking meter is a device which you have to put money into when you park in a parking space .

parking orbit: an orbit around the earth or moon in which a spacecraft can be placed temporarily in order to prepare for the next step in its programme

parking place: a reserved area or a space in a street where a car may be parked

valet parking: a system at hotels, airports, etc, in which patrons ' cars are parked by a steward

double parking: the activity or offence of parking a vehicle in a traffic lane

parking garage: A parking garage is a building where people can leave their cars .

parking lights: the parking lights on a vehicle are the small lights at the front that help other drivers to notice the vehicle and to judge its width

parking offence: the act of leaving your car somewhere illegally

parking sensor: A parking sensor is a device on a vehicle which detects obstacles and alerts the driver if the vehicle comes too close to them when being parked.

parking ticket: A parking ticket is a piece of paper with instructions to pay a fine, and is put on your car when you have parked it somewhere illegally.

parallel parking: a type of city-street parking in which a vehicle is parked close to and parallel to the curb, typically between two other similarly parked vehicles

parking attendant: a person who works for a traffic control agency and who issues tickets for parking violations

off-street parking: spaces for cars located on private property rather than on a public street

on-street parking: parking (of a car, vehicle, etc) that is or is allowed to be done on a street

parking restrictions: A restriction is an official rule that limits what you can do or that limits the amount or size of something.

double-park: If someone double-parks their car or their car double-parks, they park in a road by the side of another parked car.

parallel-park: If you parallel park a vehicle or parallel park somewhere, you drive the vehicle into a position behind another vehicle in order to park it there.

car park: A car park is an area or building where people can leave their cars.

motor park: an area or building reserved for parking cars

disc: A disc is a flat, circular shape or object.

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Однокоренные слова:

park - парк, заповедник, парковать, оставлять

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