Noun: вечеринка участник партия сторона
Adjective: партийный


party / political boss - партийный босс, политический лидер

party candidate - кандидат от какой-л. партии

victorious candidate for the party's nomination - кандидат, победивший на выборах партии

chief of the party - лидер партии, руководитель партии

the lack of cohesion in the party - отсутствие сплочённости в рядах партии

party congress - съезд партии

corporate party - корпоративная вечеринка

covering party - прикрытие

party delegate - партийный делегат

to divest a third party of title to property - лишить третью сторону права на имущество

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The party was ace. - Вечеринка была первоклассной.

Let's party! - Давайте веселиться!

He was life of the party. - Он был душой компании.

Liberal Party - Либеральная партия

She opened out at a party. - На одной из вечеринок она раскрепостилась.

Democratic Party - Демократическая партия

We are having a party. - У нас вечеринка.

the party of the first part - первая сторона / представители первой стороны (договора или иска, юр., уст.)

That was a swell party. - Это была шикарная вечеринка.

He got tanked at the party. - На вечеринке он здорово набрался.

Labour Party - Лейбористская партия (одна из крупнейших политических партий Великобритании)

The party went well. - Вечеринка прошла хорошо.

This is a bum party. - Вечеринка — просто отстой.

The party was a rage. - Вечеринка прошла бурно.

Is the party a surprise? - Эта вечеринка — сюрприз?

The party went with a bang. - Вечеринка прошла "на ура".

Country Party - Партия фермеров

Socialist Party - Социалистическая партия

That was some party! - Вот это была вечеринка!

a high school dance party - танцевальный вечер в средней школе

party functionaries - партийные функционеры

Anne's birthday party - вечеринка в честь дня рождения Анны

a New Year's Eve party - встреча Нового года / новогодняя вечеринка

He won me to his party. - Он убедил меня вступить в свою партию.

Gandhi's Congress Party - Партия конгресса под руководством Ганди

Welsh Nationalist Party - Уэльская национальная партия

The party was a triumph. - Вечеринка прошла просто великолепно.

It was a wonderful party. - Это была замечательная вечеринка.

The party was a big yawn. - Это была не вечеринка, а скука смертная.

The party was hunky-dory. - Вечеринка была что надо.

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Связанные термины:

all-party: composed of or involving members of all of the political parties of a country

hen party: A hen party is the same as a → hen night .

party hat: a hat, often made of paper, worn at a party

party man: a loyal member of a political party, esp one who is extremely loyal or devoted

tea party: A tea party is a social gathering in the afternoon at which tea, cakes, and sandwiches are served.

two-party: (of a political system) dominated by two major political parties

beach party: a party held on a beach

block party: an outdoor party held for the residents of an urban neighbourhood

coach party: a group of people who travel together on a coach trip

cross-party: Cross-party activities involve two or more political parties. A cross-party group consists of members from two or more political parties.

Green Party: The Green Party is a political party that is particularly concerned about protecting the environment.

house party: A house party is a party held at a big house in the country, usually at a weekend, where the guests stay for a few days.

Labor Party: one of the chief political parties of Australia, generally supporting the interests of organized labour

lawn party: a party or social gathering held out of doors, esp in a garden

main party: A party is a political organization whose members have similar aims and beliefs . Usually the organization tries to get its members elected to the government of a country.

major party: a political party with enough electoral strength to periodically gain control of the government or to effectively oppose the party in power

micro-party: a small political party, esp one focusing on a single issue

minor party: a political party with so little electoral strength that its chance of gaining control of the government is slight

party boat: a boat that takes paying passengers for a day or several hours of fishing, as in coastal waters or a bay, and usually rents fishing tackle and sells or provides bait

party dress: a dress to wear to a party

party food: food that is served at parties; snacks

party game: a game played at a party, esp at a children's party

party girl: a girl or woman who is interested in little else besides attending parties

party-giver: a person who gives a party

party-goer: A party-goer is someone who likes going to parties or someone who is at a particular party.

party guest: A guest is someone who is visiting you or is at an event because you have invited them.

party line: The party line on a particular issue is the official view taken by a political party, which its members are expected to support .

party list: (in a proportional voting system) a ranked list of candidates nominated by a political party to fill the seats allocated in proportion to the party's share of the overall vote

party mood: a celebratory mood ; readiness for a party

party music: music for or at a party

party piece: Someone's party piece is something that they often do to entertain people, especially at parties, for example singing a particular song or saying a particular poem .

party plan: of or relating to a method of selling products such as jewellery, clothes, or kitchen items : agents hold a party at which they display and sell the goods

party time: the season for parties

party trick: informalanother name for party piece

party vote: (in New Zealand ) a vote cast at a general election to determine the number of parliamentary seats to which each party is entitled

party wall: a wall separating two properties or pieces of land and over which each of the adjoining owners has certain rights

pity party: a episode of indulgent self-pity

stag party: A stag party is the same as a → stag night .

third party: A third party is someone who is not one of the main people involved in a business agreement or legal case, but who is involved in it in a minor role .

wrap party: a party held for cast and crew to celebrate the completion of filming of a motion picture or television programme

advance party: a small group of soldiers who go ahead of the main body of troops to prepare the way for their arrival, or any group that does the same thing or arrives ahead of the main body

bottle party: a party to which guests bring drink

bridal party: the people who accompany the bride as she comes to her wedding

bridge party: a gathering for the purpose of playing bridge

buck's party: a party for men only, esp one held for a man before he is married

concert party: a musical entertainment popular in the early 20th century, esp one at a British seaside resort

costume party: A costume party or costume ball is a party at which the guests try to look like famous people or people from history, from stories, or from particular professions .

dinner party: A dinner party is a social event where a small group of people are invited to have dinner and spend the evening at someone's house .

drinks party: a cocktail party

fatigue party: a group of soldiers undertaking fatigues

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Однокоренные слова:

charter-party - чартер-партия
parted - разделенный, разлученный
partible - делимый, подлежащий делению
parting - прощание, расставание, разлука, прощальный, разделяющий, угасающий
partite - дольный, раздельный
partly - частично, отчасти, частью, до некоторой степени
partying - гулянка, пикник
nonparty - беспартийный, независимый
one-party - односторонний, необъективный
dancing-party - танцевальный вечер

Связанные слова: