Verb: передавать проходить переходить пропускать
Noun: проход передача пропуск пас


to pass a bill - принять законопроект

to pass the bottle round - передавать бутылку вкруговую

vertical pass checker - вертикальная насадка

to pass a (bad) cheque - всучить (фальшивый) чек

to pass over dry-shod - перейти, не замочив ног

to pass smth. through a filter - пропускать что-л. через фильтр

to pass an examination with honours - сдать экзамен на "пять с плюсом"

to pass on / spread / transmit (an) infection - распространять инфекцию

to pass / give / render judgement on smb. - выносить приговор кому-л.

to adopt / enact / pass a law - принимать закон

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Please pass me the salt. - Передай мне, пожалуйста, соль.

No passing! - Обгон воспрещён!

Wait for the rain to pass. - Подожди, пока пройдёт дождь.

Pass right along, please! - Проходите мимо, пожалуйста!

I saw what was passing. - Я видел, что происходило.

Let that pass. - Не будем об этом говорить.

The guard checked our passes. - Охранник проверил наши пропуска.

Did you pass the exam? - Вы сдали экзамен?

The danger has passed. - Опасность миновала.

Time passes quickly on vacation. - На отдыхе время проходит быстро.

Pass the news along. - Передай эту новость дальше.

Could you pass the salt? - Вы не могли бы передать соль?

Don't pass any detail over. - Не упусти ни одной детали.

The days passed slowly. - Дни тянулись медленно.

He faked a pass. - Он сымитировал пас. / Он сделал вид, что отдаёт передачу. (об игровых видах спорта)

This coin will not pass. - Эту монету не примут.

Did you pass all your exams? - Ты сдал все свои экзамены?

Did you get a pass in English? - Ты сдал английский?

The pain eventually passed off - В конце концов, боль прошла.

It passes all comprehension. - Это превосходит всякое понимание.

Pass the salt, please. - Передайте соль, пожалуйста.

He stood aside to let him pass. - Он посторонился, чтобы дать ему пройти.

He gave me a smile as he passed. - Он улыбнулся мне, когда проходил мимо.

The pass mark was 75%. - Проходной балл составил семьдесят пять процентов.

He might pass in the crowd. - Он не хуже других.

It will come to pass nevertheless. - Это всё-таки произойдёт.

The bill failed to pass the House of Representatives. - Законопроект не смог пройти Палату Представителей.

Smith passed. - Смит отдал пас.

He got 40% — a bare pass. - Он набрал самый минимум — сорок процентов.

Things have come to a pretty pass. - Дела приняли скверный оборот.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

pass by: If you pass by something, you go past it or near it on your way to another place.

pass on: If you pass something on to someone, you give it to them so that they have it instead of you.

pass up: If you pass up a chance or an opportunity, you do not take advantage of it.

back pass: a deliberate pass backwards to the goalkeeper

bus pass: a prepaid card allowing one to use buses

day pass: a ticket that, once bought, enables you to use, travel on or access something free for one day

free pass: A free pass is an official document that allows a person to travel or to enter a particular building without having to pay.

pass away: You can say that someone passed away to mean that they died, if you want to avoid using the word 'die' because you think it might upset or offend people.

pass band: the band of frequencies that is transmitted with maximum efficiency through a circuit, filter, etc

pass-fail: of or designating a grading system in whichpassorfailis recorded instead of a numerical or letter grade

pass for: to be accepted or looked upon as

pass law: (formerly, in South Africa ) a law restricting the movement of Black Africans, esp from rural to urban areas

pass mark: the minimum mark required to pass an examination

pass off: If an event passes off without any trouble, it happens and ends without any trouble.

pass out: If you pass out, you faint or collapse .

pass over: If someone is passed over for a job or position, they do not get the job or position and someone younger or less experienced is chosen instead .

ski pass: a ticket or pass authorizing the holder to ski in a certain place, resort, etc

spot pass: a pass of the ball, puck, etc. to a prearranged spot at which the receiver is expected to arrive at the same time as the ball, puck, etc.

stab pass: a rapid kick of the ball from one player to another member of his or her team

wall pass: a movement in which one player passes the ball to another and sprints forward to receive the quickly played return

Bolan Pass: a mountain pass in W central Pakistan through the Brahui Range, between Sibi and Quetta, rising to 1793 m (5883 ft)

centre pass: a push or hit made in any direction to start the game or to restart the game after a goal has been scored

Donner Pass: mountain pass in E Calif., in the Sierra Nevada : c. 7,100 ft (2,164 m ) high

flick-pass: a movement in which the ball is passed quickly to another player by flicking it out of the hand ; often performed with only one hand

Khyber Pass: a narrow pass over the Safed Koh Range between Afghanistan and Pakistan, over which came the Persian, Greek, Tatar, Mogul, and Afghan invasions of India; scene of bitter fighting between the British and Afghans (1838–42, 1878–80). Length: about 53 km (33 miles). Highest point: 1072 m (3518 ft)

pass around: If a group of people pass something around or pass it round, they each take it and then give it to the next person.

pass degree: an ordinary degree without honours

pass muster: If someone or something passes muster, they are good enough for the thing they are needed for.

pass water: to urinate

press pass: a pass issued to accredited journalists giving them free access to certain events, venues, etc

screen pass: a pass thrown to a receiver who is near or behind the line of scrimmage and is protected by a screen of blockers

Shipka Pass: a pass over the Balkan Mountains in central Bulgaria : scene of a bloody Turkish defeat in the Russo-Turkish War (1877–78). Height : 1190 m (3904 ft)

swing pass: a pass thrown to a receiver, usually a running back, who is running toward a sideline

Bernina Pass: a pass in the Alps between SE Switzerland and N Italy, east of Piz Bernina . Height : 2328 m (7638 ft)

boarding pass: a pass that a passenger has to show when boarding a plane, ferry, etc

Brenner Pass: a pass over the E Alps, between Austria and Italy . Highest point: 1372 m (4501 ft)

Chilkoot Pass: a mountain pass in North America between SE Alaska and NW British Columbia, over the Coast Range

forward pass: an illegal pass towards the opponent's dead-ball line

hospital pass: a pass made to a team-mate who will be tackled heavily as soon as the ball is received

mountain pass: a low point on a mountain that allows easy access to climbers

pass-through: a hatch, esp one for passing food from the kitchen to the dining room

Simplon Pass: a pass over the Lepontine Alps in S Switzerland, between Brig (Switzerland) and Iselle ( Italy ). Height : 2005 m (6578 ft)

backstage pass: a document or badge that entitles the bearer to go backstage at an event, esp a pop concert

come to pass: to take place

Karakoram Pass: a high pass (5575 m (18 290 ft)) that crosses the Karakoram mountains in N Kashmir

make a pass: If someone makes a pass at you, they try to begin a romantic or sexual relationship with you.

pass off as: If you pass something off as another thing, you convince people that it is that other thing.

pass the hat: to collect money for someone or something

Uspallata Pass: a pass over the Andes in S South America, between Mendoza ( Argentina ) and Santiago ( Chile ). Height : 3840 m (12 600 ft)

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Однокоренные слова:

pass around - раздавать
pass away - исчезать, скончаться, умереть, проходить, преставиться, прекращаться
pass by - проходить мимо, проезжать, пропускать, оставлять без внимания
pass in - умереть
pass off - проходить, подсовывать, пропускать мимо ушей, хорошо пройти, сбывать
pass on - передавать, переходить, передавать дальше, проходить дальше, умереть, скончаться
pass out - раздавать, умереть, распространять, терять сознание, успешно пройти, сбывать
pass over - проходить, передавать, пропускать, умереть, переправляться
pass round - передавать друг другу, обводить, обматывать, пускать по кругу, раздавать
pass through - проходить через, проезжать через, пересекать, переходить, пропускать сквозь
pass up - отказываться, отвергать, уступать

Связанные слова: