Noun: период срок время точка
Adjective: относящийся к определенному периоду


campaign period - срок проведения кампании

a complete period of time - законченный промежуток времени

convalescent period - период выздоровления

a period of depression - период депрессии

a crucial period in the evolution of modern physics - критический период в развитии современной физики

new period of economic expansion - новый период экономического роста

the great period of ferment in literature - период большого прогресса и развития в литературе

fling period - период увлечений, разгула

period of gestation - период беременности

within a given period - в течение установленного срока

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I'm not going, period! - Я не пойду, и точка!

a period of prosperity for our nation - период процветания нашей страны

He had a long recovery period after his dog's death. - Он очень долго приходил в себя после смерти своей собаки.

the early formative period of the Christian church - ранний период становления христианской церкви

a period of high heat and humidity - период высокой температуры и влажности

The characteristics of this period invite our inquiries. - Особенности этого периода наводят нас на размышления.

Death put a period to his endeavors. - Смерть положила конец его усилиям.

In England they call a period a stop. - В Англии точку называют словом "stop".

A change soon put a period to my tranquility. - Кое-какие перемены вскоре положили конец моему спокойствию.

What class do you have first period? - Что у вас на первом уроке? / Какой у тебя первый урок? (брит.)

Tolstoy often used periods in his novels. - Романы Толстого очень часто написаны длинными сложными предложениями.

Picasso's blue period - голубой период творчества Пикассо

We've had a long period of low rainfall. - У нас в течение долгого времени было мало дождей.

The country is entering a period of prosperity. - Страна вступает в период процветания.

Van Gogh's early period - ранний период Ван Гога

Hepatitis has a long incubation period. - Гепатит имеет длительный инкубационный период.

The period covered the turn of the century. - Этот промежуток времени охватывал рубеж веков. (т.е., конец одного века и начало следующего)

the period of transition to full democracy - период перехода к полной демократии

The credit facility is granted for the period up to 5 years. - Кредит предоставляется сроком на пять лет.

Germany achieved spectacular economic success in a relatively short period of time. - Германия достигла впечатляющих экономических успехов в относительно короткий период времени.

Formerly charactered asthe dark ages,” that period of history may not have been quite so benighted as once thought. - Возможно, тот исторический период, который прежде называли "тёмными веками", не является столь беспросветным, как это когда-то считалось.

the expiry of the waiting period - истечение периода ожидания

a period of grief after bereavement - период скорби после тяжёлой утраты

the period from birth to adolescence - период от рождения до юности / подросткового возраста

the like period of the preceding year - аналогичный период предыдущего года

happening for an extended period of time - происходящее в течение длительного периода времени

a period of cultural and social upheavals - период культурных и социальных потрясений

an antique tea caddy from the colonial period - антикварная /старинная/ чайница колониального периода

Usually the driftwood is so logged with water that it needs an extended drying period before it can be used by the artist. - Обычно выброшенные на берег коряги настолько пропитаны водой, что требуют длительной сушки, прежде чем их сможет использовать мастер.

an artifact from the Colonial period - артефакт колониального периода

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Связанные термины:

base period: a neutral period used as a standard for comparison in constructing an index to express a variable factor : 100 is usually taken as the index number for the variable in the base period

Edo period: the period of Japanese history from 1603 to 1867, when Japan was ruled by the Tokugawa shoguns

free period: a portion of time during which there is little or no activity

peak period: the busiest or most popular time

period pain: Period pain is the pain that some women have when they menstruate.

rest period: a period of rest

safe period: the period during the menstrual cycle when conception is considered least likely to occur

budget period: the time which a budget covers

grace period: a period of time allowed before something has to be finished or before a debt or loan has to be repaid

latent period: the incubation period of an infectious disease, before symptoms appear

notice period: A period is a length of time.

period costs: Period costs are general costs that cannot be associated with a particular product, such as utilities or insurance .

period detail: You can refer to the small features of something which are often not noticed as detail .

period drama: a drama set in a particular historical period

period pains: pain suffered during a monthly period

period piece: A period piece is a play, book, or film that is set at a particular time in history and describes life at that time.

study period: a period of time or lesson used for studying

trial period: a period of time for testing or assessment

tutor period: (in British secondary schools ) a school period for which a tutor group comes together with their tutor

critical period: a period in a lifetime during which a specific stage of development usually occurs. If it fails to do so, it cannot readily occur afterwards

deferred period: The deferred period is the period of time from when a person has become unable to work until the time that the benefit begins to be paid .

fertile period: the time during a woman's menstrual cycle at which she is most likely to become pregnant, or the equivalent time for an animal

glacial period: any period of time during which a large part of the earth's surface was covered with ice, due to the advance of glaciers, as in the late Carboniferous period, and during most of the Pleistocene ; glaciation

holiday period: A period is a length of time.

latency period: a period according to Freud, from the age of about five to puberty, when sexual interest is diminished

lengthy period: A period is a length of time.

minimum period: A period is a length of time.

payback period: the period in which money owed, debts, etc, have to be paid back

period costume: the attire typical of a particular period in time

Question Period: a period of time set aside each day for members of parliament to question government ministers

recovery period: A period is a length of time.

sidereal period: the period of revolution of a body about another with respect to one or more distant stars

Tertiary period: → the Tertiary period

tontine period: the stipulated period during which a tontine life assurance system is in operation

trading period: A trading period is a set length of time, usually a number of weeks, months, quarters, or years, in which sales are measured and compared to previous periods.

waiting period: A waiting period is a period of time after insurance coverage has been bought during which no claims can be made.

accounting period: a period of time for which accounts are drawn up

development period: a length of time during which a company grows

difficult period: A period is a length of time.

honeymoon period: a period of popularity enjoyed by a new government, or a new occupant of a post

incubation period: the time between exposure to an infectious disease and the appearance of the first signs or symptoms

menstrual period: the bleeding from the womb that occurs approximately monthly in nonpregnant women of reproductive age

period fireplace: In a room, the fireplace is the place where a fire can be lit and the area on the wall and floor surrounding this place.

period furniture: furniture that was made during a particular period in time

prolonged period: A period is a length of time.

refractory period: a period during which a nerve or muscle is incapable of responding to stimulation, esp immediately following a previous stimulation. In an absolute refractory period there is a total inability to respond; in an effective or relative refractory period there is a response to very large stimuli

transition period: A period is a length of time.

consultation period: a period during which consultations are held before a policy decision is made

cooling-off period: A cooling-off period is an agreed period of time during which two sides with opposing views try to resolve a dispute before taking any serious action.

period of rotation: the mean time taken for one body, such as a planet, to complete a revolution about another, such as the sun

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Однокоренные слова:

periodic - периодический, циклический, риторический
periodical - периодический, журнал, периодическое издание
periods - месячные, менструация, риторическая речь
periodate - соль йодной кислоты, периодат, перйодат, йоднокислый, периодатный

Связанные слова: