Noun: пирог торт пирожок ералаш
Verb: смешивать смешивать шрифт


armed cap-a-pie - вооружённый до зубов

pie dish - блюдо для пирога

open-face pie - пирог без верхней корки

piece, slice of pie - кусок пирога

wedge of pie - треугольный кусок пирога

blueberry pie - пирог с черникой (брусникой, голубикой)

chocolate cream pie - шоколадный торт с кремом

pork pie - пирог со свининой

scrap pie - пирог из остатков каких-л. продуктов

apple-pie order - образцовый порядок

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Would you like another piece of apple pie? - Хотите ещё один кусок яблочного пирога?

I had steak and kidney pie with chips. - Я съел пирог с мясом и почками и ещё чипсы.

Связанные термины:

mud pie: a mass of mud moulded into a pie-like shape by a child

pie-dog: an ownerless half-wild Asian dog

apple pie: An apple pie is a kind of pie made with apples.

camp pie: tinned meat

chess pie: a dessert made of a custardlike mixture of butter, sugar, eggs, etc., baked in a pie shell

cutie pie: a person regarded as appealing or attractive, esp a girl or woman

game pie: a savoury pie made from game or hunted animals

half-pie: poorly planned or conceived

meat pie: a savoury pie containing meat

mince pie: Mince pies are small pies containing a sticky mixture of small pieces of dried fruit. Mince pies are usually eaten at Christmas .

pecan pie: a sweet pie made with pecan nuts

pie cart: a mobile van selling warmed-up food and drinks

pie chart: A pie chart is a circle divided into sections to show the relative proportions of a set of things.

pie dish: a shallow dish that you cook pies in

pie-eyed: intoxicated ; drunk

pie graph: See pie chart

pie-hole: a person's mouth

pie plant: rhubarb

pie plate: a shallow metal or glass dish with sloping sides, used for cooking a pie

pork pie: A pork pie is a round, tall pie with cooked pork inside, which is eaten cold .

porky pie: a lie

rappé pie: an Acadian dish of grated potatoes and pork or chicken

sugar pie: an open pie with a brown sugar filling

umble pie: (formerly) a pie made from the heart, entrails, etc, of a deer

be pie on: to be keen on

cap-a-pie: ( dressed, armed, etc) from head to foot

cherry-pie: a widely planted garden heliotrope, Heliotropium peruvianum

cottage pie: Cottage pie is a dish which consists of minced meat in gravy with mashed potato on top.

custard pie: Custard pies are artificial pies which people sometimes throw at each other as a joke .

humble pie: (formerly) a pie made from the heart, entrails, etc, of a deer

shoofly pie: US dessert similar to treacle tart

stargazey pie: a Cornish fish pie served with the head of the fish protruding through the crust

easy as pie: very easy to do. Compare a piece of cake ; see piece .

grasshopper pie: a custardlike pie, flavored and colored with green crème de menthe and served in a graham-cracker crust

Key lime pie: a custardlike pie with a light, tart filling made traditionally with condensed milk and lime juice

nice as pie: very kind, friendly, and charming . You usually say this when someone's behaviour is not what you expect, or when it contrasts with their behaviour at other times

shepherd's pie: Shepherd's pie is a dish consisting of minced meat, usually lamb, covered with a layer of mashed potato.

sweet as pie: very kind, friendly, and charming

Washington pie: a layer cake with a filling of cream, custard, chocolate, fruit jelly, or the like

apple-pie bed: a way of making a bed so as to prevent the person from entering it

deep-dish pie: a pie baked in a deep dish and having only a top crust

eat humble pie: to admit that you have been wrong and apologize, especially in situations where this is humiliating or embarrassing for you

pariah dog: an ownerless half-wild Asian dog

pye-dog: an ownerless half-wild Asian dog

apple-pie order: perfect order or condition

(as) easy as pie: extremely easy

Boston cream pie: a cake of two layers with icing and a creamy filling

pie in the sky: If you describe an idea, plan, or promise of something good as pie in the sky, you mean that you think that it is very unlikely to happen .

in apple-pie order: very neat, tidy, and well-organized

to eat humble pie: If you eat humble pie, you speak or behave in a way which tells people that you admit you were wrong about something.

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