Noun: часть кусок штука деталь
Adjective: штучный
Verb: чинить латать комбинировать присучивать


bony piece of fish - костлявый кусок рыбы

piece / slice of bread - кусок хлеба

a piece / slice of cake - кусочек торта

collector's item / piece - коллекционная вещь

to crunch a piece of toast - грызть тост

a dainty piece of jewelry - изысканное ювелирное изделие

to draw on the pavement with (a piece of) chalk - рисовать мелом на тротуаре

to gather / piece together evidence - собирать улики

a piece of diplomatic fencing - пример дипломатического обмена любезностями

piece, slice of pie - кусок пирога

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Would you like another piece? - Хотите ещё кусочек?

He broke off a piece of bread. - Он отломил кусок хлеба.

Pass me another piece of paper. - Передай мне ещё лист бумаги.

He choked on a piece of bread. - Он подавился куском хлеба.

Let me give you a piece of advice. - Позвольте мне кое-что вам посоветовать.

That's a beautiful piece of work. - Это прекрасная работа.

He is a smiling piece of vacancy. - Он просто улыбающийся болван.

Write it down on a piece of paper. - Запишите это на листке бумаги.

She pieced the china cup. - Она склеила эту фарфоровую чашку по кусочкам.

Do you want a piece of candy? - Хочешь конфету?

It was a nice piece of work. - Это было прекрасное произведение искусства.

Collet grips piece. - Цанга зажимает предмет.

I need to rest for a piece. - Мне нужно чуть-чуть отдохнуть.

She refused a second piece of cake. - Она отказалась от второго кусочка пирога.

Someone took the last piece of cake. - Кто-то взял последний кусок пирога.

a crumpled piece of paper - скомканная бумажка

a piece of paper folded lengthwise - лист бумаги, сложенный вдоль

His car is a pathetic piece of junk. - Его автомобиль — жалкая рухлядь.

You'll have to redo this piece of work. - Вам придётся переделать эту часть работы.

Our worst piece of work was now before us. - Теперь нам предстояла самая трудная часть работы.

a hot piece of software - обалденная программа

It is down the road a piece. - Это немного дальше по дороге.

The piece has a fast rhythm. - Ритм у этой пьесы — быстрый.

That beer mug was a rare piece from 1880 worth $ 4,000. - Эта пивная кружка была раритетом, датировалась 1880 годом и стоила четыре тысячи долларов.

She pieced a quilt. - Она сшила лоскутное одеяло.

cutting a piece of string - отрезая кусок верёвки

He unfolds a piece of paper. - Он разворачивает лист бумаги.

a piece of crispy fried bread - кусок хрустящего поджаренного хлеба

He needed a piece of granite. - Ему был нужен кусок гранита.

a squarely cut piece of paper - лист бумаги, обрезанный в форме квадрата

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you piece together the truth about something, you gradually discover it.

Связанные термины:

T-piece: a strut or part shaped like a T

one-piece: A one-piece article of clothing consists of one piece only, rather than two or more separate parts.

piece out: to extend by adding pieces

set piece: A set piece is an occasion such as a battle or a move in a game of football that is planned and carried out in an ordered way.

tee-piece: a strut or part shaped like a T

toe-piece: the forward part of the device fixed to a ski to grip a ski boot, for either water skiing or snow skiing

two-piece: You can use two-piece to describe something, especially a set of clothing, that is in two parts.

cane piece: (in the Caribbean ) a field of sugar cane, esp a peasant's isolated field

hand-piece: handheld, power-operated shears used by a shearer

major piece: a queen or rook

minor piece: a bishop or knight

party piece: Someone's party piece is something that they often do to entertain people, especially at parties, for example singing a particular song or saying a particular poem .

piano piece: a piece of music played on the piano

piece-dyed: (of fabric ) dyed after weaving

piece goods: goods, esp fabrics, made in standard widths and lengths

piece rate: a fixed rate paid according to the quantity produced

pole piece: a piece of ferromagnetic material forming an extension of the magnetic circuit in an electric motor, etc, used to concentrate the magnetic field where it will be most effective

puff piece: a flattering newspaper or magazine article about a person or an organization

ridge piece: a timber laid along the ridge of a roof, to which the upper ends of the rafters are attached

test piece: a piece of music played in an exam in order to test the abilities of the player

think piece: A think piece is an article in a newspaper or magazine that discusses a particular subject in a serious and thoughtful way .

three-piece: A three-piece suit is a set of three pieces of matching clothing, usually a man's jacket, waistcoat, and trousers .

chimney piece: → mantelpiece

costume piece: any theatrical production, film, television presentation, etc, in which the performers wear the costumes of a former age

fowling piece: a gun, esp a shotgun, for shooting wild birds

museum piece: If you describe an object or building as a museum piece, you mean that it is old and unusual .

of a piece: of the same kind; alike

period piece: A period piece is a play, book, or film that is set at a particular time in history and describes life at that time.

character piece: a short, simple piece, usually for piano, of a type developed chiefly during the 19th century, often of a descriptive or seemingly improvisatory character

companion piece: a subsidiary object, esp a work of art or piece of writing, that accompanies another

ensemble piece: a play involving no individual star but several actors whose roles are of equal importance

in one piece: If someone or something is still in one piece after a dangerous journey or experience, they are safe and not damaged or hurt .

piece together: If you piece together the truth about something, you gradually discover it.

straining piece: a horizontal tie beam that connects the top of two queen posts of a roof truss

twopenny piece: a two pence coin

conversation piece: something, esp an unusual object, that provokes conversation

piece of cake: something easily obtained or achieved

piece of eight: a former Spanish coin worth eight reals ; peso

piece of piss: something easily obtained of achieved

piece of work: a person who is regarded as eccentric, difficult, etc.

say your piece: to give your opinion about a particular matter, although you are aware that other people may not agree with you, or be interested in what you have to say

all of a piece: with each part or aspect consistent with the rest

a piece of cake: If you think something is very easy to do, you can say it is a piece of cake . People often say this to stop someone feeling worried about doing something they have to do.

a piece of goods: a person

a piece of work: a very surprising, unusual, or impressive person

piece to camera: a TV report in which a reporter is filmed saying something

say one's piece: If you say your piece, you say everything you want to say about a particular matter without being interrupted, although people may be wanting to express opposing views .

speak one's piece: to vent one's views or opinions

three-piece suit: a suit consisting of three matching parts, such as a jacket, waistcoat, and trousers

three-piece suite: a set of three matching pieces of furniture, usually a combination of a sofa and chairs

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Однокоренные слова:

piece down - надставлять
piece on - прилаживать
piece out - восполнять, восполнить
piece together - соединять, собирать по кусочкам
piece up - латать, чинить

Связанные слова: