Noun: свинья поросенок хрюшка свинина
Verb: пороситься есть с жадностью


pig's dung - свиной навоз

to make a pig's ear of smth. / out of smth. - делать что-л. из рук вон плохо

on the pig's back, on the pig's ear - на коне

to singe the carcass of a pig - подпалить тушку поросёнка

sucking pig - молочный поросёнок

suckling pig - молочный поросёнок

young pig - свинка, поросёнок

guinea pig - морская свинка

blind pig / tiger - амер.; разг. бар, где незаконно торгуют спиртными напитками

buy a pig in a poke - покупать что-л. заглазно

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You are a greedy pig! - Ты жадная свинья!

He's pigged all the biscuits. - Он сожрал всё печенье.

You greedy pig, you ate all the candy! - Ты жадная свинья, ты съел все конфеты!

You can tell him from me he's an ignorant pig. - Вы можете сказать ему от меня, что он невежественная свинья.

A young pig is a piglet. - Детёныша свиньи называют поросёнком.

They live like pigs in that house over the road. - Они живут, как свиньи, в этом доме через дорогу.

I'm not demeaning myself to reply to you, pig. - Я не унижусь до ответа тебе, свинья.

You may have to pig it for a time while the repairs get finished. - Вам, вероятно, придётся пожить в тесноте, пока не закончится ремонт.

A male pig is a boar. - Самцов свиньи называют "хряк".

He kept pigs and poultry. - Он держал свиней и домашнюю птицу.

Don't be a pig. Sayexcuse meafter you burp. - Не будь свиньей: если рыгаешь — извиняйся.

Pigs to you! австрал. - А вот фиг тебе!

A female pig is a sow. - Самку свиньи называют чушкой.

We had a pig of a game. - С игрой у нас вышла заморочка.

The sow pigged three weeks ago. - Свинья опоросилась три недели назад.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

pig it: any artiodactyl mammal of the African and Eurasian family Suidae, esp Sus scrofa ( domestic pig ), typically having a long head with a movable snout, a thick bristle-covered skin, and, in wild species, long curved tusks

pig bed: a bed of sand in which pig iron is cast

pig dog: a dog bred for hunting wild pigs in the bush

pig out: If you say that people are pigging out, you are criticizing them for eating a very large amount at one meal .

blind pig: → speak-easy

bush pig: any of a genus ( Potamochoerus ) of wild African pigs that live in forested regions

lard pig: a large type of pig used principally for lard

long pig: human flesh eaten by cannibals

pig farm: a farm where pigs are kept and reared

pig fern: giant bracken

pig iron: crude iron produced in a blast furnace and poured into moulds in preparation for making wrought iron, steels, alloys, etc

pig-jump: (of a horse) to jump from all four legs

Pig Latin: a secret language used by children in which any consonants at the beginning of a word are placed at the end, followed by -ay; for example cathedral becomes athedralcay

pig-root: (of a horse) to jump from all four legs

pork pig: a pig, typically of a lean type, bred and used principally for pork

store pig: a pig that has not yet been weaned and weighs less than 40 kg

guinea pig: If someone is used as a guinea pig in an experiment, something is tested on them that has not been tested on people before.

pig farmer: a farmer who keeps and rears pigs

pig-headed: If you describe someone as pig-headed, you are critical of them because they refuse to change their mind about things, and you think they are unreasonable .

Pig Island: New Zealand

pig's bum: an expression of derision or disagreement

pig-sconce: a foolish person

pig's ear: something that has been badly or clumsily done; a botched job (esp in the phrase make a pig's ear of ( something ))

pig's fry: the heart, liver, lights, and sweetbreads of a pig cooked, esp fried, together

sucking-pig: a pig that is not yet weaned

domestic pig: Sus scrofa ; an artiodactyl mammal of the African and Eurasian family Suidae, having a long head with a movable snout and a thick bristle-covered skin

pig breeding: the act or process of getting pigs to reproduce

pig-ignorant: extremely ignorant or unknowledgeable

pig industry: the people and activities involved in making pork products

Pig Islander: a New Zealander

pig launcher: A pig launcher is a device which starts a pig moving without interrupting flow .

pig receiver: A pig receiver is a device to get a pig out of a pipeline without interrupting flow.

pig's arse: an expression of derision or disagreement

pig's wash: waste food or other edible matter fed to pigs

suckling pig: an unweaned pig that is roasted whole

a guinea pig: a person on whom new ideas or methods are tested

chauvinist pig: a sexist man

pigout: a meal eaten in excess or large amounts

pigpen: A pigpen is an enclosed place where pigs are kept on a farm .

pigsty: A pigsty is an enclosed place where pigs are kept on a farm .

Dutch guinea pig: a breed of two-tone short-haired guinea pig

eat like a pig: to eat a lot of food, usually in a greedy or disgusting manner

in a pig's eye: never ; under no circumstances

pot-bellied pig: A pot-bellied pig is a small, dark-colored pig, originally from Vietnam, that is sometimes kept as a pet .

sick as a pig: very annoyed and upset about something

sweat like a pig: to be very hot and to sweat a lot

Abyssinian guinea pig: a breed of short-haired guinea pig with rosettes all over its body

a pig in a poke: something bought or received without prior sight or knowledge

Himalayan guinea pig: a variety of short-haired guinea pig with markings on its nose, ears, and feet

male chauvinist pig: a man who exhibits male chauvinism

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Однокоренные слова:

pig out - объедаться, обжираться

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