Verb: играть исполнять играть роль действовать
Noun: спектакль пьеса зазор действие


to play billiards - играть в бильярд

to play the wet blanket - расхолаживать

to play the buffoon - дурачиться, строить из себя шута

to blow / play a bugle - дуть в горн

to play (at) cards - играть в карты

to cast a play - распределять роли в пьесе

play of chance - игра случая

to play chords - играть аккорды

to play the lead - играть главную роль

at the outset of a play - в начале пьесы

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Let's play cards. - Давайте сыграем в карты.

On weekends I play. - По выходным я играю.

Play was very slow. - Игра шла очень медленно.

Can you play poker? - Вы умеете играть в покер?

When does the play open? - Когда ожидается премьера этого спектакля?

We play on the varsity. - Мы играем за команду университета.

The play still draws. - Пьеса всё ещё делает сборы.

He plays the flute. - Он играет на флейте.

Go and play outside. - Идите поиграйте на улице.

It's your turn to play. - Теперь ваша очередь играть.

She authored this play. - Она сочинила эту пьесу.

She acts in this play. - Она играет в этой пьесе.

Play us a little ditty. - Сыграй нам песенку.

She likes to play sport. - Она любит заниматься спортом.

She loves to play violin. - Она любит играть на скрипке.

Can Sara come out and play? - Можно Сара выйдёт поиграть (на улицу)?

Do you play the piano? - Ты играешь на пианино?

Mummy, can I play outside? - Мамочка, можно мне поиграть на улице?

It's his turn to play. - Его очередь играть.

It's her turn to play. - Её очередь играть.

Miss Kelly plays Marie. - Мисс Келли играет роль Мари.

I had to play my queen. - Мне пришлось разыграть /сыграть/ свою даму. (о картах)

put on makeup for a play - нанести грим для спектакля

The play was a sell-out. - Пьеса прошла с аншлагом.

Of the 70,000 men "playing" 40,000 are non-unionists. - Из семидесяти тысяч бастующих сорок тысяч не являются членами профсоюза.

He reached for the remote control and pressed the "play" button. - Он потянулся за пультом и нажал кнопку "воспроизведение".

She plays the races. - Она играет на скачках.

This play stimulates. - Эта игра бодрит.

The play didn't take. - Пьеса не имела успеха.

Gielgud played Hamlet. - Гилгуд сыграл Гамлета.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

by-play: secondary action or talking carried on apart while the main action proceeds, esp in a play

play at: If you say that someone is playing at something, you disapprove of the fact that they are doing it casually and not very seriously .

play it: to act in a (specified) manner

play on: If you play on someone's fears, weaknesses, or faults, you deliberately use them in order to persuade that person to do something, or to achieve what you want .

play up: If you play up something, you emphasize it and try to make people believe that it is important .

fair play: If you refer to someone's attitude or behaviour as fair play, you approve of it because it shows respect and sympathy towards everyone, even towards people who are thought to be wrong or to deserve punishment .

foul play: Foul play is criminal violence or activity that results in a person's death .

hand-play: the practice of fighting with fists

long play: a long-playing gramophone record: usually one 12 inches (30 cm) or 10 inches (25 cm) in diameter, designed to rotate at 33 1 ⁄ 3 revolutions per minute

net play: play made from a position close to the net

play-act: If someone is play-acting, they are pretending to have attitudes or feelings that they do not really have.

play back: When you play back a tape or film, you listen to the sounds or watch the pictures after recording them.

play ball: to do what someone has asked you to do, or to work with them in order to achieve something that you both want

play box: a box for a child's toys and personal things

play date: an appointment made by several parents to have their young children play together

play-day: a day given to play

Play-Doh: Play-Doh is a soft coloured substance like clay which children use for making models.

play down: If you play down something, you try to make people believe that it is not particularly important .

play fair: to prove oneself fair in one's dealings

play God: If someone plays God, they act as if they have unlimited power and can do anything they want .

play golf: Golf is a game in which you use long sticks called clubs to hit a small, hard ball into holes that are spread out over a large area of grassy land.

play hell to play merry hell: To play hell with something means to have a bad effect on it or cause great confusion . In British English, you can also say that one person or thing plays merry hell with another.

play off: A play-off is an extra game which is played to decide the winner of a sports competition when two or more people have got the same score .

play out: If a dramatic event is played out, it gradually takes place.

play park: A play park is a children's playground .

play safe: to act in a way least likely to cause danger, controversy, or defeat

play upon: To play upon something means the same as toplay on it.

play with: to consider without giving deep thought to or coming to a conclusion concerning

role-play: Role play is the act of imitating the character and behaviour of someone who is different from yourself, for example as a training exercise.

play-by-play: (of a sports commentary ) reporting details of every phase of the match as its happens

appeal play: an appeal by the team in the field to the umpire regarding a possible base-running infraction, such as failure to touch a base or leaving it to score before a fly is caught, that is considered only when the defending team tags the runner or base in question before making the appeal

broken play: an improvised offensive play that results when the originally planned play has not been executed properly

double play: a play in which two runners are put out

match play: Match play is a form of golf where the game is scored by the number of holes someone wins rather than the number of strokes it takes them to complete the course .

medal play: → stroke play

play-acting: Play-acting is behaviour where someone pretends to have attitudes or feelings that they do not really have.

play along: If you play along with a person, with what they say, or with their plans, you appear to agree with them and do what they want, even though you are not sure whether they are right.

play around: If you play around, you behave in a silly way to amuse yourself or other people.

play-centre: a regular meeting of small children arranged by their parents or a welfare agency to give them an opportunity of supervised creative play

play cupid: If you say that someone is playing cupid, you mean that they are trying to bring two people together to start a romantic relationship.

play false: to prove oneself unfair in one's dealings

play games: to not be serious enough about a difficult situation

play havoc: to cause a great deal of damage, distress, or confusion (to)

play hooky: If a child plays hooky, they stay away from school without permission .

play house: to pretend in child's play to be grown-up people with the customary household duties

play-lunch: a schoolchild's mid-morning snack

play money: paper that is cut and printed to resemble paper money, often used in playing board games

play possum: to try to make people ignore you by pretending to be dead or asleep

play truant: If a student plays truant, he or she stays away from school without permission .

power play: A power play is an attempt to gain an advantage by showing that you are more powerful than another person or organization, for example in a business relationship or negotiation .

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Однокоренные слова:

play about - флиртовать, заводить любовную интрижку, приводить в беспорядок, забавляться
play along - подыгрывать, поддакивать
play around - манипулировать, подтасовывать, заводить любовную интрижку
play back - воспроизводить, отыгрывать назад
play down - преуменьшать, умалять, льстить, заигрывать, снижать требования, снисходить
play in - войти в игру, сопровождать музыкой, войти в курс дела, вжиться
play off - натравливать, разыгрывать
play on - играть
play out - доиграть до конца, закончить, сопровождать музыкой, травить, разматывать
play up - капризничать, разыгрывать, приставать, вести себя мужественно, рекламировать
play upon - играть

Связанные слова: