Noun: точка пункт момент место
Verb: острить указывать целиться говорить


pin-point bombing - прицельный огонь

to dress the breaker point - зачищать контакт прерывателя

point of closure - точка замыкания

compass of base point - азимут основного направления

point of greatest concentration - точка наибольшей концентрации

point of congelation/ congelation point - точка, температура замерзания

continuity in point - непрерывность в точке

continuous at a point - непрерывный в точке

continuous in neighborhood of point - непрерывный в окрестности точки

contraction to a point - стягивание в точку

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I take your point. - Я понимаю вашу точку зрения.

It's rude to point at people. - Некрасиво показывать на людей пальцем.

I missed the point of the speech. - Я потерял суть разговора /выступления/.

I see. I quite see your point. - Я понимаю. Я вполне понимаю, что вы хотите сказать.

Let me make one final point. - Позвольте мне сделать одно последнее замечание.

You make a valid point. - Это вы верно заметили.

We won by just one point. - Мы выиграли с разницей всего в одно очко.

He didn't get the point of the joke. - Он не понял, в чём шутка.

That's not the point. - Это не главное. / Дело не в этом.

There's no point in worrying. - Волноваться /беспокоиться/ нет никакого смысла.

I made her easy on that point. - Я успокоил её на этот счёт.

That's a good point. - Хорошее замечание. / Верно подмечено.

Tact isn't my strong point. - Тактичность не является моей отличительной чертой.

The arrow always points north. - Стрелка всегда указывает на север.

She missed his point. - Она его не поняла. / Она упустила суть его слов.

She was quick to point out my errors. - Она быстро указала на мои ошибки.

I agree with you up to a point. - До определённой степени я с тобой согласен.

Did he adopt your point of view? - Он принял вашу точку зрения? / Он согласился с вашей точкой зрения?

A simple story, but it has its points. - Простая история, но в ней есть свои достоинства.

Opinions vary on this point. - Мнения по этому вопросу расходятся.

"It's not polite to point," she said. - — Показывать пальцем невежливо, — сказала она.

I'm hazy on that point. - Я в этом не уверен.

Stop waffling and get to the point. - Перестань болтать /трепаться/ и переходи к сути дела.

Bring water to the boiling point. - Доведите воду до кипения.

The freezing point of water is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. - Точка замерзания воды — 32 градуса по Фаренгейту.

The team won by two points. - Команда выиграла с перевесом в два очка.

He did not see the point of the joke. - Он не понял, в чём "соль" шутки.

Please don't belabor the point. - Пожалуйста, не разводи демагогию.

His team a point adrift. - Его команда отстаёт на одно очко.

The dog pointed the dead duck. - Собака сделала стойку на мёртвую утку.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you point out an object or place, you make people look at it or show them where it is.

Связанные термины:

à point: just in time

dew point: the temperature at which water vapour in the air becomes saturated and water droplets begin to form

end point: the point at which a titration is complete, usually marked by a change in colour of an indicator

far point: the farthest point at which vision is distinct when the lens, muscles, etc. of the eye are relaxed

ice point: the temperature at which a mixture of ice and water are in equilibrium at a pressure of one atmosphere . It ison the Celsius scale and 32° on the Fahrenheit scale

in point: appropriate ; pertinent ; apt

key point: A point is a detail, aspect, or quality of something or someone.

on point: pertinent ; relevant

point man: a soldier who walks at the front of an infantry patrol in combat

point off: to mark off from the right-hand side (a number of decimal places) in a whole number to create a mixed decimal

point out: If you point out an object or place, you make people look at it or show them where it is.

point up: to emphasize, esp by identifying

set point: a point that would enable one side to win a set

way point: a place or point between major points on a route

basis point: In finance, a basis point is one hundredth of one per cent (.01%).

bonus point: an additional point in a game, a sporting competition, or any similar scheme in which points can be awarded

break point: a point which allows the receiving player to break the service of the server

cover point: a fielding position in the covers

Crown Point: a village in NE New York, on Lake Champlain : the site of a strategic fort in the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. 1837

Curie point: the temperature above which a ferromagnetic substance loses its ferromagnetism and becomes paramagnetic

dead point: → dead center

extra point: → conversion (sense 3 )

fesse point: the midpoint of a shield

fixed point: a reproducible invariant temperature; the boiling point, freezing point, or triple point of a substance, such as water, that is used to calibrate a thermometer or define a temperature scale

flash point: the lowest temperature at which a volatile solid or the vapor of a liquid will flash when exposed to a brief flame under certain conditions

focal point: The focal point of something is the thing that people concentrate on or pay most attention to.

game point: a stage at which winning one further point would enable one player or side to win a game

gold point: either of two exchange rates (the gold export point and the gold import point ) at which it is as cheap to settle international accounts by exporting or importing gold bullion as by selling or buying bills of exchange

grade point: a mark of a student's academic achievement which is the average of all the grades that they have been awarded during the course of their studies

gros point: a needlepoint stitch covering two horizontal and two vertical threads

high point: The high point of an event or period of time is the most exciting or enjoyable part of it.

ideal point: the point at infinity

knife-point: the tip of a knife blade

limit point: (of a set ) a point that is the limit of a sequence of points in the set

main point: The point of what you are saying or discussing is the most important part that provides a reason or explanation for the rest .

match point: In a game of tennis, match point is the situation when the player who is in the lead can win the whole match if they win the next point.

moot point: a question about which there is debate or doubt

near point: the nearest point to the eye at which an object remains in focus

Néel point: the temperature above which an antiferromagnetic substance loses its antiferromagnetism and becomes paramagnetic

pedal point: a sustained bass note, over which the other parts move bringing about changing harmonies

petit point: a small diagonal needlepoint stitch used for fine detail

pinch point: a point in a network or system where congestion occurs or is likely to occur

plus point: an advantage or positive characteristic

point after: a score given for a successful kick between the goalposts and above the crossbar, following a touchdown

point-blank: If you say something point-blank, you say it very directly or rudely, without explaining or apologizing.

point count: a method of evaluating a player's hand in terms of points assigned to it for high cards and extremes of suit distribution

point duty: the stationing of a police officer or traffic warden at a road junction to control and direct traffic

point group: any of 32 possible types of crystals, classified according to their rotational symmetry about axes through a point

point guard: the position of the player responsible for directing the team's attacking play

point lace: lace made by a needle with buttonhole stitch on a paper pattern

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Однокоренные слова:

point off - отделять точкой
point out - указывать, показывать, обращать внимание

Связанные слова: