Adjective: популярный эстрадный попсовый модный
Verb: хлопать хлопнуть палить трескаться
Noun: папа папаша выстрел шипучий напиток
Adverb: внезапно с шумом
Interjection: хлоп


pop diva - поп-дива

a pop icon - поп-идол

to pop in for a drink - зайти пропустить стаканчик

to pop into view - внезапно появиться в поле зрения

to pop a few beers after work - пропустить несколько кружек пива после работы

pop psychology - популярная психология

pop star - поп-звезда

pop art - поп-арт

egg pop - напиток из взбитых яиц с сахаром и ромом

pop off - тот, кто вечно громко жалуется; разразиться гневной тирадой; внезапно уйти

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A balloon popped. - Воздушный шар лопнул.

He popped me on the head. - Он ударил меня по голове.

Pop went the bottle. - Бутылка открылась с шумом.

I popped in a mint. - Я бросил себе в рот мятную конфетку.

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. - У неё чуть глаза из орбит не вылезли.

My ears popped on take off. - Во время взлета (самолета) у меня заложило уши.

He popped a couple of rabbits. - Он подстрелил пару кроликов.

My neighbor popped in for a visit. - Моя соседка заскочила поболтать.

I popped a couple of sleeper tablets. - Я приняла пару таблеток снотворного.

The balloon popped - Шар лопнул.

Could you pop round to the shop for some bread? - Не мог бы ты заскочить в магазин за хлебом?

It was the first thing that popped into her head. - Это была первая мысль, которая пришла ей в голову.

The popcorn is done popping. - Попокорн готов.

At lunchtime, I popped to the supermarket to stock up on vital provisions. - В обеденный перерыв я заскочил в супермаркет пополнить запасы провизии.

His eyes popped. - Его глаза вылезли из орбит.

The menu pops up if you double-click on this icon. - Меню появляется, если дважды кликнуть по этой иконке.

He popped the clutch too quickly and stalled the car. - Он слишком резко отпустил сцепление, и машина заглохла.

Pop cracked the guns! - Ружья стреляли хлопками.

Into that bush pop he goes. - И внезапно он скрылся в кустах.

The child popped the balloon. - Шарик у ребёнка лопнул.

He has popped over to New York to do his Christmas shopping. - Он смотался в Нью-Йорк, чтобы сделать покупки к Рождеству.

He popped off a couple of rounds. - Он дал пару очередей.

Somebody popped a balloon behind my back. - У меня за спиной кто-то лопнул шарик.

Cover and simmer until the berries have popped. - Накройте крышкой и варите на медленном огне, пока ягоды не лопнут.

Mum's eyes popped to see me bringing home the fireman. - Мама очень удивилась, когда он увидела, что я веду домой пожарника.

Greg popped his head round the door of Cyril's office. - Грег заглянул (просунул голову) в кабинет Сирила.

Hi, Pop. - Привет, папаша.

His nerves were so taut, he jumped when the cork popped. - Нервы у него были так напряжены, что он подпрыгнул, когда хлопнула пробка.

He popped a piece of meat in(to) his mouth and swallowed greedily. - Он бросил кусок мяса себе в рот и жадно проглотил.

He popped the petit-four into his mouth - Он забросил птифур в рот.

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Фразовые глаголы:

When someone pops off, they die.

If someone or something pops up, they appear in a place or situation unexpectedly.

When someone pops off, they die.

If someone or something pops up, they appear in a place or situation unexpectedly.

Связанные термины:

a pop: each

J-pop: the characteristic pop music of Japan

K-pop: the characteristic pop music of South Korea

pop-up: If someone or something pops up, they appear in a place or situation unexpectedly.

joy-pop: to inject a narcotic drug under the skin, esp. in small quantities and infrequently

pop art: Pop art is a style of modern art which began in the 1960s. It uses bright colours and takes a lot of its techniques and subject matter from everyday, modern life.

pop fly: a ball hit high in the air, often, specif., one hit just beyond the infield

pop off: When someone pops off, they die.

pop-top: having a tab or ring that is pulled or pushed to make an opening in the top of a container

vox pop: In a radio or television programme, a vox pop is an item consisting of a series of short interviews with ordinary members of the public.

pop band: a band, consisting of guitars, drums and sometimes other instruments, which plays pop music

pop group: a band which plays pop music

pop music: music of general appeal, esp among young people, that originated as a distinctive genre in the 1950s. It is generally characterized by a strong rhythmic element and the use of electrical amplification

pop quiz: an on-the-spot quiz, giving no time for preparation

pop shop: the premises of a pawnbroker

pop song: a song played by a pop group

pop star: a famous singer or musician who performs pop music

skin-pop: the subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of a narcotic

soda pop: Soda pop is a sweet fizzy drink.

synth-pop: a type of pop music in which synthesizers are used to create the dominant sound

bastard pop: a type of popular music in which two records, usually from different genres or eras, are blended together into a whole, often using the vocal performance from one and the instrumental from the other

chamber pop: pop music that incorporates orchestral arrangements

ginger pop: a sweetened effervescent nonalcoholic drink flavoured with ginger extract

pop artist: An artist is a performer such as a musician, actor, or dancer.

pop concert: a concert of pop music

pop singer: a person who sings pop songs

techno-pop: a form of popular dance music of the 1980s and 1990s combining elements of → techno with live instrumentation, pop lyrics, etc.

mom and pop: a small family-owned private business enterprise

pop psychology: beliefs about psychology, and about ways of applying psychology, which are not based on science

pop-up book: a book with pages that rise when opened to simulate a three-dimensional form

pop-up menu: a menu that suddenly appears when an option is selected

poppit: a bead that can be fastened together with other beads of the same type to form a necklace or bracelet

pop-up toaster: a toaster that has a mechanism that pushes slices of toast up when they are done

pop your clogs: to die

vox populi: the voice of the people; popular or public opinion

pop one's clogs: If you say that someone has popped their clogs, you mean that they have died.

pop the question: to propose marriage

pop-up restaurant: A restaurant is a place where you can eat a meal and pay for it. In restaurants your food is usually served to you at your table by a waiter or waitress .

champagne corks pop: If you say that champagne corks are popping, you mean that people are celebrating something.

mom and pop store: a small retail business, typically family-operated

to pop the question: If you pop the question, you ask someone to marry you.

take a pop at someone: to hit someone

take a pop at someone or something: to attack or criticize someone or something

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Однокоренные слова:

pop in - заглянуть, всунуть, внезапно появиться
pop off - палить, удаляться, стрелять
pop out - выскочить, внезапно погаснуть, внезапно удалиться, внезапно отправиться
pop up - неожиданно возникнуть

Связанные слова: