Noun: порт отверстие гавань портвейн
Adjective: портовый левый
Verb: держать в строевой стойке класть руля налево


to call at the port - заходить в порт

port of exportation - порт вывоза

open port - открытый порт

port of discharge - порт разгрузки

port of loading - порт погрузки

input/output port - порт ввода-вывода

kernel port - узловой порт

latched port - порт с (регистром-)защелкой

multifunctional port - многофункциональный порт

network port - сетевой порт

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Any port in a storm. посл. - В бурю любая гавань хороша.

Murmansk is a port in the North. - Мурманск — это порт на Севере.

Then the port engine burst into flames. - Затем загорелся левый двигатель (двигатель левого борта).

We steamed from port to port. - Мы плавали на пароходе из порта в порт.

The port would be considered neuter. - Порт будет считаться нейтральным.

Port arms! - на грудь!

Port-of-London Authority - Управление Лондонского порта

There were two or three whalemen in port. - В порту стояло два или три китобойных судна.

The ship finally ported. - Корабль наконец-то пристал к берегу.

The plane tilted to port. - Самолёт накренился влево.

The ship beached near the port. - Судно село на мель недалеко от порта.

The captain ported the ship at night. - Ночью капитан привёл корабль в порт.

The goods were shipped from a foreign port. - Товары были отгружены из иностранного порта.

I saw this ship come into / leave the port. - Я видел, как этот корабль заходит в / покидает порт.

The ship is now listing to port. - И вот корабль кренится на левый борт. (list to port — крениться на левый борт, list to starboard — на правый)

The town originated as a small fishing port. - Город возник как маленький рыбацкий порт.

Get some more port while I buzz this bottle. - Организуй ещё портвейна, пока я допью эту бутылку.

The port stands astride an international route. - Порт расположен на пути международных маршрутов.

The port had been very important in colonial times. - В колониальные времена этот порт был очень важным.

The port was coming under attack from enemy warships. - Порт подвергался атаке вражеских кораблей.

We'll have two days ashore while the ship is in port. - У нас будет два дня на суше / берегу, пока корабль будет находится в порту.

The ship stops at the next port to let passengers off. - Пароход останавливается у следующей пристани, чтобы высадить пассажиров.

At the port she managed to get a passage on an outward-bound ship. - В порту ей удалось пройти на судно, готовившееся к отплытию.

The ferry was about to leave port. - Паром вот-вот должен был покинуть порт.

They sighted land on the port beam. - Они заметили по левому траверзу землю.

The damaged ship limped back to port. - Повреждённый корабль с трудом дотащился обратно в порт.

The small canoe could be ported easily. - Эту небольшую байдарку можно легко перенести.

The port of Hull has a large industrial hinterland. - Порт Гуль обладает большой прилегающей промышленной зоной.

The port now attracts a wealthier class of visitor. - Сейчас порт привлекает посетителей побогаче.

The hotel is situated next to the lively bustling port. - Отель расположен рядом с оживлённым портом.

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Связанные термины:

car port: A car port is a shelter for cars which is attached to a house and consists of a flat roof supported on pillars.

free port: A free port is a port or airport where goods can be brought in from foreign countries without payment of duty if they are going to be exported again.

home port: the port where a ship is based

port dues: the charge for the use of a port

Port Said: a port in NE Egypt, at the N end of the Suez Canal : founded in 1859 when the Suez Canal was begun ; became the largest coaling station in the world and later an oil-bunkering port; damaged in the Arab-Israeli wars of 1967 and 1973. Pop: 546 000 (2005 est)

Port Vila: the capital of Vanuatu, on the island of Efate. Pop: 44 040 (2009)

USB port: a type of serial port for connecting peripheral devices in a system

way port: a port of call on a particular route

ferry port: a town or place alongside navigable water with facilities for the loading and unloading of ferries

Port Arthur: a former penal settlement (1833–70) in Australia, on the S coast of the Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania

Port Blair: the capital of the Indian Union Territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a port on the SE coast of South Andaman Island: a former penal colony . Pop: 100 186 (2001)

Port-Gentil: the chief port of Gabon, in the west near the mouth of the Ogooué River: oil refinery . Pop: 150 000 (2009 est)

Port Louis: the capital and chief port of Mauritius, on the NW coast on the Indian Ocean . Pop: 143 000 (2005 est)

Port Royal: a fortified town in SE Jamaica, at the entrance to Kingston harbour : capital of Jamaica in colonial times

Port-Salut: a mild semihard whole-milk cheese of a round flat shape

Port Sudan: the chief port of Sudan, in the NE on the Red Sea. Pop: 499 000 (2005 est)

Port Talbot: a port in SE Wales, in Neath Port Talbot county borough on Swansea Bay : established as a coal port in the mid-19th century; large steelworks ; ore terminal . Pop: 35 633 (2001)

serial port: A serial port on a computer is a place where you can connect the computer to a device such as a modem or a mouse.

tawny port: a type of port that is aged in wood for at least 7 years, giving it a ' nutty ' flavour ; its colour is tawny, as opposed to the red of a ruby port

treaty port: (in China, Japan, and Korea during the second half of the 19th and first half of the 20th century) a city, esp a port, in which foreigners, esp Westerners, were allowed by treaty to conduct trade

Channel port: one of the English or French ports on the English Channel

fishing port: a town which has a lot of fishing boats

parallel port: (on a computer) a socket that can be used for connecting devices that send and receive data at more than one bit at a time; often used for connecting printers

Port Adelaide: the chief port of South Australia, near Adelaide on St Vincent Gulf . Pop: 33 145 (2006)

port captain: an official in charge of the harbor activities of a seaport

Port Harcourt: a port in S Nigeria, capital of Rivers state on the Niger delta : the nation's second largest port; industrial centre. Pop: 942 000 (2005 est)

Port Jackson: an inlet of the Pacific on the coast of SE Australia, forming a fine natural harbour : site of the city of Sydney, spanned by Sydney Harbour Bridge

Port Lyautey: a port in NW Morocco, on the Sebou River 16 km (10 miles) from the Atlantic . Pop: 598 000 (2003)

Port Moresby: the capital and chief port of Papua New Guinea, on the SE coast on the Gulf of Papua: important Allied base in World War II. Pop: 345 158 (2015 est)

container port: a port that is adapted or built for the use of cargo containers

Ellesmere Port: a port in NW England, in NW Cheshire on the Mersey estuary and Manchester Ship Canal . Pop: 66 265 (2001)

port authority: the body with overall responsibility for a port

port de bras: the positions or movement of the arms

Port Elizabeth: a port in S South Africa, on Algoa Bay : motor-vehicle manufacture, fruit canning ; resort . Pop: 312 392 (2011)

Port Nicholson: the first British settlement in New Zealand, established on Wellington Harbour in 1840: grew into Wellington

port of call: A port of call is a place where a ship stops during a journey .

Port-au-Prince: the capital and chief port of Haiti, in the south on the Gulf of Gonaïves: founded in 1749 by the French; university (1944). Pop: 2 439 775 (2015 est)

port authorities: the body with overall responsibility for a port

Port du Salut: a creamy, yellowish whole-milk cheese with a brownish crust

port of entry: an airport, harbour, etc, where customs officials are stationed to supervise the entry into and exit from a country of persons and merchandise

Port of Spain: the capital and chief port of Trinidad and Tobago, on the W coast of Trinidad. Pop: 56 000 (2005 est)

porta-: portable

porto-: → porta-

Neath Port Talbot: a county borough in S Wales, created from part of West Glamorgan in 1996. Administrative centre: Port Talbot . Pop: 135 300 (2003 est). Area: 439 sq km (169 sq miles)

on the port bow: within 45 degrees to the port of straight ahead

Port Phillip Bay: a bay in SE Australia, which forms the harbour of Melbourne

port wine stain: a type of haemangioma, seen as a purplish birthmark, often large and on the face or neck

Saint Peter Port: a port and resort in the Channel Islands: the capital of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, on the E coast of the island of Guernsey. Pop: 28 310 (2001)

Port Jackson willow: an Australian acacia tree, Acacia cyanophylla, introduced in the 19th century into South Africa, where it is now regarded as a pest

a port in a storm: a person, place, or organization where you can get help in a difficult situation

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Однокоренные слова:

disport - резвиться, развлекаться, забавляться
import - импорт, ввоз, значение, импортировать, ввозить, импортный
portable - портативный, переносный, передвижной, портативная пишущая машинка
portage - волок, перевозка, переноска, переправлять волоком
portal - портал, ворота, тамбур, главный вход, портальный
portent - знамение, предзнаменование, чудо
porter - портье, носильщик, швейцар, портер, привратник, грузчик, вахтер, проводник
portion - часть, порция, доля, удел, участь, приданое, делить на части, давать приданое
portly - дородный, полный, осанистый, представительный
report - отчет, доклад, сообщение, сообщить, сообщать, отчетный

Связанные слова: