Noun: королева царица ферзь дама
Verb: царить быть королевой править возглавлять


queen-dowager - вдовствующая королева

to evoke the Queen of the Fairies - вызывать королеву фей

despotic queen - деспотическая королева

popular queen - любимая народом королева

strong queen - могущественная королева

nurse colony for queen rearing - семья-воспитательница маток

queen conch - стромбус

make courtesy to the queen - быть представленной ко двору

queen crab - маленький краб; краб-стригун

queen created him a knight - королева возвела его в рыцарское достоинство

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She bowed before the Queen - Она поклонилась королеве.

Venice, the queen of the Adriatic - Венеция - жемчужина Адриатического моря

Paris, the queen of fashion - Париж, законодатель моды

I queened my pawn. - Я провёл свою пешку в ферзи.

I was treated like a queen. - Ко мне относились как к королеве.

He led the queen of hearts. - Он пошёл дамой червей.

I had to play my queen. - Мне пришлось разыграть /сыграть/ свою даму. (о картах)

Queen's Bench - Суд королевской скамьи

The pawn queens. - Пешка становится ферзём.

The queen bade us enter. - Королева приказалa нам войти.

The king and queen had fled. - Король и королева сбежали.

I propose a toast to the Queen. - Я предлагаю тост за здоровье королевы.

Queen Elizabeth - королева Елизавета

They necked their Queen. - Они отрубили голову своей королеве.

The king takes the queen. - Король берёт ферзя.

Paris is the queen of cities. - Париж — король городов.

The queen ruled for 25 years. - Королева правила двадцать пять лет.

We got a wave from the Queen. - Королева помахала нам рукой.

He was ennobled by the queen. - Королева пожаловала ему дворянский титул.

She held herself like a queen. - Она держалась, как королева.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - Ее Величество Королева Елизавета Вторая (королева Великобритании с 1952 г.)

He played the queen of diamonds. - Он сыграл дамой бубён.

She was voted queen of the prom. - Её выбрали королевой выпускного бала.

He dealt me the Queen of Spades. - Он сдал мне даму пик / пиковую даму.

The queen posed for her portrait. - Королева позировала для своего портрета.

The queen granted us an audience. - Королева назначила нам аудиенцию.

The queen entered in her eighties. - Королева переступила порог восьмидесятилетнего возраста.

The Queen made Marlborough a duke. - Королева сделала Мальборо герцогом.

The queen assumed the stately robes. - Королева облачилась в величественные одеяния.

honours bestowed on him by the Queen - награды, дарованные ему королевой

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Связанные термины:

May queen: a girl chosen, esp for her beauty, to preside over May-Day celebrations

queen bee: the fertile female bee in a hive

queen it: to behave in an overbearing manner

Queen Mab: (in British folklore ) a bewitching fairy who rules over people's dreams

drag queen: a man who dresses as a woman and impersonates female characteristics for public entertainment

drama queen: If you call someone a drama queen, you mean they react to situations in an unnecessarily dramatic or exaggerated way.

fairy queen: the queen of the fairies

haul queen: a young woman who displays her recent shopping purchases in films uploaded to video-sharing websites, and is paid according to the advertising revenue those videos generate

Queen-Anne: a style of furniture popular in England about 1700–20 and in America about 1720–70, characterized by the use of unencumbered curves, walnut veneer, and the cabriole leg

queen olive: a variety of olive having large fleshy fruit suitable for pickling, esp one from around Seville in Spain

queen post: one of a pair of vertical posts that connect the tie beam of a truss to the principal rafters

queen-size: A queen-size bed is larger than a double bed, but smaller than a king-size bed.

queen truss: a truss with queen posts

size queen: a person who prefers a sexual partner with a large penis

Snow Queen: → The Snow Queen

beauty queen: A beauty queen is a woman who has won a beauty contest.

closet queen: a man who is homosexual but is not openly so

pearly queen: the female London costermonger whose ceremonial clothes display the most lavish collection of pearl buttons

queen consort: the wife of a reigning king

queen dowager: the widow of a king

queen mother: The Queen Mother is the mother of a ruling king or queen.

queen regent: a queen who acts as regent

queen regnant: a queen who reigns on her own behalf

Virgin Queen: → Elizabeth 2

queen substance: a pheromone secreted by queen honeybees and consumed by the workers, in whom it causes suppression of egg-laying

Queen of Sheba: a queen of the Sabeans, who visited Solomon (I Kings 10:1–13)

Queen's Award: either of two awards instituted by royal warrant (1976) for a sustained increase in export earnings by a British firm ( Queen's Award for Export Achievement ) or for an advance in technology ( Queen's Award for Technological Achievement )

Queen's Bench: (in England when the sovereign is female ) one of the divisions of the High Court of Justice

Queen's County: a county of central Republic of Ireland, in Leinster province: formerly boggy but largely reclaimed for agriculture . County town: Portlaoise . Pop: 58 774 (2002). Area: 1719 sq km (664 sq miles)

Queen's Guide: (in Britain and the Commonwealth when the sovereign is female) a Guide who has passed the highest tests of proficiency

Queen's House: → the Queen's House

queen-size bed: a bed which is larger or longer than normal size but smaller or shorter than king-size

queen's metal: any of several alloys containing antimony and tin and resembling britannia metal

Queen's Scout: (in Britain and the Commonwealth when the sovereign is female) a Scout who has passed the highest tests of endurance, proficiency, and skill

Queen's speech: (in Britain and the dominions of the Commonwealth ) the speech at the opening of each session of Parliament in which the Government outlines its legislative programme. It is read by the sovereign or his or her representative

The Snow Queen: a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, published in 1845; a young boy, Kay, falls under a troll's spell and his heart is turned to ice. He is carried off by the Snow Queen, who holds him captive until he is rescued by his devoted friend, Gerda

Good Queen Bess: Elizabeth I

Queen Anne's lace: → wild carrot

Queen Anne style: a style of English architecture of the early 18th cent ., characterized by construction in red brick, forms modified from classical architecture, and simple, elegant, and stately ornamentation

Queen Anne's War: those conflicts (1702–13) of the War of the Spanish Succession that were fought in North America

Queen Maud Land: the large section of Antarctica between Coats Land and Enderby Land: claimed by Norway in 1939. (Claims are suspended under the Antarctic Treaty of 1959)

Queen Maud Range: a mountain range in Antarctica, in S Ross Dependency, extending for about 800 km (500 miles)

queen of puddings: a pudding made of moist but firm breadcrumb and custard mixture topped with jam and meringue

Queen's Counsel: (in England when the sovereign is female) a barrister or advocate appointed Counsel to the Crown on the recommendation of the Lord Chancellor, entitled to sit within the bar of the court and to wear a silk gown

Queen's English: (when the sovereign is female ) standard Southern British English

queen's evidence: (when the sovereign is female) evidence given for the Crown against his or her former associates in crime by an accomplice (esp in the phrase turn queen's evidence )

queen's highway: (in Britain when the sovereign is female ) any public road or right of way

queen-sized bed: A queen-sized bed is larger than a double bed, but smaller than a king-sized bed.

Queen's Messenger: a person who takes dispatches to or from the sovereign

Queen's proctor: (in England when the sovereign is female) an official empowered to intervene in divorce and certain other cases when it is alleged that material facts are being suppressed

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Однокоренные слова:

queenhood - положение королевы, период царствования королевы
queening - царить, быть королевой, править, возглавлять, делать королевой, проводить пешку
queenly - царственный, королевский, подобающий королеве
queenlike - подобающий королеве, царственный
queenless - безматочный, без королевы

Связанные слова: