Noun: гонка гонки раса род
Verb: мчаться бежать гнать состязаться в скорости


racial discrimination, race discrimination - расовая дискриминация

without distinction as to race, sex, or religion - без разграничения рас, пола или религиозных убеждений

flat race, flat racing - скачки без препятствий

race meeting - гонка

people of mixed race - мулаты

mongrel race - нечистокровная порода

obstacle race - бег, скачки с препятствиями

motor race - автогонки

of noble race - благородного происхождения

race-card - программа скачек

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He finished third in the race. - В забеге он пришёл третьим.

The race is long. - Жизнь — штука длинная.

My race is nearly over. - Мой жизненный путь на исходе.

He raced to meet her. - Он помчался к ней на встречу.

Slow and steady wins the race. - Тише едешь — дальше будешь. (посл.)

She did her best to win the race. - Она сделала всё, чтобы выиграть эту гонку.

It was a tough race. - Это была тяжёлая гонка.

The dog raced ahead of me. - Пёс помчался впереди меня.

My horse was last in the race. - Моя лошадь пришла последней в забеге.

a halt in the arms race - прекращение гонки вооружений

I will race you to that tree. - Спорим, я быстрее добегу до того дерева.

It was a close race. - Это был очень равный забег.

He took second place in the 100-metre race. - Он занял второе место в забеге на сто метров.

They raced each other home. - Они наперегонки помчались домой.

I had to race home for my bag. - Мне пришлось бежать домой за сумкой.

a race of long gaunt men - раса высоких сухопарых людей

the disaster which then befell the human race - бедствие, которое затем обрушилось на человеческий род

We spent a day at the races. - Мы провели день на скачках.

He won the race by a whisker. - Он выиграл гонку, обогнав соперников совсем чуть-чуть (на волосок).

The arms race has slowed down. - Гонка вооружений сбавила обороты.

Lively children race for home. - Весёлые ребятишки мчатся домой.

I came from a race of fishers. - Я из рыбацкого рода.

Are you in for the running race? - Вы участвуете в соревнованиях по бегу?

He battered up his car in the race. - Он разбил свою машину на гонках.

The race is an extraordinary event. - Данные гонки являются событием чрезвычайного характера.

way out front in the race - далеко впереди остальных участников гонки

The race is to the swift. - Победа в гонке достаётся быстрейшему.

He won the race by a hair. - Он выиграл гонку с мизерным преимуществом.

She was raced to hospital. - Её спешно отправили в больницу.

She races cars for a living. - Она зарабатывала на жизнь автогонками.

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Связанные термины:

arms race: An arms race is a situation in which two countries or groups of countries are continually trying to get more and better weapons than each other.

ball race: a ball bearing

big race: A race is a competition to see who is the fastest, for example in running, swimming, or driving.

boat race: → the boat race

Cape Race: a cape at the SE extremity of Newfoundland, Canada

drag race: a type of motor race in which specially built or modified cars or motorcycles are timed over a measured course

flat race: a race over a flat track with no jumps or other obstacles

hard race: A race is a competition to see who is the fastest, for example in running, swimming, or driving.

race car: a car designed to travel at high speed for taking part in motor car races

race card: → to play the race card

race-fit: (of a person, animal, etc) fit or suitable for racing

race hate: the hate of or bias against people of other races

race off: to entice (a person) away with a view to seduction

race riot: Race riots are violent fights between people of different races living in the same community.

rat race: If you talk about getting out of the rat race, you mean leaving a job or way of life in which people compete aggressively with each other to be successful .

road race: a race on public roads

sack race: a race in which the competitors ' legs and often bodies are enclosed in sacks

tide race: a fast-running tidal current

cycle race: a competitive race between cyclists

horse race: an organized race between jockeys and their mounts

human race: The human race is the same asmankind .

hurdle race: a race in which people have to jump over a number of obstacles while running

master race: a race, nation, or group, such as the Germans or Nazis as viewed by Hitler, believed to be superior to other races

medley race: a relay race in which each contestant must cover a different distance

mixed race: the fact or state of being born to parents of different races

race music: blues-based music or jazz by and for African-Americans in the 1920s and 1930s, when it was regarded as a distinctive, separate market by the music industry ; early jazz or rhythm-and-blues

relay race: a race between two or more teams of contestants in which each contestant covers a specified portion of the distance

sheep race: a single-file walkway for sheep at the entrance to a sheep-dip

space race: → the space race

stage race: a cycling race consisting of several separate races over successive days

tight race: A race is a situation in which people or organizations compete with each other for power or control.

tough race: A race is a competition to see who is the fastest, for example in running, swimming, or driving.

track race: an instance of a form of motorcycle racing where teams or individuals race opponents around an oval track

white race: the Caucasoid group of mankind

yacht race: a sailing race for yachts

yellow race: the Mongoloid group of mankind

bathtub race: a sailing race between bathtubs fitted with outboard motors

bicycle race: Sport cycling (sense 2 ) Also : bicycle racing

bumping race: (esp at Oxford and Cambridge ) a race in which rowing eights start an equal distance one behind the other and each tries to bump the boat in front

claiming race: a race in which each owner declares beforehand the price at which his or her horse will be offered for sale after the race

distance race: a race of a mile or more

downhill race: a competitive event in which skiers are timed in a downhill run

futurity race: a race for two-year-old horses in which the entries are selected before birth

harness race: a trotting or pacing race for standard-bred horses driven in sulkies and harnessed in a special way to cause them to use the correct gait

hurdles race: a race in which people have to jump over a number of obstacles while running

obstacle race: a race in which competitors have to negotiate various obstacles

race meeting: A race meeting is an occasion when a series of horse races are held at the same place, often during a period of several days.

race walking: the sport of rapid, continuous-foot-contact walking, requiring that the trailing foot not be lifted until the other meets the ground and the knee locks momentarily, and executed in an upright, rhythmic stride with the arms usually held bent and high and pumped close to the body

scratch race: a race in which all contestants start on equal terms

selling race: a horse race in which the winner must be offered for sale at auction

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Однокоренные слова:

race away - промотать на скачках

Связанные слова: