Noun: диапазон спектр ряд ассортимент
Verb: колебаться ранжировать выстраиваться в ряд выстраивать в ряд
Adjective: аккуратный любящий порядок остепенившийся степенный


long-range bomber - бомбардировщик дальнего действия

a wide range of animal noises and bird calls - разнообразная гамма криков зверей и голосов птиц

comprehensive range of goods and services - полный ассортимент товаров и услуг

range of coverage - зона охвата, зона покрытия

long-range detection - дальнее обнаружение

to extend range of voltmeter - расширить диапазон вольтметра

medium-range fighter - истребитель среднего действия

short-range forecast - краткосрочное прогнозирование

adjustment in range - корректирование дальности

range of interests - круг интересов

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He answered a range of questions. - Он ответил на ряд вопросов.

His vocal range is amazing. - Его вокальный диапозон поразителен.

He ranges with the great writers. - Его можно поставить в один ряд с великими писателями.

The path ranges with the brook. - Дорожка тянется вдоль ручья.

Prices range from £10,000 to over £100,000. - Диапазон цен — от десяти тысяч до более чем ста тысяч фунтов стерлингов.

I'm surprised to hear that he has ranged himself with the workers. - Удивлён, что он ставит себя в один ряд с рабочими.

You'll inevitably see something in the shop's range of goods. - Вы обязательно что-нибудь найдёте среди ассортимента товаров магазина.

We have a very large product range. - У нас очень большой ассортимент.

There is a wide range of choices. - Присутствует широкий диапазон выбора.

The discussion ranged widely. - Обсуждались самые разные темы.

He dreamed of a home on the range. - Он мечтал о доме на большом пастбище.

He has a wide range of business interests. - У него широкий круг деловых интересов.

We waited until the enemy was within range. - Мы подождали, пока враг не появился в пределах досягаемости.

There's a good range of leisure facilities. - Имеется большой выбор удобств для отдыха /возможностей проведения досуга/.

Students here study a broad range of subjects. - Здесь студенты изучают широкий круг дисциплин.

This gun ranges over two miles. - Дальность поражения данного оружия составляет более двух миль. / Это оружие бьёт больше чем на две мили.

The plane has a range of 3,600 miles. - Дальность полёта этого самолёта составляет три тысячи шестьсот миль.

a car in the middle price range - автомобиль средней ценовой категории

The plant once ranged across the island. - Когда-то это растение произрастало по всему острову.

the most prominent peak in the mountain range - самая высокая точка этого горного хребта

An unbroken range of forest covers each bank of the river. - Оба берега реки закрывает сплошная лесополоса.

This shade coordinates with a wide range of other colours. - Этот оттенок хорошо сочетается с очень многими цветами.

We sell a full range of sports apparel. - Мы продаём полный ассортимент спортивной одежды.

A wide range of financial services are available. - В наличии широкий спектр финансовых услуг.

The Health Centre offers a full range of services. - Оздоровительный центр предлагает полный спектр услуг.

We stock a wide range of kitchen equipment. - У нас имеется широкий ассортимент кухонных принадлежностей.

All the enemy's guns were ranged against us from both sides. - С обеих сторон на нас были нацелены выстроенные в ряд вражеские пушки.

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of financial products. - Мы предлагаем нашим клиентам широкий спектр финансовых продуктов.

the range of a supersonic jet - дальность полёта сверхзвукового реактивного самолёта

A piano has a greater range than the human voice. - Пианино имеет более широкий диапазон, чем человеческий голос.

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Связанные термины:

age range: a range indicating the upper and lower ages considered suitable for a specified thing

gas range: a stove and oven that use natural gas as a fuel source

mid-range: You can use mid-range to describe products or services which are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest of their type.

free-range: Free-range means relating to a system of keeping animals in which they can move and feed freely on an area of open ground.

Front Range: range on the E edge of the Rockies, in SE Wyo. & NC Colo.: highest peak, 14,274 ft (4,351 m)

home range: the area in which an animal normally ranges

long-range: A long-range piece of military equipment or vehicle is able to hit or detect a target a long way away or to travel a long way in order to do something.

Park Range: range of the Rockies, in NC Colo. & S Wyo.: highest peak, 14,284 ft (4,354 m )

price range: the notional range of prices someone is prepared to pay for something

range light: one of a pattern of navigation lights, usually fixed ashore, used by vessels for manoeuvring in narrow channels at night

range pole: a pole for marking positions in surveying

rifle range: A rifle range is a place where you can practise shooting with a rifle.

short-range: Short-range weapons or missiles are designed to be fired across short distances.

Teton Range: a mountain range in the N central US, mainly in NW Wyoming . Highest peak : Grand Teton, 4196 m (13 766 ft)

voice range: the range of pitches that can be made by a human voice

Alaska Range: a mountain range in S central Alaska . Highest peak : Denali, 6190 m (20 308 ft)

Anadyr Range: → Chukot Range

boiling range: A boiling range is the temperature range involved in the distillation of oil, from the start to the time when it evaporates .

Brooks Range: a mountain range in N Alaska . Highest peak : Mount Isto, 2736 m (8976 ft)

capsule range: a small range of clothes by a particular designer, intended to be representative of the full range

Cascade Range: a chain of mountains in the US and Canada : a continuation of the Sierra Nevada range from N California through Oregon and Washington to British Columbia . Highest peak : Mount Rainier, 4392 m (14 408 ft)

Chukot Range: mountain range in NE Siberia : highest peak, c. 7,500 ft (2,286 m)

Darling Range: a ridge in SW Western Australia, parallel to the coast . Highest point: 582 m (1909 ft)

driving range: A driving range is an outdoor place where you can practise playing golf.

dynamic range: the range of signal amplitudes over which an electronic communications channel can operate within acceptable limits of distortion . The range is determined by system noise at the lower end and by the onset of overload at the upper end

gunnery range: a place where people can practise shooting at targets with gunnery

kitchen range: a large kitchen stove with burners and one or more ovens, usually heated by solid fuel

Kolyma Range: a mountain range in NE Russia, in NE Siberia, extending about 1100 km (700 miles) between the Kolyma River and the Sea of Okhotsk . Highest peak : 1862 m (6109 ft)

Mesabi Range: range of hills in NE Minn., containing rich iron ore deposits

Pennine Range: a system of hills in England, extending from the Cheviot Hills in the north to the River Trent in the south: forms the watershed for the main rivers of N England. Highest peak : Cross Fell, 893 m (2930 ft)

product range: collectively, the products manufactured or sold by a company

range finder: any of various instruments for determining the distance of a target or object from an observer, or from a gun, camera, etc.

rocket range: a firing range for rockets

salary range: the range of pay, which usually has a minimum, midpoint, and a maximum, paid for working at a certain job or profession or at a certain level or grade of an organization, etc. The salary paid to the employee may change according to performance, time spent at the job, etc, but any changes will fall within the allocated salary range.

Vindhya Range: a mountain range in central India: separates the Ganges basin from the Deccan, marking the limits of northern and peninsular India. Greatest height : 1113 m (3651 ft)

Wasatch Range: a mountain range in the W central US, in N Utah and SE Idaho . Highest peak : Mount Timpanogos, 3581 m (11 750 ft)

Admiralty Range: a mountain range in Antarctica, on the coast of Victoria Land, northwest of the Ross Sea

cruising range: the distance an aircraft can fly before it needs to refuel

Flinders Range: a mountain range in E South Australia, between Lake Torrens and Lake Frome . Highest peak : 1188 m (3898 ft)

Hamersley Range: a mountain range in N Western Australia : iron-ore deposits . Highest peak : 1253 m (4111 ft)

mountain range: a series of adjoining mountains or of lines of mountains of similar origin

Panamint Range: mountain range in SE Calif., forming the W rim of Death Valley : highest peak, 11,045 ft (3,367 m)

shooting range: a place where people practise shooting

Stanovoi Range: a mountain range in SE Russia ; forms part of the watershed between rivers flowing to the Arctic and the Pacific . Highest peak : Mount Skalisty, 2482 m (8143 ft)

Bitterroot Range: range of the Rocky Mountains, along the Ida .-Mont. border : highest peak, c. 11,000 ft (3,353 m)

free-range egg: an egg produced by a bird kept in natural nonintensive conditions

geographic range: the distance at which a certain light, as that of a lighthouse, is visible to the eye at a given elevation, assuming that the weather is clear and that the light is sufficiently powerful to be visible from any point at which it appears above the horizon

Yablonovyy Range: range of mountains in SE Asian Russia, a watershed between areas of Pacific & Arctic drainage : highest peak, c. 8,500 ft (2,591 m)

free-range chicken: a chicken kept in natural nonintensive conditions

free-range poultry: poultry kept in natural nonintensive conditions

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Однокоренные слова:

ranger - рейнджер, лесничий, странник, бродяга, скиталец, смотритель королевского парка
rangy - стройный, горный, бродячий, мускулистый, просторный, длинноногий, обширный, гористый
ranging - ранжирование, измерение дальности, пристрелка, классификация

Связанные слова: