Noun: уровень скорость ставка курс
Verb: оценивать присваивать рейтинг тарифицировать устанавливать


casualty rate - количество убитых и раненых

cut rate - сниженный тариф

dependable rate of return - стабильный уровень доходности

exchange rate determinant - детерминант валютного курса

differential rate - льготный тариф, более низкая оплата проезда

dosage rate - интенсивность дозы

to drop the rate of production - сокращать уровень производства

a sharp drop in the interest rate - резкое снижение процентной ставки

evaporation rate - интенсивность испарения

rate of evaporation per surface - интенсивность парообразования

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This wine rates as excellent. - Это вино признано отличным.

People work at different rates. - Люди работают в разном темпе.

The students rated him very high. - Студенты очень его ценили.

I rate him among my friends. - Я считаю его своим другом. / Я причисляю его к своим друзьям.

She was rated an excellent pianist. - Её считали прекрасной пианисткой.

Why should you rate yourself above this job? - Почему ты считаешь, что делать эту работу ниже твоего достоинства?

The company seems to rate him very highly (=think he is very good). - Кажется, руководство компании ценит его очень высоко (т.е. считает его очень хорошим).

She rates the best. - Она заслуживает самого лучшего.

They only pay tax at a rate of 5%. - Они платят налог по ставке всего пять процентов.

He works at a great rate. - Он работает в отличном темпе.

We paid them the standard rate. - Мы заплатили им по стандартному тарифу.

Children learn at different rates. - Дети учатся с неодинаковой скоростью.

They are paid an hourly rate. - Им платят почасовую ставку.

That player is rated among the very best. - Этот игрок считается одним из лучших.

The medicine affects my heart rate. - Это лекарство влияет на мой пульс.

He rated special privileges. - Он пользовался особыми привилегиями.

Get on, we shall miss the train at this rate. - Поспеши, мы так опоздаем на поезд.

If they are poor, they are at any rate happy. - Пусть они бедны, зато, по крайней мере, счастливы.

You pay tax at the basic rate. - Вы платите налог по базовой ставке.

a heart rate of 80 beats a minute - пульс восемьдесят ударов в минуту

The interest rate has been fixed at 6.5%. - Процентная ставка была установлена на уровне шести с половиной процентов.

He puddles about at a great rate. - У него очень запятнанная репутация.

The rate of inflation was falling. - Уровень инфляции падал.

The current unemployment rate is six percent. - Текущий уровень безработицы составляет шесть процентов.

The annual rate of inflation fell. - Годовой уровень инфляции упал.

Australia's unemployment rate rose to 6.5% in February. - В феврале уровень безработицы в Австралии вырос до 6,5%.

They may be taxed at a higher rate. - Они могут облагаться налогом по более высокой ставке.

a notable increase in the crime rate - заметный рост преступности

Gold was rated highly among the Romans. - Золото высоко ценилось среди римлян. / Римляне высоко ценили золото.

The department is rated as the best in the nation in its field. - Отдел считается лучшим в своей области во всей стране.

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Связанные термины:

bank rate: The bank rate is the rate of interest at which a bank lends money, especially the minimum rate of interest that banks are allowed to charge, which is decided by the country's central bank.

base rate: In Britain, the base rate is the rate of interest that banks use as a basis when they are calculating the rates that they charge on loans .

baud rate: a rate of data transmission measured in baud

bit rate: the rate of flow of binary digits in a digital data-processing system, usually expressed as the number of bits per second

burn rate: The burn rate of a startup company is a measure of how fast it uses up its capital before becoming profitable .

call rate: the interest rate on a call loan

cut-rate: Cut-rate goods or services are cheaper than usual .

flat rate: a rate or charge that does not vary, being the same in all situations

hit rate: level of success in shooting accurately at targets

peak rate: the maximum tariff of charge, esp of phone calls made at particular times

poor rate: a rate or tax levied by parishes for the relief or support of the poor

rack rate: The rack rate is the normal price of a hotel room, before any discount .

rate base: a guaranteed minimum amount or number used to compute advertising rates, as the number of subscribers to a publication

rate-cap: In Britain, when a local council was rate-capped, the government prevented it from increasing local taxes called rates, in order to force the council to reduce its spending or make it more efficient .

rate card: a list showing the rates charged by a magazine, newspaper, radio or television station, etc., for various types of advertising

rate tart: a credit card holder, bank account holder, etc, who frequently and purposefully changes providers to take advantage of low interest rate offers intended to attract new customers

slew rate: the rate at which an electronic amplifier can respond to an abrupt change of input level

spot rate: in a foreign currency transaction, the rate of exchange at which the transaction will be made on a specified date

tax rate: the percentage of income, wealth, etc, assessed as payable in taxation

VAT rate: the rate at which VAT is applied

zero-rate: to rate at a VAT level of zero

basic rate: the standard or lowest level on a scale of money payable, esp in taxation

birth rate: The birth rate in a place is the number of babies born there for every 1000 people during a particular period of time.

capped-rate: having a fixed upper limit

cheap-rate: charged at a lower rate

coupon rate: The coupon rate is the interest rate on a bond calculated on the number of coupons per year.

cross rate: A cross rate is an exchange rate of two currencies expressed in a third different currency, such as the exchange rate between the euro and the yuan expressed in yen .

death rate: The death rate is the number of people per thousand who die in a particular area during a particular period of time.

dollar rate: a variable amount of foreign currency quoted against one unit of the US Dollar

first-rate: If you say that something or someone is first-rate, you mean that they are extremely good and of the highest quality.

fixed rate: A fixed rate is an interest rate that is set to remain the same for the term of a loan .

fleet rate: a reduced rate quoted by an insurance company to underwrite the risks to a fleet of vehicles, aircraft, etc

fourth-rate: of very low quality, value, or rank

heart rate: the rate at which your heart beats

higher rate: (in Britain) a rate of income tax that is higher than the basic rate and becomes payable on taxable income in excess of a specified limit

hurdle rate: the rate of return that a proposed project must provide if it is to be worth considering: usually calculated as the cost of the capital involved adjusted by a risk factor

lapse rate: the rate of change of any meteorological factor with altitude, esp atmospheric temperature, which usually decreases at a rate of 0.6° C per 100 metres ( environmental lapse rate ). Unsaturated air loses about 1°C per 100 m ( dry adiabatic lapse rate ), whereas saturated air loses an average 0.5°C per 100 m ( saturated adiabatic lapse rate )

piece rate: a fixed rate paid according to the quantity produced

prime rate: A bank's prime rate is the lowest rate of interest which it charges at a particular time and which is offered only to certain customers .

pulse rate: the rate at which a person's heart beats, measured at a pulse point

rate-capped: (formerly in Britain) to impose on (a local authority) an upper limit on the level of the rate it may levy

rate rebate: (formerly) a reduction in the amount of rates that a person had to pay

second-rate: If you describe something as second-rate, you mean that it is of poor quality.

short rate: a charge, proportionately higher than the annual rate, made for insurance issued or continued in force by the insured for less than one year

spring rate: The spring rate is a measurement of the amount of force needed to compress a spring a particular distance .

teaser rate: A teaser rate is a low introductory interest rate on credit that goes up after a short time.

third-rate: If you describe something as third-rate, you mean that it is of a very poor quality or standard.

union rate: an hourly wage rate for an occupation or trade, established by collective bargaining. Usually it is the minimum rate that can be paid to qualified people in the job

water rate: In Britain, the charges made for the use of water from the public water supply are known as the water rates .

absentee rate: the percentage of people who are absent each day from a school or company

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Однокоренные слова:

disrate - разжаловать, понижать в звании, понижать в разряде
ratable - подлежащий обложению налогом, подлежащий обложению сбором
ratal - сумма обложения
rateable - пропорциональный, соразмерный, подлежащий обложению налогом
rater - оценщик, тарификатор, ругатель, вернее, скорее, лучше
ratify - ратифицировать, утверждать, разрешать, скреплять подписью
rating - рейтинг, оценка, номинал, класс, номинальная мощность, нормирование, разряд, ранг
ration - рацион, паек, порция, продовольствие, нормировать, нормировать выдачу
ratteen - ратин
ratty - крысиный, кишащий крысами, жалкий, сердитый, раздражительный

Связанные слова: