Adjective: религиозный верующий культовый набожный
Noun: монах


religious bigot - религиозный фанатик

religious bigotry - религиозный фанатизм

religious celebration - церковный праздник

religious ceremonial - религиозный обряд

religious ceremony - религиозный обряд

to perform a religious ceremony - совершать религиозный обряд

religious equality - религиозное равноправие

religious extremist - религиозный экстремист

religious fanatic - религиозный фанатик

religious figure - религиозный деятель

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Their son ran away from home and joined a religious cult. - Их сын ушёл из дома и присоединился к религиозному культу.

My religious beliefs forbid the drinking of alcohol. - Мои религиозные убеждения запрещают употреблять алкоголь.

I don't share her religious beliefs. - Я не разделяю её религиозные убеждения.

a poet and a profoundly religious man - поэт и глубоко верующий человек

Our religious system has no set form of liturgy. - Наша религиозная система не имеет установленной формы церковной службы.

She championed the cause of religious freedom. - Она выступала за свободу вероисповедания.

Art was employed for the display of religious facts. - Искусство использовалось для изображения фактов божественной истории.

He's living in a religious commune. - Сейчас он живёт в религиозной общине.

Several of the items had religious purposes. - Несколько предметов использовались для религиозных целей.

Some religious groups are persecuted in some countries. - Некоторые религиозные группы в некоторых странах подвергаются гонениям.

a number of religious ceremonials - ряд религиозных обрядов

The speech had religious tones to it. - В выступлении звучали религиозные нотки.

people who follow a religious vocation - люди, которые следуют религиозному призванию

She held strong views on religious matters. - Она занимала твёрдую позицию по вопросам религии.

The senator is the voice of the religious right. - Этот сенатор является голосом права на свободу вероисповедания.

a member of a religious order - член религиозного ордена

a votary of the religious leader - приверженец этого религиозного лидера

He felt a kind of religious zeal. - Он почувствовал что-то вроде религиозного пыла.

Religious groups were severely repressed. - Религиозные группы жестоко подавлялись.

religious in observing the rules of health - скрупулёзно соблюдая правила здоровья

Civil law took primacy over religious law. - Гражданское право взяло верх над религиозным законом.

a community riven by religious differences - сообщество, раздираемое религиозными разногласиями

teaching religious doctrine to young people - преподавание молодёжи религиозного учения

church walls adorned with religious paintings - стены церкви, украшенные религиозными картинами

the spiritual odyssey of the deeply religious - духовные странствия глубоко религиозных людей

The religious fanatics flagellated themselves. - Религиозные фанатики занимались самобичеванием.

We are being mocked for our religious beliefs. - Нас высмеивают за религиозные убеждения.

The story was filled with religious symbolism. - Рассказ был наполнен религиозным символизмом.

religious training in a nonsectarian atmosphere - религиозное воспитание во внеконфессиональной атмосфере

the otherness of their small religious community - инаковость их небольшой религиозной общины

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Связанные термины:

religious house: a convent or monastery

religious order: ecclesiastical → another name for order (sense 12 )

religious devotion: Devotion is great love, affection, or admiration for someone.

religious freedom: Freedom is the state of being allowed to do what you want to do. Freedoms are instances of this.

religious imagery: You can refer to the descriptions in something such as a poem or song, and the pictures they create in your mind, as its imagery .

religious leader: a person who is recognised within a particular religion as having authority within that body

religious liberty: Liberty is the freedom to live your life in the way that you want, without interference from other people or the authorities.

religious minority: A minority is a group of people of the same race, culture, or religion who live in a place where most of the people around them are of a different race, culture, or religion.

religious diversity: The diversity of something is the fact that it contains many very different elements.

religious education: an education in a school which places a strong emphasis on the beliefs associated with a particular religion

religious instruction: an education in a school which places a strong emphasis on the beliefs associated with a particular religion

religious intolerance: Intolerance is unwillingness to let other people act in a different way or hold different opinions from you.

religious objections: If you make or raise an objection to something, you say that you do not like it or agree with it.

religious discrimination: Discrimination is the practice of treating one person or group of people less fairly or less well than other people or groups.

Religious Society of Friends: the official name for the Quakers

order: If you do something in order to achieve a particular thing or in order that something can happen, you do it because you want to achieve that thing.

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Однокоренные слова:

irreligious - нерелигиозный, неверующий
religiousness - религиозность
religiously - скрупулезно, дотошно
unreligious - не относящийся к религии, не связанный с религией, нерелигиозный, неверующий

Связанные слова: