Noun: аренда прокат наем арендная плата
Verb: арендовать сдаваться в аренду сдавать в аренду брать в аренду
Adjective: квартирный арендный взятый внаем


to rent a house from smb. - снимать дом у кого-л.

to let / rent out a house to smb. - сдавать дом в аренду кому-л.

to pay rent - платить за аренду

to rent a flat - снимать квартиру

to rent an apartment from - снимать квартиру

life rent - шотл. пожизненное владение имуществом

rent-a-car - автомобиль, взятый напрокат

rent a crowd - нанятая публика

give in rent - сдавать в аренду

rent paying land - земельные участки, приносящие ренту; земля, приносящая ренту

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Let's rent a car. - Давай возьмём напрокат машину.

How much rent do you pay? - Сколько вы платите за аренду?

They are late with the rent. - Они не заплатили вовремя за аренду.

The tree was rent in two by the stroke of lightning. - Удар молнии расщепил дерево пополам.

Her tears rent my heart. - При виде её слёз у меня разрывалось сердце.

a month behind in the rent - задолжать арендную плату за месяц

Tenants face a 20% rent rise. - Арендаторы сталкиваются с 20% процентным ростом арендной платы.

Do you own or rent? - Вы владелец или арендатор?

If you drop behind with your rent, you will be asked to leave. - Если вы не будете вносить арендную плату в срок, вас выселят.

Rent costs two-thirds of my paycheck. - Я отдаю за квартиру две трети своей зарплаты.

I couldn't afford the rent on my own. - Платить за квартиру в одиночку было мне не по карману.

Not more than a quarter of your income should go in rent. - На арендную плату должно уходить не более четверти дохода.

Besides, I was looking forward to seeing my sister; rent was due and I needed to borrow a few bucks. - Кроме этого, я с нетерпением ждал встречи со своей сестрой — пора было вносить арендную плату, и мне нужно было занять несколько баксов.

The rent was only $20 an hour. - Арендная плата составляла всего двадцать долларов в час.

The rent is payable in advance. - Арендную плату следует вносить заранее.

Half of my salary is swallowed up by rent. - Аренда квартиры съедает половину моей зарплаты.

They rent the cloth to shreds. - Они разодрали эту тряпку в клочья.

Does your rent include utilities? - Включает ли арендная плата стоимость коммунальных услуг?

Rent was fixed at $1,750 per month. - Аренда была зафиксирована на уровне 1750 долларов в месяц.

We've never been late with the rent. - Мы никогда не опаздывали с арендной платой.

The landlord says your rent is late. - Хозяин квартиры говорит, что ты задолжал.

Rent accounts for 50% of expenditure. - Арендная плата составляет половину расходов.

I'd rather have my own house than rent. - Я предпочел бы иметь свой собственный дом, чем снимать жильё.

He was suing the lessee for the arrears of rent. - Он судился с арендатором по поводу задолженной арендной платы.

The family were evicted from their house for failing to pay the rent. - Семью выселили из их дома за неуплату.

Every farmer has the rent of his farm remitted for the next thirty years. - Все фермеры будут освобождены от уплаты ренты в течение последующих тридцати лет.

Luxury villas for rent. - Сдаются роскошные виллы. (объявление)

The rent is payable quarterly. - Арендная плата выплачивается ежеквартально.

Half her salary goes on the rent. - Половина её зарплаты уходит на квартплату.

I advised him that the rent was due. - Я сообщил ему, что пора платить за аренду.

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Связанные термины:

rend: To rend something means to tear it.

rent-a-: denoting a rental service

cost rent: (in Britain) the rent of a dwelling calculated on the cost of providing and maintaining the property without allowing for a profit

fair rent: (in Britain) the rent for a private tenancy, fixed and registered by a rent officer, and based on the size, condition, and usefulness of the property, but not its scarcity value

for rent: available for use and occupation subject to the payment of rent

low-rent: If someone lives in a low-rent house, they only have to pay a small amount of money to live there.

rack-rent: a high rent that annually equals or nearly equals the value of the property upon which it is charged

rent book: a document that acts as a record of the regular amounts of money that you have paid as rent for accommodation

rent boy: A rent boy is a boy or young man who has sex with men for money .

rent-free: If you have a rent-free house or office, you do not have to pay anything to use it.

rent-roll: a register of lands and buildings owned by a person, company, etc, showing the rent due and total amount received from each tenant

ground rent: Ground rent is rent that is paid by the owner of a flat or house to the owner of the land on which it is built .

market rent: (in Britain) the rent chargeable for accommodation, allowing for the scarcity of that kind of property and the willingness of tenants to pay

rent rebate: a rebate on rent given by a local government authority

rent review: a provision in the lease of a business premise whereby the amount of the rent being paid is reconsidered at stated intervals, for example every three or five years

rent strike: a method of protest whereby a group of tenants with the same landlord agree to refuse to pay their rent until a specific list of demands is met by the landlord

economic rent: a payment to a factor of production (land, labour, or capital) in excess of that needed to keep it in its present use

rent-a-car: a car that can be hired for a short period of time

rent-a-mob: a group of people who are considered to always be protesting in a seemingly irrational manner, as if simply hired from a rental service for the purpose of protesting

rent arrears: Arrears are amounts of money that you owe, especially regular payments that you should have made earlier.

rent control: regulation by law of the rent landlords can charge for domestic accommodation and of their right to evict tenants

rent-seeking: the practice of attempting to maximize profits from existing sources of income rather than creating new wealth, esp by influencing government policy

peppercorn rent: A peppercorn rent is an extremely low rent.

rent-a-crowd: a group of people who are considered to always be protesting in a seemingly irrational manner, as if simply hired from a rental service for the purpose of protesting

rent allowance: money given to individuals by the government that subsidises the cost of renting a property

rent collector: a person who goes from house to house collecting rental payments for the owner of those houses

rent-controlled: regulated by law to control the rent a landlord can charge for domestic accommodation and to guarantee a landlord's right to evict tenants

rent a studio: A studio is a small flat with one room for living and sleeping in, a kitchen, and a bathroom . You can also talk about a studio flat in British English or a studio apartment in American English.

quitrent: (formerly) a rent payable by freeholders or copyholders to their lord, releasing them from liability to perform services

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Однокоренные слова:

overrent - сдавать в аренду за очень дорогую плату
rentable - арендуемый, рентабельный, могущий приносить рентный доход
rental - арендная плата, рентный доход, сумма арендной платы, арендованное здание
renter - арендатор, съемщик
rentier - рантье
rented - арендованный

Связанные слова: