Verb: возвращать возвращаться отдавать отвечать
Noun: возврат возвращение ответ рентабельность
Adjective: обратный вернувшийся


to answer / return / take a call - ответить на телефонный звонок

to give / make / return change for - дать сдачу мелочью

dependable rate of return - стабильный уровень доходности

to return to earth - замыкать на землю

to return affection - проявлять ответные чувства

to repay / return a kindness - ответить на добро добром

to return to normal level - возвращать к норме

by return mail - (с) обратной почтой, (с) ответной корреспонденцией

to refund money, to return money - возвращать, отдавать деньги

return match / game - ответный матч, игра

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We waited for you to return. - Мы ждали твоего возвращения.

Alison decided to return home. - Элисон решила вернуться домой.

Return the book to its exact place. - Поставь книгу обратно, на то же самое место.

I have to return a book to the library. - Я должен вернуть в библиотеку одну книгу.

He left his country, never to return. - Он покинул свою страну, чтобы никогда уже не вернуться.

Let's return to our muttons. - Вернёмся к нашим баранам.

Have him return it at once. - Заставь его немедленно это вернуть.

She telephoned us to return home. - Она позвонила и попросила нас вернуться домой.

I'm leaving but will return at 2 p.m. - Я ухожу, но вернусь в два часа дня.

She is returning home tomorrow. - Она возвращается домой завтра.

He decided to delay his return to York. - Он решил отложить своё возвращение в Йорк.

Are you planning to return to Spain? - Планируете ли вы вернуться в Испанию?

We must return good for evil. - Надо платить добром за зло.

He desired to return to Mexico. - Он желал вернуться в Мексику.

Her old vigor returned. - К ней вернулась былая сила /энергия, бодрость/.

The land returned to the family. - Земля вернулась к семье.

In return we gave them as good as we got. - Мы отплатили им той же монетой. / Мы дали им сдачи сполна.

His family celebrated his safe return home. - Семья отпраздновала его благополучное возвращение домой.

at the return from the army - после возвращения из армии

She swore never to return home. - Она поклялась никогда не возвращаться домой.

Soon she returned to her old habit. - Вскоре она возвратилась к своей старой привычке.

'Yes,' he returned. 'I'm a lucky man.' - — Да, — ответил он. — Я — счастливчик!

The old merchant joyed at the return of his son. - Старый купец обрадовался возвращению сына.

I'll set a discount in return for a speedy sale. - Чтобы быстрее продать товар, я отдам его со скидкой.

We are looking forward to your return. - Мы с нетерпением ждём твоего возвращения.

You may return the book within 30 days. - Книгу можно вернуть в течение тридцати дней.

She answered my letter by return of post. - Она ответила на моё письмо сразу же, с обратной почтой.

She longed for him to return. - Она страстно желала его возвращения.

the department's return to normal - возвращение отдела в своё обычное состояние

The return journey was uneventful. - На обратном пути не было ничего интересного.

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Связанные термины:

by return: by the next post back to the sender

in return: If you do something in return for what someone else has done for you, you do it because they did that thing for you.

day return: A day return is a train or bus ticket which allows you to go somewhere and come back on the same day for a lower price than an ordinary return ticket.

nil return: a reply of zero to a request for a quantified reply

return fare: the fare charged for a return journey ; a two-way fare

return half: the return part of a two-way ticket

return key: the key on a keyboard which moves the cursor to the next line

return trip: the journey back from a destination

tax return: A tax return is an official form that you fill in with details about your income and personal situation, so that the tax you owe can be calculated .

VAT return: an annual account of a company's or person's VAT transactions

earth return: the return path for an electrical circuit made by connections to earth at each end

ground return: Ground return is the return path for an electrical circuit made by connections to ground at each end.

joint return: a single income tax return filed by a married couple, combining their individual incomes

return crease: one of two lines marked at right-angles to each bowling crease, from inside which a bowler must deliver the ball

return flight: a flight going back

return match: A return match is the second of two matches that are played by two sports teams or two players.

return stroke: the main discharge in a lightning stroke

return thanks: (of Christians) to say grace before a meal

return ticket: a ticket entitling a passenger to travel to his or her destination and back again

return train: A train is a number of carriages, cars, or trucks which are all connected together and which are pulled by an engine along a railway . Trains carry people and goods from one place to another.

return visit: If you make a return visit, you visit someone who has already visited you, or you go back to a place where you have already been once.

carriage return: a mechanism on a typewriter that causes the carriage to return to the left side of the paper

return journey: the journey back from a destination

rate of return: The rate of return on an investment is the amount of profit it makes, often shown as a percentage of the original investment.

sale or return: an arrangement by which a retailer pays only for goods sold, returning those that are unsold to the wholesaler or manufacturer

to return fire: If you return fire or you return someone's fire, you shoot back at someone who has shot at you.

day return ticket: a reduced fare for a journey (by train, etc) travelling both ways in one day

income tax return: a declaration of personal income made annually to the tax authorities and used as a basis for assessing an individual's liability for taxation

return of capital: A return of capital is a situation in which you receive back money that was previously invested .

return on assets: A return on assets is a measure of profitability that is calculated by dividing net income after interest and taxes by average total assets.

return on capital: A return on capital is any earnings that you receive from the capital that you have invested .

return on equity: A return on equity is a measure of profitability that is calculated by dividing net income after interest and taxes by average common stockholders' equity.

by return of post: by the next mail in the opposite direction

point of no return: a point at which an irreversible commitment must be made to an action, progression, etc

return on investment: A return on investment is a measure of profitability that is calculated by dividing net profit by total assets .

return the compliment: If you say that someone returns the compliment, you mean that they do the same thing to someone else as that person has done to them.

compound annual return: the total return available from an investment, deposit, etc, when the interest earned is used to augment the capital

internal rate of return: an interest rate giving a net present value of zero when applied to the expected cash flow of a project . Its value, compared to the cost of the capital involved, is used to determine the project's viability

the point of no return: If you say that you have reached the point of no return, you mean that you now have to continue with what you are doing and it is too late to stop.

RTV: RTV is an instruction authorizing the return of unwanted or damaged goods to the seller, the cost of which will then be refunded to the buyer .

round-trip ticket: a ticket entitling a passenger to travel to his or her destination and back again

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Однокоренные слова:

returning - возвращать, возвращаться, отдавать, отвечать, приносить, давать ответ
returnable - возвратный, подлежащий возврату, возвращаемый, принимаемый обратно
returned - обратный, возвратный, вернувшийся, возвратившийся

Связанные слова: