Verb: ездить ехать кататься катать
Noun: езда поездка прогулка дорога


to ride a bicycle - ездить на велосипеде

to ride a bronco - ездить верхом на полудикой лошади

to ride a bus - вести автобус

to ride in a car - ехать на машине

ride hell for leather - нестись во весь опор

to ride a horse - ехать верхом

to ride a mule - ехать на муле

to be / lie / ride at anchor - стоять на якоре

to go / ride / sit pillion - ездить на заднем сидении

ride harshness - неплавность хода

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I need a ride to work. - Мне нужно съездить на работу.

I ride to work in a bus. - На работу я езжу на автобусе.

Let it ride - Бог с ним

Let's go for a bike ride. - Давай прокатимся /покатаемся/ на велосипеде.

This car rides smoothly - Этот автомобиль едет плавно.

Ann rides the bus to work. - Энн ездит на работу на автобусе.

The ship rides the waves. - Судно скользит по волнам.

Did you ever ride a camel? - Вы когда-нибудь катались на верблюде?

I never rode on a horse before. - До тех пор я никогда не ездил верхом.

Can I snag a ride from you? - Не подкинешь меня? (просьба подвести на автомобиле)

The kids had a ride on a horse. - Дети покатались /прокатились/ на лошади.

He rides his bicycle to work every dayю - Он каждый день ездит на работу на своём велосипеде.

He was riding a large grey mare. - Он ехал верхом на большой серой кобыле.

She rides the subway home from school. - Из школы домой она ездит на метро.

She was ridden by anxiety. - Её охватило беспокойство.

The clouds were riding high. - Высоко по небу плыли облака.

I thumbed a ride to school. - Я поехал в школу на попутной машине /автостопом/.

She prefers to ride her horse bareback - Она предпочитает ездить на своей лошади без седла

I will ride to London tomorrow betimes. - Я отправлюсь в Лондон завтра рано утром.

Don't ride the clutch! - Не налегайте ногой на сцепление!

They rode out the gale. - Они пережили бурю.

His new car has a smooth ride. - Его новый автомобиль имеет плавный ход.

Try to relax and enjoy the ride. - Постарайтесь расслабиться и получить удовольствие от поездки.

The kids were riding in the back. - Дети катались на спине (кого либо).

We went for a ride in the country. - Мы поехали покататься за город.

I had my first ride in a limousine. - Я первый раз в жизни проехалась в лимузине.

He gave his sister a piggyback ride. - Он нёс сестру на закорках.

She took us for a ride in her new car. - Она взяла нас покататься на своей новой машине.

Ship rides at anchor. - Судно стоит на якоре.

Lean back and enjoy the ride. - Расслабьтесь и наслаждайтесь поездкой.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

ride up: If a garment rides up, it moves upwards, out of its proper position.

bike ride: a ride on a bicycle

boat ride: a ride in a boat

free ride: the use, enjoyment, etc. of something without the usual expenditure of money or effort

joy ride: an automobile ride merely for pleasure, often at a reckless speed and sometimes, specif., in a stolen car

park-ride: a transport system designed to encourage drivers to park their cars outside the city and use public transport to travel into the city

ride down: to trample under the hooves of a horse

ride high: to be very popular or successful at the present time

ride out: If someone rides out a storm or a crisis, they manage to survive a difficult period without suffering serious harm .

cycle ride: a ride on a bicycle

donkey ride: a ride on the back of a donkey, esp for recreation

ride again: to return to a former activity or scene of activity

ride cymbal: a medium-sized cymbal suspended over a set of drums, used for maintaining rhythm patterns since the advent of bop

sleigh ride: a journey on a sleigh

musical ride: a display by riders on horseback of manoeuvres to music, esp by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

ride quality: The quality of something is how good or bad it is.

ride shotgun: in the W U.S., to go along as an armed guard, esp. with the driver of a stagecoach

a free ride: a situation in which someone gets some benefit from a situation without putting any effort into achieving it themselves

amusement ride: a device at a fair, theme park, etc that people can ride in

a rough ride: If you say that someone faces a rough ride, you mean that things are going to be difficult for them because people will criticize them a lot or treat them badly .

ride a hobby: to be excessively devoted to one's favorite pastime or subject

ride herd on: to control a moving herd of ( cattle ) from horseback

park and ride: a transport system designed to encourage drivers to park their cars some distance away from a city centre, tourist attraction, etc, and complete their journey by public transport

ride at anchor: to be anchored

ride the rails: Someone who rides the rails travels by train, especially over a long period of time and without buying a ticket .

ride the rods: to steal a ride on a freight train

ride the wave: to enjoy a period of success and good fortune

ride to hounds: to take part in a fox hunt with hounds

joyridden: a ride taken for pleasure in a car, esp in a stolen car driven recklessly

ride for a fall: to act in such a way as to invite disaster

ride on a rail: to place on a rail and carry out of the community: extralegal punishment in which the victim was usually tarred and feathered beforehand

ride shanks' mare: to go on foot rather than ride ; walk

take for a ride: to cheat, swindle, or deceive

override: If one thing in a situation overrides other things, it is more important than them.

ride roughshod over: to domineer over or act with complete disregard for

ride herd on someone: to supervise other people or their actions or watch them closely

ride on shank's mare: to walk

go along for the ride: to decide to join in an activity without doing it seriously or getting deeply involved in it

ride high in the saddle: to currently be very successful, and to show this in your behaviour and attitudes

take someone for a ride: to deceive or cheat someone

ride on someone's coattails: to have one's success dependent on that of someone else

ride roughshod over sb/sth: to pay no attention to what someone wants, or take decisions without considering their feelings or interests

to be taken for a ride: If you say that someone has been taken for a ride, you mean that they have been deceived or cheated .

ride two horses at the same time: to try to follow two conflicting sets of ideas at the same time

follow the hounds: to hunt a fox, etc. on horseback with hounds

to ride roughshod over ride roughshod over sb/sth: If you say that someone is riding roughshod over a person or their views, you disapprove of them because they are using their power or authority to do what they want, completely ignoring that person's wishes .

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Однокоренные слова:

ride down - задавить, нагонять верхом, настигать верхом, сшибить с ног
ride out - благополучно перенести
ride up - выбиваться, съезжать набок или вверх, о воротничке

Связанные слова: