Adjective: правый прямой верный справедливый
Noun: право правильность справедливость порядок
Adverb: прямо правильно направо верно
Verb: исправляться исправлять выпрямлять выпрямляться


at the right bottom - справа снизу

to be in one's right brains - быть в здравом уме

right cancellation law - правый закон сокращения

under a claim of right - со ссылкой на наличие права

closed on the right - замкнутый справа

continuous from the right - непрерывный справа

continuous on the right - непрерывный справа

to abandon a right - отказаться от права

cut at right angles - опиленный под прямыми углами

to do right - поступать правильно

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What is the right time? - Каково точное время?

Are we on the right road? - Мы по той дороге едем?

I'll phone him right away. - Я позвоню ему прямо сейчас.

Turn right at the crossroads. - На перекрёстке поверните направо.

Do you feel all right? - Вы нормально себя чувствуете?

We arrived right at noon. - Мы приехали ровно в полдень.

Everything's going right for him at the moment. - Пока что всё складывается для него хорошо.

Yes, that's the right answer. - Да, это правильный ответ.

You are right on time. - Вы как раз вовремя.

Take a right at the corner. - На углу поверните направо.

If I remember right ... - Если память мне не изменяет ... / Если я правильно помню...

You have met him before, right? - Вы уже встречались раньше, правда?

the right man for the job - подходящий человек для этой работы

Take the next right turn. - На следующем повороте поверните направо.

They defend the right. - Они защищают правое дело.

I left my bags right here. - Я оставил сумки вот здесь.

I feel there right at home. - Там я чувствую себя совершенно как дома.

The money is yours by right. - Эти деньги — ваши по праву.

She righted herself and picked up her bag. - Она выпрямилась и подняла свою сумку.

Knowing the truth is her right. - Знать правду — её право. / Она имеет право знать правду.

Is that the right time? - Это точное время?

You were right to refuse. - Вы правильно сделали, что отказались.

He feels he is in the right. - Ему кажется, что он прав.

Right will prevail! - Правое дело победит!

The engine's not quite right. - Двигатель не вполне исправен.

They have a right nice place. - У них премилый домик.

Their theory was proved right. - Их теория подтвердилась.

He fell right into the trap. - Он угодил прямо в ловушку.

In this case he acted right. - В этом случае он поступил правильно.

the right way to open oysters - правильный способ открывать устрицы

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Связанные термины:

air right: a right of way in the air space above a property owner's land and the immovable property on it, subject to the public right of air navigation above the property at a legally prescribed altitude

all right: If you say that someone or something is all right, you mean that you find them satisfactory or acceptable.

alt-right: The alt-right refers to a group of people with extreme right-wing views, including extreme views on race, who use the internet rather than traditional politics to organize and to share opinions .

by right: properly; justly

far right: of or relating to the extreme right wing

Mr Right: You can use Mr Right, Miss Right, or Ms Right to talk about the kind of person that you imagine you will marry or spend the rest of your life with.

New Right: a range of radical right-wing groups and ideologies which advocate laissez-faire economic policies, anti-welfarism, and the belief in the rights of the individual over the common good

right-ho: an expression of agreement or compliance

right now: You can use right now to emphasize that you are referring to the present moment .

right off: immediately ; right away

right on: You say ' right on ' to express your support or approval .

the right: the supporters or advocates of social, political, or economic conservatism or reaction, based generally on a belief that things are better left unchanged (opposed to radical or left )

too right: an exclamation of agreement

basic right: Your rights are what you are morally or legally entitled to do or to have.

eyes right: a command to troops to look right, esp as a salute when marching

half-right: not entirely correct

hard right: You use hard right to describe those members of a right wing political group or party who have the most extreme political beliefs .

legal right: If you have a right to do or to have something, you are morally or legally entitled to do it or to have it.

right about: a turn executed through 180°

right angle: A right angle is an angle of ninety degrees . A square has four right angles.

right away: If you do something right away or right off, you do it immediately.

right brain: the right cerebral hemisphere of the human brain, which includes areas associated with abstraction, artistic ability, and emotional response

right-click: To right-click or to right-click on something means to press the right-hand button on a computer mouse.

right-down: frank or straightforward ; blunt

right field: the area in the outfield behind the first and second basemen

right-hand: If something is on the right-hand side of something, it is positioned on the right of it.

right heart: the half of the heart, containing the right ventricle and right atrium, which supplies dark-red, oxygen-deficient venous blood to the lungs for oxygenation

right path: A path that you take is a particular course of action or way of achieving something.

right price: The price of something is the amount of money that you have to pay in order to buy it.

right sort: If you talk about a particular sort of something, you are talking about a class of things that have particular features in common and that belong to a larger group of related things.

right stage: See stage right

right stuff: the necessary or ideal qualities or capabilities, as courage, confidence, dependability, toughness, or daring

right time: You use time to refer to a period of time or a point in time, when you are describing what is happening then. For example, if something happened at a particular time, that is when it happened. If it happens at all times, it always happens.

right whale: any large whalebone whale of the family Balaenidae. They are grey or black, have a large head, and, in most, no dorsal fin, and are hunted as a source of whalebone and oil

right wing: A right-wing person or group has conservative or capitalist views.

stage right: Stage right is the right side of the stage for an actor who is standing facing the audience.

swipe right: to move a finger from left to right across a touchscreen in order to approve an image

ultra-right: having extreme right-wing views

water right: the right to make use of a water supply, as for irrigation

divine right: If someone thinks they have a divine right to something, they think that it is their right to have it, without making any effort .

inside right: (esp formerly) a player having mainly midfield and attacking roles

miner's right: a licence to prospect for minerals, esp gold

natural right: any right that exists by virtue of natural law

outside-right: a footballer who plays on the outside right wing of the field

patent right: the exclusive right granted by a patent

radical right: the faction representing extreme right-wing political views; ultraconservatives; reactionaries

right-angled: A right-angled triangle has one angle that is a right angle.

right fielder: the player whose position is right field

right-footer: (esp in Ireland ) a Protestant

right-handed: Someone who is right-handed uses their right hand rather than their left hand for activities such as writing and sports, and for picking things up.

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Однокоренные слова:

right away - сразу, немедленно, тотчас
right off - сразу, немедленно

Связанные слова: