Noun: река поток
Adjective: речной


beside the river - у реки

to throw a bridge across a river - перекинуть мост через реку

to move by the river side - идти вдоль реки

a stern churning the muddy river - корма, вспенивающая мутную реку

a river with innumerable circumvolutions - река с бесчисленными изгибами

to dam (up) a river - перегораживать реку плотиной

deep river - глубокая река

to deepen the bed of the river - углублять русло реки

descent by steps to the river. - спуск к реке по ступенькам

to dive into a river - нырнуть в реку

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The river is 2 km across. - Ширина реки составляет два километра.

They sailed down the river. - Они поплыли вниз по реке.

We went for a walk along the river. - Мы отправились на прогулку вдоль реки.

The river floods. - Река поднимается.

The river recedes. - Вода отступает.

the winding of the river - поворот реки

The great river rolled on. - Великая река не спеша несла свои воды.

The river flows into the sea. - Река впадает в море.

The river overflows its banks. - Река выходит из берегов.

The River Elbe flows through the Czech Republic. - Река Эльба протекает через Чехию.

He lives high up the river. - Он живёт высоко вверх по реке.

The river is rushing forward. - Река бежит вперёд.

The river is silted up long ago. - Эта река уже давно засорена илом.

Seines were set in the water just before the ice "took" on the lake or river. - Перед самым замерзанием озера или реки в воду ставились сети.

The river silted up. - Река заилилась.

the course of a river - течение реки

The river was cobalt. - Река была зеленовато-синего цвета.

the widest part of the river - самая широкая часть реки

The river was foaming. - Река пенилась.

The road hugs the river. - Дорога огибает реку.

a boat on a twilit river - лодка на сумеречной реке

A bridge spans the river. - Реку перекрывает мост. / Через реку стоит мост.

The river thundered below. - Внизу грохотала река.

The river sucked him under. - Река затянула его под воду.

the north fork of the river - северное ответвление реки

She sculled along the river. - Она поплыла по реке на вёслах.

The river is very low today. - Сегодня в реке очень низкий уровень воды.

The river widens and splits. - Река расширяется и разделяется на два рукава.

The river drains into a lake. - Река впадает в озеро.

The river crested last night. - Прошлой ночью уровень воды в реке достиг высшей точки.

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Связанные термины:

Fly River: a river in W Papua New Guinea, flowing southeast to the Gulf of Papua. Length : about 1300 km (800 miles)

Hué River: → the Hué River

old river: a river bed left dry because the river has changed its course

Red River: a river in the S central US, flowing east from N Texas through Arkansas into the Mississippi in Louisiana . Length : 1639 km (1018 miles)

river bed: A river bed is the ground which a river flows over.

river bug: a small inflatable single-seat craft that resembles an armchair

the river: the fifth and final community card to be dealt in a round of Texas hold ' em

up-river: Something that is moving up-river is moving towards the source of a river, from a point down the river. Something that is up-river is towards the source of a river.

Back River: a river in N Canada, flowing northeast through Nunavut to the Arctic Ocean . Length: about 966 km (600 miles)

Cross River: a state of SE Nigeria, on the Gulf of Guinea . Capital: Calabar . Pop: 2 888 966 (2006). Area: 20 156 sq km (7782 sq miles)

down-river: Something that is moving down-river is moving towards the mouth of a river, from a point further up the river. Something that is down-river is towards the mouth of a river.

East River: strait in SE N. Y ., connecting Long Island Sound and Upper New York Bay and separating Manhattan Island from Long Island: 16 mi (25.7 km) long

Fall River: seaport in SE Mass .: pop. 92,000

Green River: a river in the western US, rising in W central Wyoming and flowing south into Utah, east through NW Colorado, re-entering Utah before joining the Colorado River. Length: 1175 km (730 miles)

North River: lower course of the Hudson River, between New York City & NE N. J .

Peace River: a river in W Canada, rising in British Columbia as the Finlay River and flowing northeast into the Slave River. Length: 1715 km (1065 miles)

Pearl River: a river in central Mississippi, flowing southwest and south to the Gulf of Mexico . Length: 789 km (490 miles)

river bank: A river bank is the land along the edge of a river.

river basin: A river basin is the area of land from which all the water flows into a particular river.

river fish: a freshwater fish

river head: the source of a river

river horse: → hippopotamus

river-mouth: an estuary

river otter: a North American otter, Lutra canadensis, with brown and silver fur, native to streams and lakes in the U.S. and Canada

River Plate: → the English name for the (Río de la) Plata

Salt River: river in SC Ariz., flowing into the Gila River: c . 200 mi (322 km)

Slave River: a river in W Canada, in the Northwest Territories and NE Alberta, flowing from Lake Athabaska northwest to Great Slave Lake. Length : about 420 km (260 miles)

Snake River: a river in the northwestern US, rising in NW Wyoming and flowing west through Idaho, turning north as part of the border between Idaho and Oregon, and flowing west to the Columbia River near Pasco, Washington . Length: 1670 km (1038 miles)

Snowy River: a river in SE Australia, rising in SE New South Wales : waters diverted through a system of dams and tunnels across the watershed into the Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers for hydroelectric power and to provide water for irrigation. Length: 426 km (265 miles)

Ural River: Ural River river flowing from the S section of the Urals into the N end of the Caspian Sea: 1,575 mi (2,535 km)

White River: river flowing from NW Ark . through S Mo . into the Mississippi : 690 mi (1,110 km)

Yarra River: a river in SE Australia, rising in the Great Dividing Range and flowing west and southwest through Melbourne to Port Phillip Bay . Length: 250 km (155 miles)

Yukon River: a river in NW North America, rising in NW Canada on the border between Yukon and British Columbia : flows northwest into Alaska, US, and then southwest to the Bering Sea; navigable for about 2850 km (1775 miles) to Whitehorse . Length: 3185 km (1979 miles)

Canton River: a river in SE China, in S Guangdong province, flowing southeast from Canton (Guangzhou) to the South China Sea. Length: about 177 km (110 miles)

Darling River: a river in SE Australia, rising in the Eastern Highlands and flowing southwest to the Murray River. Length: 2740 km (1702 miles)

Harlem River: tidal river separating Manhattan Island from the Bronx &, with Spuyten Duyvil Creek, connecting the East River with the Hudson : c. 8 mi (12.9 km)

Hudson River: a river in E New York State, flowing generally south into Upper New York Bay : linked to the Great Lakes, the St Lawrence Seaway, and Lake Champlain by the New York State Barge Canal and the canalized Mohawk River. Length: 492 km (306 miles)

river bugging: the activity or sport of rafting down fast-flowing rivers on a small inflatable single-seat craft, a river bug, that resembles an armchair

river dolphin: any freshwater cetacean of the family Platanistidae, inhabiting rivers of North and South America and S Asia. They are smaller than marine dolphins and have a longer narrower snout

river estuary: a river mouth

river fishing: the sport of fishing in rivers

river lamprey: Lampetra fluviatilis; a jawless fish

River Nelson: a river in central Canada, in N central Manitoba, flowing from Lake Winnipeg northeast to Hudson Bay . Length: about 650 km (400 miles)

river traffic: the boats that sail on a river

Stones River: river in central Tenn., flowing into the Cumberland : c . 60 mi (97 km)

Yellow River: the second longest river in China, rising in SE Qinghai and flowing east, south, and east again to the Gulf of Bohai south of Tianjin ; it has changed its course several times in recorded history . Length: about 4350 km (2700 miles)

Canadian River: a river in the southern US, rising in NE New Mexico and flowing east to the Arkansas River in E Oklahoma . Length: 1458 km (906 miles)

Crocodile River: a river in N South Africa, rising north of Johannesburg and flowing north-westerly into the Marico River on the Botswanan border ; a tributary of the Limpopo

Hamilton River: → the Hamilton River

Richelieu River: a river in E Canada, in S Quebec, rising in Lake Champlain and flowing north to the St Lawrence River. Length: 338 km (210 miles)

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Однокоренные слова:

riverless - лишенный рек, безводный

Связанные слова: