Noun: комната номер помещение место
Verb: размещать жить на квартире занимать комнату давать помещение


this room needs a woman's touch - этой комнате не хватает женской руки; в этой комнате не чувствуется присутствия женщины

ben room - внутренняя комната

central control room - центральная аппаратная

senior common room - профессорская

room very commonly furnished - комната, обставленная убого

composing room - наборный цех

to decorate a room with balloons - украсить комнату воздушными шарами

delivery room - родильный зал

drawing-room comedy - салонная пьеса

to give the room a dust - протереть пыль в комнате

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Have you a room vacant? - У вас есть свободные номера?

Tidy your room! - Приберись в своей комнате!

Keep your room tidy. - Поддерживайте в комнате порядок.

I want my own room. - Я хочу собственную комнату.

My room looks south. - Моя комната выходит на юг.

He scanned the room. - Он внимательно осмотрел комнату.

Make room in your day for exercise. - Выделите в своём распорядке дня время для физических упражнений.

He messed up his room. - Он устроил в своей комнате кавардак.

The room was kept dark. - В комнате всегда было темно.

The room was pitch-dark. - В комнате была непроглядная темень.

We reserved a hotel room. - Мы забронировали гостиничный номер.

She put on a sun room. - Она добавила зимний сад /солярий/.

He came inside the room. - Он вошёл в комнату.

He barged into the room. - Он ворвался в комнату.

The room started to spin. - Комната завертелась.

She sailed into the room. - Она вплыла (вошла лёгкой походкой) в комнату.

She swanned into the room. - Она неспешно вошла в комнату.

The dining room faces east. - Столовая выходит окнами на восток.

She came into the room. - Она вошла в комнату.

The room lightened up. - В комнате стало светлее.

Your room is in a mess. - В твоей комнате страшный беспорядок.

the color scheme of a room - цветовая гамма помещения

He stormed out of the room. - Он выскочил из комнаты.

He slammed out of the room. - Он выскочил из комнаты, хлопнув дверью.

the center of the room - центр комнаты

His room was a pigsty. - В его комнате был настоящий свинарник.

Jo burst into the room. - Джо ворвался в комнату.

a nasty pigsty of a room - не комната, а мерзкий свинарник

The room was overheated. - В помещении было чересчур жарко.

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Связанные термины:

back room: a place where research or planning is done, esp secret research in wartime

big-room: denoting a style of electronic music featuring regular beats and simple melodies, designed to be played in large venues

chat room: A chat room is a site on the internet where people can exchange messages about a particular subject .

cold room: a room that is used to chill or freeze foodstuffs

day room: A day room is a room in a hospital where patients can sit and relax during the day.

exam room: the room designated for a particular examination to take place

form room: a room in a school for a particular form or the room where a particular form register their attendance

gun room: on British warships, the junior officers ' quarters, previously, the quarters of the gunner and his mates

junk room: a room in a house that is used as a store room

jury room: a private room, adjacent to a courtroom, where a trial jury discusses a case and reaches its verdict

leg room: Leg room is the amount of space, especially in a car or other vehicle, that is available in front of your legs.

mail room: a room in an organization in which mail sent to the organization is sorted and outgoing mail is prepared for posting

pump room: a building or room at a spa in which the water from a mineral spring may be drunk

rec room: a room in a house used by the family for relaxation and entertainment

rest room: In a restaurant, theatre, or other public place, a rest room is a room with a toilet for customers to use.

room key: A room key is a key given to a guest in a hotel in order to open or lock the door of their room.

room only: Room only is used to indicate that the price of accommodations in a hotel or guest house does not include the cost of food.

sea room: sufficient space to manoeuvre a vessel

tack room: a room in a stable building in which bridles, saddles, etc are kept

tea room: A tea room is the same as a → tea shop .

twin room: a hotel room containing two single beds

war room: a room in the building of a military, political, or business organization equipped with the technical means to gather information, plan strategy, direct activities, etc., esp. for a military or political campaign

wet room: a type of water-proofed room with a drain in the floor often serving as an open-plan shower

attic room: a room in the attic of a house

boiler room: any room in a building (often in the basement ) that contains a boiler for central heating, etc

clean room: an environment, typically used in manufacturing or scientific research, in which environmental contaminants are kept to an absolute minimum

common room: A common room is a room in a university or school where people can sit, talk, and relax .

dining room: The dining room is the room in a house where people have their meals, or a room in a hotel where meals are served .

double room: a room in a hotel with two beds

elbow room: Elbow room is the freedom to do what you want to do or need to do in a particular situation .

engine room: On a boat or a ship, the engine room is the place where the engines are.

escape room: An escape room is a room containing puzzles and games which you must solve in order to win or to get out of the room.

family room: a room used by a family for relaxation, watching TV etc

front room: a room in the front of a house, esp. a living room

great room: → family room

guest room: A guest room is a bedroom in a house or hotel for visitors or guests to sleep in.

hotel room: a room in a hotel

lady's room: → ladies' room

living room: The living room in a house is the room where people sit and relax .

locker room: A locker room is a room in which there are a lot of lockers.

lumber room: a room where unused or bulky things are kept

men's room: The men's room is a toilet for men in a public building .

panic room: a secure room with a separate telephone line within a house, to which a person can flee if someone breaks in

powder room: A powder room is a room for women in a public building such as a hotel, where they can use the toilet, have a wash, or put on make-up .

press room: A press room is a room for journalists to use at a special event .

public room: a lounge or other room that is open to all, esp. in a hotel or on a ship

ready room: a room where aircraft crews gather for briefing before flights

robing room: a room in a palace, court, legislature, etc, where official robes of office are put on

room clerk: a clerk at a hotel who assigns rooms to guests, keeps the guest register, sorts the incoming mail, etc

room rates: the rates charged daily for hotel rooms

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Однокоренные слова:

roomer - постоялец, жилец
roomful - полная комната
roominess - вместительность, емкость
roommate - товарищ по комнате, квартирант
roomage - место, площадь
roomily - просторно, свободно, вместительно

Связанные слова: