Adjective: грубый шероховатый необработанный черновой
Adverb: грубо
Noun: неровность грубиян хулиган неотделанность
Verb: терпеть лишения мириться с лишениями лохматить допускать грубость


rough breathing - сильное придыхание

rough / uncut diamond - неотшлифованный алмаз

engine is running rough - двигатель работает жёстко

engine runs rough - двигатель работает неустойчиво

an approximate, rough estimate - грубая оценка

rough texture to the feel - грубая на ощупь ткань

rough going - трудности, затруднения

rough grain - грубое волокно

rough / strong / vituperative language - грубый, бранный язык

to live rough - жить без привычных удобств, скитаться по углам

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Rugby is a very rough sport. - Регби — очень жёсткий вид спорта.

Her hands felt rough. - Её руки были шершавые.

He is rough to deal with. - С ним очень трудно иметь дело.

Life has been treating her pretty rough. - Жизнь обходилась с ней довольно грубо.

Rough him up a little. - Надо ему задать лёгкую взбучку.

The wind will rough up my hair. - Ветер мне взлохматит волосы.

Poor kid, he's had a rough day. - Бедный парень, ему сегодня досталось.

She takes the rough with the smooth. - Она стойко переносит превратности судьбы.

Paul gave her a rough shake. - Пол грубо её встряхнул.

They were having a rough time. - Им приходилось очень тяжело.

Her face was rough, and ploughed with wrinkles. - Её лицо было грубым, изборождённым морщинами.

the rough skin of a shark - шероховатая кожа акулы

The surface of wood was rough. - Поверхность древесины была неровной.

Her hands were rough from hard work. - Ее руки были грубыми от тяжёлой работы.

A thin glistening thread of moisture ran along the rough concrete sill. - Тонкая поблескивающая струйка жидкости стекала по неровному бетонному подоконнику.

The captain got his ship into the harbour safely in spite of rough sea. - Капитан благополучно привёл корабль в гавань, несмотря на бурное море.

Sounds like you had a rough day. - Похоже, у тебя был тяжёлый день.

a rough idea how long it would take - примерное представление о том, сколько времени это займёт

First do a rough draft of your essay. - Сначала напишите черновик вашего сочинения.

As the man had rough hands, I set him down for a farm worker. - Поскольку у человека были огрубевшие руки, я принял его за фермера.

He lost no chance of roughing him in his replies. (Th. Hughes) - Он не упускал возможности оскорбить его своими ответами.

He took some nails and bits of wood, and built them into a rough cupboard. - Он набрал каких-то деревяшек, гвоздей и сделал из этого некое подобие шкафа.

Barton's deep, rough voice - низкий, грубый голос Бартона

The figures are only a rough guide. - Эти цифры являются лишь приблизительным ориентиром.

The coarse sand was hot and rough under her feet. - Крупнозернистый песок под её ногами был горячим и грубым.

Rescue efforts have been handicapped by rough seas. - Усилиям спасателей препятствовало сильное волнение на море.

I've roughed in the general shape of the pattern in pencil. - Я набросал общую схему узора карандашом.

The articles of dress must be well starched, blued, and rough dried. - Одежду надо хорошо накрахмалить, подсинить, а затем высушить.

Instead of a verbal description, we will give a rough sketch of the nursery. - Вместо словесных описаний мы предоставим приблизительный эскиз детской.

The engine is running a little rough. - Двигатель работает с небольшими перебоями.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you rough out a drawing or an idea, you draw or write the main features of it before you do it in detail.

If someone roughs you up, they attack you and hit or beat you.

If you rough out a drawing or an idea, you draw or write the main features of it before you do it in detail.

If someone roughs you up, they attack you and hit or beat you.

Связанные термины:

rough-cut: a first edited version of a film with the scenes in sequence and the soundtrack synchronized

rough-dry: (of clothes or linen ) dried ready for pressing

rough-hew: to cut or hew ( timber, stone, etc) roughly without finishing the surface

rough it: to live without the usual comforts or conveniences of life

rough on: severe towards

rough out: If you rough out a drawing or an idea, you draw or write the main features of it before you do it in detail .

rough sea: The sea is the salty water that covers about three-quarters of the Earth's surface.

rough up: If someone roughs you up, they attack you and hit or beat you.

the rough: the part of the course bordering the fairways where the grass is untrimmed

rough copy: a preliminary version of an essay, letter, book, or speech

rough draft: a preliminary version of an essay, letter, book, or speech

rough-dried: (of clothes or linen ) dried ready for pressing

rough-dries: (of clothes or linen ) dried ready for pressing

rough edges: If you say that a person or a piece of entertainment has rough edges, you mean that they have some small faults, although generally you approve of them.

rough fish: a fish that is neither a sport fish nor useful as food or bait for sport fish

rough-hewn: Rough-hewn wood or stone has been cut into a shape but has not yet been smoothed or finished off.

rough music: (formerly) a loud cacophony created with tin pans, drums, etc, esp as a protest or demonstration of indignation outside someone's house

rough paper: paper that is used for writing a rough copy

rough road: A road is a long piece of hard ground which is built between two places so that people can drive or ride easily from one place to the other.

rough spin: hard or unfair treatment

rough stuff: violence

rough trade: (in homosexual use) a tough or violent sexual partner, esp a lorry driver, construction worker, or docker, casually picked up

rough work: a preliminary work in preparation for a sketch, report, piece of work, etc

sleep rough: to spend the night in the open ; be without a home or without shelter

tommy rough: a small food fish of the family Arripididae, found in southern and western Australian waters

rough collie: a large long-haired collie having a distinctive ruff and a long narrow head without a pronounced stop

rough diamond: an unpolished diamond

rough justice: If you describe someone's treatment or punishment as rough justice, you mean that it is not given according to the law.

rough passage: a stormy sea journey

rough sleeper: a homeless person who sleeps rough

rough-spoken: rude or uncouth in speech; blunt

rough terrain: Terrain is used to refer to an area of land or a type of land when you are considering its physical features.

a rough ride: If you say that someone faces a rough ride, you mean that things are going to be difficult for them because people will criticize them a lot or treat them badly .

cut up rough: to suddenly become extremely angry or violent

in the rough: in a rough or crude state

rough bluegrass: a cultivated bluegrass ( Poa trivialis ) often grown in shady or moist spots as a lawn grass

rough breathing: (in Greek ) the sign (῾) placed over an initial letter, or a second letter if the word begins with a diphthong, indicating that (in ancient Greek) it was pronounced with an h

rough treatment: Your treatment of someone is the way you behave towards them or deal with them.

a rough patch: If you have or go through a rough patch, you have a lot of problems for a time.

rough as bags: uncouth

rough as sacks: uncouth

rough calculation: A calculation is something that you think about and work out mathematically. Calculation is the process of working something out mathematically.

to sleep rough: When people sleep or live rough, they sleep out of doors, usually because they have no home .

a rough diamond: someone, especially a man, that you like and admire because of their good qualities, even though they are not sophisticated or well-mannered

rough-and-ready: A rough and ready solution or method is one that is rather simple and not very exact because it has been thought of or done in a hurry .

rough-and-tumble: You can use rough and tumble to refer to a situation in which the people involved try hard to get what they want, and do not worry about upsetting or harming others, and you think this is acceptable and normal .

rough-legged hawk: a large hawk ( Buteo lagopus ) having legs covered with feathers to the base of the toes

rough puff pastry: a rich flaky pastry made with butter and used for pie-crusts, flans, etc

rough-legged buzzard: a buzzard, Buteo lagopus, of Europe, Asia, and North America, having feathers covering its legs

roughrider: a rider of wild or unbroken horses

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Однокоренные слова:

rough in - отделывать вчерне
rough out - чертить начерно
rough up - избивать, допускать грубость

Связанные слова: