Adjective: королевский царский царственный великолепный
Noun: член королевской семьи благородный олень большой формат бумаги бом-брам-стеньга


royal ceremonial - королевский церемониал

royal Demesne - земельная собственность королевской семьи

the acceptation of the crown and royal title - принятие короны и королевского титула

royal / sumptuous feast - королевский, роскошный пир

royal imprimatur - королевское одобрение

royal palace - королевский дворец

fore royal brace - фор-бом-брам-брас

main royal brace - грот-бом-брам-брас

mizen royal brace - крюйс-бом-брам-брас

fore royal lift - фор-бом-брам-топенант

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Royal mandates must be obeyed. - Королевские указы должны быть исполнены.

Royal Army - Британские Вооружённые Силы

Royal Society - Королевское (научное) общество

The royal house was not yet extinct. - Королевская династия ещё не пресеклась.

The Royal wedding was televised. - Церемония королевского бракосочетания была показана по телевидению.

Royal Navy - ВМС Великобритании

Royal Exchange - Королевская биржа (здание лондонской биржи)

the royal carriage of a stag's head - королевская карета с головой оленя

Royal Mint - Королевский монетный двор (в Лондоне)

Royal Academy of Arts - Королевская академия искусств

He received a royal summons. - Он получил приказ явиться к королевскому двору.

a Fellow of the Royal Society - член Королевского общества (в Великобритании соответствует званию академика)

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art - Королевская академия драматического искусства

a member of the royal bodyguard - представитель королевской охраны

Wessex is the cradle of the royal house. - Уэссекс - колыбель королевского дома.

Royal Marines - Королевская морская пехота (военные, служащие на кораблях Ее Величества)

Royal Air Force - ВВС Великобритании

Royal Apartments - Королевские покои

Royal Horse Guards - Королевский конногвардейский полк

Royal Naval College - Военно-морской колледж Великобритании

Her step was royal. - У неё была царственная походка.

Royal Botanic Gardens - Королевский ботанический сад

Royal Highland Regiment - Королевский Хайлендский полк

Her (His, Your) Royal highness - Ее (Его, Ваше) Королевское Высочество

He has glaumed at our royal crown. - Он совершил покушение на члена нашей королевской семьи.

Is the royal family on the way out? - Правда ли, что королевская семья теряет своё влияние?

the royal (or crowned) heads of Europe - царственные (или коронованные) особы Европы

The Royal Academy is showing Pissarro. - В Королевской академии искусств идет выставка работ французского художника Камиля Писсаро.

The Royal Academy is full of vitality. - Королевская Академия ведёт активную деятельность.

I have always banked with the Royal Bank. - Я всегда держал свои деньги в Королевском банке.

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Связанные термины:

Royal Oak: city in SE Mich.: suburb of Detroit : pop. 60,000

pair royal: (in some card games ) a set of three cards of the same denomination

Port Royal: a fortified town in SE Jamaica, at the entrance to Kingston harbour : capital of Jamaica in colonial times

rhyme royal: a stanzaic form introduced into English verse by Chaucer, consisting of seven lines of iambic pentameter rhyming a b a b b c c

royal birth: When a baby is born, you refer to this event as his or her birth .

royal blue: Something that is royal blue is deep blue in colour.

royal burgh: (in Scotland) a burgh that was established by a royal charter granted directly by the sovereign

royal court: The court of a king or queen is the place where he or she lives and carries out ceremonial or administrative duties .

royal duke: a duke who is also a royal prince, being a member of the royal family

royal fern: a fern, Osmunda regalis, of damp regions, having large fronds up to 2 metres (7 feet) in height, some of which are modified for bearing spores : family Osmundaceae

royal flush: a hand made up of the five top honours of a suit

royal icing: a hard white icing made from egg whites and icing sugar, used for coating and decorating cakes, esp fruit cakes

royal jelly: Royal jelly is a substance that bees make in order to feed young bees and queen bees.

Royal Mail: → the Royal Mail

royal mast: the mast just above the topgallant

Royal Mint: a British organization having the sole right to manufacture coins since the 16th century. In 1968 it moved from London to Llantrisant in Wales

Royal Navy: the navy of the United Kingdom

royal palm: any of several palm trees of the genus Roystonea, esp R . regia, of tropical America, having a tall trunk with a tuft of feathery pinnate leaves

royal road: an easy or direct way of achieving a desired end

royal stag: of, relating to, or befitting a king, queen, or other monarch ; regal

small royal: of, relating to, or befitting a king, queen, or other monarch ; regal

battle royal: a fight, esp with fists or cudgels, involving more than two combatants ; melee

prince royal: the eldest son of a monarch

Royal Academy: a society founded by George III in 1768 to foster a national school of painting, sculpture, and design in England

royal assent: (in Britain ) the formal signing of an act of Parliament by the sovereign, by which it becomes law

royal colony: a colony ruled or administered by officials appointed by and responsible to the reigning sovereign of the parent state

royal family: The royal family of a country is the king, queen, or emperor, and all the members of their family.

Royal Marines: a corps of soldiers specially trained in amphibious warfare

royal octavo: a book size, 61⁄4 by 10 inches

royal pardon: release from punishment for an offence, granted by a monarch

royal purple: a deep reddish-purple colour, sometimes approaching a strong violet

royal quarto: a book size, 10 by 12 1 ⁄ 2 inches

Royal Society: an association founded in England by Charles II in 1660 to promote research in the sciences

royal tennis: an ancient form of tennis played in a four-walled indoor court with various openings, a sloping-roofed corridor along three sides, and a buttress on the fourth side

royal warrant: an authorization to a tradesman to supply goods to a royal household

Annapolis Royal: a town in SE Canada in W Nova Scotia on an arm of the Bay of Fundy : the first European settlement in Canada (1605). Pop: 550 (2001)

princess royal: the eldest daughter of a British or (formerly) a Prussian sovereign : a title not always conferred

royal enclosure: at the Royal Ascot horse-race meeting, an area of Ascot racecourse which is reserved for the Royal Family, members, and their guests

Royal Engineers: a branch of the British army that undertakes the building of fortifications, mines, bridges, and other engineering works

Royal Highness: Expressions such as Your Royal Highness and Their Royal Highnesses are used to address or refer to members of royal families who are not kings or queens .

royal marriage: A marriage is the relationship between two people who are married .

royal poinciana: a leguminous tree, Delonix regia, that is native to Madagascar but widely cultivated elsewhere, having clusters of large scarlet flowers and long pods

Royal Standard: a flag bearing the arms of the British sovereign, flown only when she (or he) is present

Royal Worcester: Worcester china made after 1862

Astronomer Royal: an honorary title awarded to an eminent British astronomer : until 1972, the Astronomer Royal was also director of the Royal Greenwich Observatory

Royal Commission: (in Britain) a body set up by the monarch on the recommendation of the prime minister to gather information about the operation of existing laws or to investigate any social, educational, or other matter. The commission has prescribed terms of reference and reports to the government on how any change might be achieved

Royal Institution: a British society founded in 1799 for the dissemination of scientific knowledge

the Royal Mail: the national postal service of the United Kingdom

Royal Air Force: the air force of the United Kingdom

royal correspondent: a journalist who reports on matters relating to royalty

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Однокоренные слова:

royalist - роялист, монархист, реакционер, сторонник Англии
royalty - королевская власть, авторский гонорар, царственность
unroyal - некоролевский, недостойный королевского сана
royally - царственно, великолепно
royalism - роялизм, монархизм, политическое течение в Западной Европе

Связанные слова: