Adjective: резиновый прорезиненный
Noun: резина каучук резинка резиновые изделия
Verb: любопытствовать прорезинивать покрывать резиной глазеть


covered rubber thread - резиновая нить с обмоткой

rubber hose - резиновый шланг

foam rubber - губчатая резина, пенорезина, поролон

rubber stamp - резиновый штамп /штемпель/

rubber boots - резиновые сапоги

solid rubber - твердый каучук

stamp rubber - штемпельная резина

stereotype rubber - резина для стереотипов

mechanical rubber - резино-технический

insulating rubber - резиновая изоляция

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Rubber is a flexible substance. - Резина - это эластичное вещество.

The rubber ball bounced along. - Резиновый мяч отскочил.

The rubber will perish with age. - Эта резина износится со временем.

This for his temper was a rubber. - Для него это прозвучало как оскорбление.

No hubba-hubba without a rubber. - Нет презерватива - нет секса.

Will this rubber rub out ink marks? - Этот ластик может стирать чернила?

a strong odor of burning rubber - сильный запах горящей резины

No offense, but this cheese tastes like rubber. - Не обижайся, но на вкус этот сыр — как резина.

Even the best quality rubber will perish with age. - Даже лучшая резина с годами портится.

the acrid smell of burning rubber - едкий запах палёной резины

Oil and grease will rot the rubber of your tyres. - Шины могут испортиться под воздействием масла и жира.

You can deaden the noise of the machines with rubber mats. - Шум от машин можно уменьшить резиновыми матами.

a deep yielding layer of foam rubber - толстый мягкий слой поролона

No one thought it much of a crime to "rubber". - Никому не казалось большим преступлением подслушивать чужие разговоры.

You can stretch this rubber (out) to twice its length. - Вы можете растянуть эту резину так, что она станет вдвое длиннее.

Rubber bullets are intended to incapacitate people rather than to kill them. - Резиновые пули предназначены скорее для того, чтобы вывести человека из строя, чем убить его.

The pitcher toed the rubber. - Питчер коснулся ногой пластины.

The strands of rubber were drawn to test their strength. - Резиновые полоски растянули, чтобы проверить их прочность.

That old bike without rubber tires was a real boneshaker. - Этот старый, лишённый шин велосипед был тем ещё драндулетом.

Natural rubber production bounced back up to its prewar levels. - Объемы производства натурального каучука возросли до довоенных уровней.

The leak was caused by several small punctures in the rubber gasket. - Причиной протечки было несколько мелких отверстий в резиновой прокладке.

The leather of his left trainer was coming away from its rubber base. - Кожа на его левом кроссовке отошла от его резиновой основы.

Squad members, already decked out in cumbersome chemical suits, put on masks and rubber gloves. - Члены команды, уже облачённые в громоздкие химические костюмы, надели маски и резиновые перчатки.

After being dipped in liquid nitrogen, the rubber ball's normally resilient surface is as brittle as ceramic. - После погружения резинового мяча в жидкий азот, его упругая в нормальном состоянии поверхность становится хрупкой, как керамика.

Not wanting our brand-new cabin cruiser to get scratched, we put thick rubber fenders between it and the dock. - Не желая поцарапать наш новый прогулочный катер, мы проложили между ним и причалом толстые резиновые кранцы.

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Связанные термины:

cold rubber: synthetic rubber made at low temperatures (about 5°C). It is stronger than that made at higher temperatures and is used for car tyres

foam rubber: a kind of light cellular rubber made by creating bubbles of gas in the liquid material and solidifying it: often used as packaging

hard rubber: a hard fairly inelastic material made by vulcanizing natural rubber

ink rubber: an eraser for removing ink

Pará rubber: a South American rubber obtained from any of various euphorbiaceous trees of the genus Hevea, esp H . brasiliensis

peel rubber: to accelerate an automobile very rapidly, as in a drag race

rubber band: A rubber band is a thin circle of very elastic rubber. You put it around things such as papers in order to keep them together.

rubber boot: Rubber boots are long boots made of rubber that you wear to keep your feet dry .

rubber game: any game played to break a tie resulting when each side has won the same number of games

rubber jaw: a condition in which the mandible becomes demineralized and excessively mobile in animals with advanced renal disease

rubber ring: an air-filled ring made of rubber, used as a swimming aid

rubber room: a room padded with foam rubber for the confinement of a violent mentally ill person

rubber tree: a tropical American euphorbiaceous tree, Hevea brasiliensis, cultivated throughout the tropics, esp in Malaya, for the latex of its stem, which is the major source of commercial rubber

wild rubber: rubber obtained from uncultivated rubber trees

butyl rubber: a copolymer of isobutene and isoprene, used in tyres and as a waterproofing material

crepe rubber: a type of crude natural rubber in the form of colourless or pale yellow crinkled sheets, prepared by pressing bleached coagulated latex through corrugated rollers : used for the soles of shoes and in making certain surgical and medical goods

India rubber: crude, natural rubber obtained from latex ; caoutchouc

latex rubber: rubber used to make many products such as gloves, condoms, etc, and which is made from latex, a whitish milky fluid containing protein, starch, alkaloids, etc, that is produced by many plants

pencil rubber: a piece of rubber used for erasing something written in pencil ; eraser

rubber boots: knee-length or calf-length rubber or rubberized boots, worn esp in wet conditions

rubber bridge: a form of bridge in which fresh hands are dealt for each round and the aim is to win a rubber

rubber bullet: A rubber bullet is a bullet made of a metal ball coated with rubber. It is intended to injure people rather than kill them, and is used by police or soldiers to control crowds during a riot.

rubber cement: any of a number of adhesives made by dissolving rubber in a solvent such as benzene

rubber check: a check that is worthless because of insufficient funds in the drawer's account

rubber cheque: a cheque that bounces

rubber dinghy: A dinghy is a small open boat that you sail or row.

rubber gloves: gloves made of rubber, worn to protect the hands while washing up, gardening, etc

rubber goods: contraceptives ; condoms

rubber plant: A rubber plant is a type of plant with shiny leaves. It grows naturally in Asia but is also grown as a house plant in other parts of the world.

rubber stamp: A rubber stamp is a small device with a name, date, or symbol on it. You press it on to an ink pad and then on to a document in order to show that the document has been officially dealt with.

rubber-tyred: having a tyre or tyres made of rubber

smoked rubber: a type of crude natural rubber in the form of brown sheets obtained by coagulating latex with an acid, rolling it into sheets, and drying over open wood fires . It is the main raw material for natural rubber products

sorbo rubber: spongy form of rubber

sponge rubber: rubber with a spongelike consistency

rubber solution: a kind of rubber-based adhesive

silicone rubber: a rubberlike polymer prepared from certain silicones : it maintains its elasticity over a wide range of temperatures and is used in gaskets, insulation, etc.

composition rubber: manufactured rubber

rubber plantation: an estate in a tropical country where rubber trees are grown on a large scale

synthetic rubber: any of various synthetic materials, similar to natural rubber, made by polymerizing unsaturated hydrocarbons, such as isoprene and butadiene

rubberneck: If someone is rubbernecking, they are staring at someone or something, especially in a rude or silly way.

guayule: a bushy shrub, Parthenium argentatum, of the southwestern US: family Asteraceae ( composites )

palay: a widely cultivated tropical vine

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Однокоренные слова:

rubbery - эластичный
rubbered - прорезиненный
rubbers - галоши, резиновые изделия, трения
rubberize - прорезинивать
rerubber - наваривать протектор, гуммировать повторно
rubberlike - эластичный, похожий на каучук, подобный каучуку

Связанные слова: