Adjective: работающий бегущий текущий беговой
Noun: работа бег бега ход
Adverb: подряд


engine is running - двигатель работает

engine is running rough - двигатель работает жёстко

to excel in running - отлично бегать

running nose, runny nose - сопливый нос

phrase running in the head - фраза, которая крутится в голове

six nights running - шесть ночей кряду

time is running out - время выходит

to leave the tap running - оставить кран открытым

machine running - ход машины

bumpy running - перебои в двигателе; неровный ход

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I am winded by running. - Я задыхаюсь от бега.

My patience was running out. - Мое терпение было на исходе.

Come on, time's running short! - Живее, времени у нас мало!

We're running low on gas. - У нас заканчивается газ /горючее, бензин, топливо/.

The bathwater is running over! - Вода в ванной льется через край!

'Running away?' he mocked. - - Убежать? усмехнулся он.

He received a running nose and a sore throat. - Он заработал себе насморк и ангину.

I spent the morning running errands. - Всё утро я бегал по делам.

He was running for dear life. - Он бежал изо всех сил, спасая свою жизнь.

The trains aren't running now. - Поезда сейчас не ходят.

I went with him to the house he was running for. - Я пошёл с ним к дому, который он так расхваливал.

I was running a small fever. - У меня была небольшая температура.

Did you leave the tap running? - Ты что, не закрыл кран?

They go running every evening. - Они отправляются на пробежку каждый вечер.

He was running towards the door. - Он бежал по направлению к двери.

They came running down the stairs. - Они сбежали вниз по лестнице.

This would be running into a very absurd extreme. - В таком случае это дойдёт просто до абсурда.

Running a farm is hard work. - Работа на ферме — тяжёлый труд.

Jane kept the engine running. - Джейн не стала глушить мотор.

Water was running off the roof. - Вода сбегала /стекала/ с крыши.

Never add fuel to a running engine. - Никогда не добавляйте топливо в работающий двигатель.

The dogs are running deer. - Собаки бегут за оленями. / Собаки преследуют оленей.

Inflation was running at 5%. - Инфляция была на уровне пяти процентов.

The party are running scared. - Члены партии опасаются неудачи /паникуют/.

Is the engine running smoothly? - Двигатель работает нормально?

cost of lumber per running foot - стоимость пиломатериалов на погонный фут

hot and cold running water on tap - горячая и холодная вода из крана

The coal industry is running down. - Угольная промышленность находится на спаде.

He was breathing hard from running. - Пробежавшись, он тяжело дышал.

Her nylons were running. - На её колготках пошли стрелки.

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Связанные термины:

run: When you run, you move more quickly than when you walk, for example because you are in a hurry to get somewhere, or for exercise.

ladder: A ladder is a piece of equipment used for climbing up something or down from something. It consists of two long pieces of wood, metal, or rope with steps fixed between them.

gun-running: Gun-running is the activity of taking or sending guns into a country secretly and illegally.

rat-running: the practice of driving through residential side streets to avoid congested main roads

rum-running: the activity of smuggling illicit liquor

running dog: a person or institution subservient to counterrevolutionary interests

drug-running: the activity of illegally taking recreational drugs into a country

free running: Free running is the activity of running through areas in a town, using skilful movements to jump over walls and other objects.

hand-running: in succession ; without break or interruption

long-running: Something that is long-running has been in existence, or has been performed, for a long time.

running back: an offensive back, usually one of a pair, responsible primarily for rushing the ball; halfback or fullback

running belay: the clipping of the rope through a karabiner attached to a sling, piton, nut, etc, secured to the mountain: used by a leading climber of a team to reduce the length of a possible fall

running board: a footboard along the side of a vehicle, esp an early motorcar

running costs: The running costs of a business are the amount of money that is regularly spent on things such as salaries, heating, lighting, and rent.

running fire: a rapid discharge of firearms in succession by a line of soldiers

running gear: the wheels, axles, frame, etc. of a cart or carriage

running hand: handwriting in which the letters are slanted and close together, formed without often lifting the pen or pencil from the paper

running head: a heading printed at the top of every page or every other page of a book

running joke: a joke or humorous allusion used recurrently in a play, film, television skit, etc., for a cumulative comic effect

running jump: a jump made after running a short distance

running kick: a kick made (to something or somebody) after running a short distance

running knot: → slipknot

running light: one of several white, red, or green lights displayed by vessels operating at night

running mate: In an election campaign, a candidate's running mate is the person that they have chosen to help them in the election. If the candidate wins, the running mate will become the second most important person after the winner .

running order: The running order of the items in a broadcast, concert, or show is the order in which the items will come.

running shoe: casual shoes with rubber soles, in the style of those used for sports training

running story: a story continued in subsequent issues of a newspaper or magazine ; serial

running tally: a running total is a total which changes because numbers keep being added to it as something progresses

running time: The running time of something such as a film, video, or CD is the time it takes to play from start to finish.

running total: a running total is a total which changes because numbers keep being added to it as something progresses

running track: a piece of ground, usually oval-shaped, that is used for races involving athletes

running account: an account at a bank or building society against which cheques may be drawn at any time

running battle: When two groups of people fight a running battle, they keep attacking each other in various parts of a place.

running bowline: a type of slipknot formed by running the standing line through the loop formed in a regular bowline

running casing: Running casing is the process of screwing together pieces of pipe on a rig floor and lowering them into a hole.

running English: the giving of English or spin to the cue ball to enable it to bounce in the direction of a certain angle

running lights: the lights that a ship or aircraft traveling at night is required to display

running repairs: repairs, as to a machine or vehicle, that are minor and can be made with little or no interruption in the use of the item

running rigging: the wires and ropes used to control the operations of a sailing vessel

running stitch: a simple form of hand stitching, consisting of small stitches that look the same on both sides of the fabric, usually used for gathering

smooth-running: operating in a flowing and effective manner, without difficulties or obstructions

running commentary: If someone provides a running commentary on an event, they give a continuous description of it while it is taking place.

up and running: If something such as a system or place is up and running, it is operating normally .

a running battle: an argument or fight with someone that continues over a long period of time

be running scared: If you say that a person or group is running scared, you mean that they are frightened of what someone might do to them or what might happen .

make the running: If someone is making the running in a situation, they are more active than the other people involved.

running broad jump: See long jump

re-run: If you say that something is a re-run of a particular event or experience, you mean that what happens now is very similar to what happened in the past .

run by: If you run something by someone, you tell them about it or mention it, to see if they think it is a good idea, or can understand it.

run in: To run someone in means to arrest them or to take them to the police .

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Однокоренные слова:

overrunning - разнос, перерасход, концевой

Связанные слова: