Verb: торопиться торопить бросаться устремляться
Adjective: срочный спешный требующий быстрых действий
Noun: спешка ажиотаж стремление погоня


to rush to conclusion - делать поспешный вывод

rush-hour driving - вождение машины в час пик

rush hour - час-пик

to rush in where angels fear to tread - пускаться в рискованное предприятие.

not to care a rush, not to give a rush for smth. - не придавать значения чему-л.

rush work - напряжённая, спешная работа

rush / easy assignment - лёгкое задание

gold rush - золотая лихорадка

to rush headlong into the fight - ринуться в бой

rush for profits - погоня за прибылями

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We have to rush! - Нам придётся поспешить!

Don't rush me, please! - Не торопи меня, пожалуйста!

I'm sorry, I can't talk now — I'm in a rush. - Простите, я не могу сейчас говорить: я тороплюсь.

No need to rush, we've got bags of time. - Не надо спешить, у нас уйма / много времени.

I'm not rushing into marriage again. - Я не тороплюсь вступить в брак еще раз.

How much did they rush you for that coat? - Сколько с тебя содрали за это пальто?

It is not worth a rush. - Это гроша ломаного не стоит.

A small girl rushed past her. - Мимо неё пронеслась девочка.

The rush hour traffic is murder. - Ездить на машине в часы пик — это самоубийство!

Her words came out in a rush. - Она говорила торопливо.

A rush of jealousy swept through her. - Её захлестнул внезапный прилив ревности.

He does not intend to rush his decision. - Он не намерен торопиться с решением.

Rush hour traffic is such a pain! - Пробки в час пик – это такое мучение!

The children rushed down the stairs. - Дети пронеслись вниз по лестнице.

Water rushed through the gorge. - Вода хлынула через ущелье.

Water rushed through the pipes. - Вода хлынула через трубы.

They rushed the guard and stole his keys. - Они бросились на охранника и украли у него ключи.

He rushed off down the corridor. - Он помчался по коридору.

We got caught in the morning rush hour. - Мы попали в утренний час пик.

He got nervous because they rushed him. - Он занервничал, потому что его начали торопить.

Firefighters rushed to the accident scene. - Пожарные бросились к месту аварии.

We were rushing to catch the bus. - Мы спешили, чтобы успеть на автобус.

Traffic during the rush hour just drags. - Транспорт в часы пик еле ползёт.

The feeling of power gave me such a rush. - От ощущения власти я испытал такой кайф!

The rushing water broke through the barrier. - Стремительный напор воды пробился сквозь преграду.

Let's leave early to avoid rush hour traffic. - Давайте уедем пораньше, чтобы не застрять в пробке в час пик.

She rushed through her script. - Она быстро пролистала сценарий. / Она пробежалась глазами по сценарию.

This permits the water to rush in - Это позволяет воде устремиться туда

Shop now and beat the Christmas rush! - Купите подарки прямо сейчас, успейте до Рождественской лихорадки!

He got a quick rush from injecting heroin. - От инъекции героина он быстро получил "приход".

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Фразовые глаголы:

If a document or product is rushed out, it is produced very quickly.

If you rush something through, you deal with it quickly so that it is ready in a shorter time than usual.

If a document or product is rushed out, it is produced very quickly.

If you rush something through, you deal with it quickly so that it is ready in a shorter time than usual.

Связанные термины:

bog rush: a blackish tufted cyperaceous plant, Schoenus nigricans, growing on boggy ground

gold rush: A gold rush is a situation when a lot of people suddenly go to a place where gold has been discovered .

rush hour: The rush hour is one of the periods of the day when most people are travelling to or from work.

rush job: something created quickly, urgently, or without due care

rush mat: a small piece of material made from rushes (plants of the genus Juncus ), which is put on the ground or floor for protection, decoration, or comfort

rush out: If a document or product is rushed out, it is produced very quickly.

bum's rush: forcible ejection, as from a gathering

Dutch rush: a horsetail, Equisetum hyemale, whose siliceous stems have been used for polishing and scouring pots and pans

rush candle: a candle made with the pith of a rush as the wick

rush order: an order for goods required urgently

spike-rush: any perennial plant of the temperate cyperaceous genus Eleocharis, occurring esp by ponds, and having underground stems, narrow leaves, and small flowers

rush matting: a floor covering made from rushes (plants of the genus Juncus )

rush through: If you rush something through, you deal with it quickly so that it is ready in a shorter time than usual .

scouring rush: any of several horsetails, esp Equisetum hyemale, that have rough-ridged stems and were formerly used for scouring and polishing

adrenaline rush: a feeling of excitement, stimulation and enhanced physical ability produced when the body secretes large amounts of adrenaline in response to a sudden perceived or induced stress situation

odd-man rush: an attacking move when the defence is outnumbered by the opposing team

with a rush: suddenly and forcefully

a rush of blood: a sudden foolish or daring action which someone would not normally do

rush-hour traffic: the large number of vehicles that move along roads, travelling to or from work at the beginning and end of the working day

rush one's fences: to proceed with precipitate haste

get the bum's rush: to be completely ignored or rejected in an unexpected and upsetting way

rushlight: a narrow candle, formerly in use, made of the pith of various types of rush dipped in tallow

fools rush in where angels fear to tread: said to criticize a person who did something too quickly without thinking clearly about the likely consequences

give (or get) the bum's rush: to eject (or be ejected) forcibly

rush in where angels fear to tread: If you say that someone rushes in where angels fear to tread, you are criticizing them gently because they get themselves into dangerous or difficult situations without thinking carefully enough about what they are doing.

run around like a headless chicken/rush around like a headless chicken: If someone is running round like a headless chicken or rushing around like a headless chicken, they are panicking when they should be thinking carefully about what needs to be done.

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Однокоренные слова:

inrush - напор, натиск, внезапное вторжение, внезапный обвал
rusher - атакующий игрок, предприимчивый, энергичный человек
rushing - стремительный, порывистый, оживленный, стремительное движение, стремление

Связанные слова: