Adjective: безопасный в безопасности надежный беспроигрышный
Noun: сейф несгораемый шкаф холодильник несгораемый ящик


to blow open a safe - взломать сейф

safe distance - безопасная дистанция

safe journey - безопасное путешествие

to make a safe landfall - совершать безопасное приземление

to find a safe purchase for one's foot - найти, нащупать твёрдую опору для своей ноги

rendering safe - обезвреживание

safe for children - безопасный для детей

at a safe distance from smth. - на безопасном расстоянии от чего-л.

safe from attack - ограждённый от нападения

to unlock a safe - открыть сейф

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Have a safe journey. - Счастливого пути. / Удачно доехать.

Is it safe to walk here? - Тут безопасно гулять?

Is it safe to swim here? - Здесь можно / безопасно купаться?

We came back safe and sound. - Мы вернулись целыми и невредимыми.

Is this beach safe for bathing? - На этом пляже безопасно купаться?

He wished us a safe trip. - Он пожелал нам счастливого пути.

This man is our only safe medium. - Этот человек - наш единственный надёжный агент.

What is the combination to the safe? - Какая комбинация к сейфу?

She stores her jewels in a safe. - Она хранит свои драгоценности в сейфе.

We watched from a safe distance. - Мы наблюдали с безопасного расстояния.

She locked her jewels in the safe. - Она заперла драгоценности в сейфе.

I will keep you safe from harm. - Я буду оберегать вас от беды.

The kids were safe in the cabin. - В этом домике дети были в безопасности.

Women are safer drivers than men. - Женщины водят машину более осторожно, чем мужчины.

'How's your new boss?' 'She's safe.' - — Как тебе новая начальница? — Нормальная баба. (разг. брит. safe — used to say that something is good and that there is no problem)

No icon is safe from his keyhole. - Ни один кумир не скроется от любопытных глаз.

Is the beach safe for bathing? - На этом пляже можно купаться?

All that matters is that you're safe. - Самое главное, что ты в безопасности.

He forgot the combination to the safe. - Он забыл комбинацию к сейфу.

They should be quite safe there from "overs". - Там они будут в безопасности от шальных снарядов.

a world made safe from war - мир, защищённый от войн

It's not safe to drink and drive. - Вождение в нетрезвом виде опасно.

I reassured him that we were safe. - Я заверил его, что мы в безопасности.

Is it safe to bathe in this river? - В этой реке можно купаться?

I'm shopping for a safe investment. - Я присматриваюсь, куда бы понадёжнее поместить капитал.

Dad rang to wish me a safe journey. - Папа позвонил, чтобы пожелать мне доброго пути.

We praise God for your safe arrival. - Мы благодарим Бога за ваше благополучное прибытие.

'Alex is having a party.' 'Oh, safe!' - — У Алекса сейчас вечеринка. — Круто!

Her jewels are locked away in a safe. - Её драгоценности заперты в сейфе.

The will was locked away in the safe. - Завещание было заперто в сейфе.

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Связанные термины:

fail-safe: Something that is fail-safe is designed or made in such a way that nothing dangerous can happen if a part of it goes wrong .

meat safe: a container where meat is stored

play safe: to act in a way least likely to cause danger, controversy, or defeat

safe area: If part of a country that is involved in a war is declared to be a safe area, neutral forces will try to keep peace there so that it is safe for people.

safe seat: In politics, a safe seat is an area in which the candidate from one particular party nearly always wins by a large number of votes .

safe sex: Safe sex is sexual activity in which people protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases, usually by using condoms.

night safe: a safe built into the outside wall of a bank, in which customers can deposit money at times when the bank is closed

ozone-safe: not harmful to the ozone layer ; using substances that do not produce gases harmful to the ozone layer

safe assets: The assets of a company or a person are all the things that they own.

safe-blower: a person who uses explosives to open safes and rob them

safe haven: If part of a country is declared a safe haven, people who need to escape from a dangerous situation such as a war can go there and be protected .

safe house: You can refer to a building as a safe house when it is used as a place where someone can stay and be protected . Safe houses are often used by spies, criminals, or the police .

safe option: An option is something that you can choose to do in preference to one or more alternatives .

safe period: the period during the menstrual cycle when conception is considered least likely to occur

safe space: a place or forum where people can openly discuss controversial subjects without fear of reprisal

safe-breaker: a person who breaks open and robs safes

safe conduct: If you are given safe conduct, the authorities officially allow you to travel somewhere, guaranteeing that you will not be arrested or harmed while doing so.

safe-cracker: a person who breaks open and robs safes

safe-deposit: a place or building with facilities for the safe storage of money or valuables

safe distance: The distance between two points or places is the amount of space between them.

safe harbour: a place that offers protection from the weather, attack, etc

safe landing: A landing is an act of bringing an aircraft or spacecraft down to the ground.

safe passage: If someone is given safe passage, they are allowed to go somewhere safely, without being attacked or arrested .

safe surfing: the practice of using security measures to protect one's computer while surfing the internet

Coolgardie safe: a cupboard with wetted hessian walls for keeping food cool : used esp in Australia

play it safe: to not take any risks

in safe hands: being cared for by a competent person or organization and therefore not likely to be harmed or damaged

safe and sound: You say that someone is safe and sound when they are still alive or unharmed after being in danger .

safe as houses: If you say that something or someone is as safe as houses, you mean that they are completely safe.

on the safe side: as a precaution

position is safe: A position in a company or organization is a job .

safe deposit box: A safe deposit box is a small box, usually kept in a special room in a bank, in which you can store valuable objects .

ovenproof: An ovenproof dish is one that has been specially made to be used in an oven without being damaged by the heat .

be on the safe side: to do something as a precaution, although it is unlikely to be necessary

safe in the knowledge: If you do something safe in the knowledge that something else is the case, you do the first thing confidently because you are sure of the second thing.

a good bet: If you tell someone that something is a good bet, you are suggesting that it is the thing or course of action that they should choose .

to play safe play it safe: If you play safe or play it safe, you do not take any risks .

a good bet/a safe bet: If you say that it is a good bet or a safe bet that something is true or will happen, you are saying that it is extremely likely to be true or to happen.

a safe pair of hands: If you say that someone is or has a safe pair of hands, you mean that they are reliable and will not make any serious mistakes .

to be on the safe side: If you say you are doing something to be on the safe side, you mean that you are doing it in case something undesirable happens, even though this may be unnecessary .

in safe hands / safe in someone's hands: If you say that a person or thing is in safe hands, or is safe in someone's hands, you mean that they are being looked after by a reliable person and will not be harmed .

make somewhere safe for something: If someone tries to make a place safe for a particular activity, they try to make the place suitable for that activity, although their efforts may have very undesirable effects .

safety-deposit box: a box or safe for storing money or valuables securely

it's better to be safe than sorry better safe than sorry: If you say ' it's better to be safe than sorry ', you are advising someone to take action in order to avoid possible unpleasant consequences later, even if this seems unnecessary .

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Однокоренные слова:

safely - безопасно, благополучно, в безопасности, в сохранности
safety - безопасность, сохранность, надежность, предохранительный
unsafe - опасный, ненадежный
safeness - безопасность
safing - аварийный, запасной

Связанные слова: