Adjective: указанный упомянутый вышеуказанный вышеупомянутый


it may safely be said - можно с уверенностью сказать

he said the correct thing - он сказал именно то, что нужно

she said (that) she wanted to see me - она сказала, что хочет видеть меня

you said it - разг. вот именно

the less said about it the better - чем меньше говорить об этом, тем лучше

to take back one's words /what one said/ - брать свои слова обратно

it is said on derogation of his character - это сказано для подрыва его репутации

be said to be - считаться, что; считается, что; называться

is said to be - называться; называется

it is said that - якобы

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Said party has denied the charges. - Упомянутая выше сторона отвергла эти обвинения.

The said weapon was later found in the defendant's home. - Вышеупомянутое оружие позже было найдено в доме подсудимого.

With said guidebook in hand, we set off to explore the city. - Взяв в руки вышеупомянутый путеводитель, мы отправились осматривать город.

by order of the judge of said court - по распоряжению судьи вышеуказанного суда

Связанные термины:

say: When you say something, you speak words.

naysay: a refusal or denial

soothsay: to predict the future

nuff said: used to indicate that the preceding statement is sufficient

Port Said: a port in NE Egypt, at the N end of the Suez Canal : founded in 1859 when the Suez Canal was begun ; became the largest coaling station in the world and later an oil-bunkering port; damaged in the Arab-Israeli wars of 1967 and 1973. Pop: 546 000 (2005 est)

enough said: If you say ' enough said ', you mean that what you have just said is enough to make a point clear, and that there is no need to say any more.

Nuri as-Said: 1888–1958, Iraqi soldier and statesman: prime minister of Iraq 14 times between 1930 and 1958: he died during a military coup

Qaboos bin Said: born 1940, Sultan of Oman from 1970

easier said than done: If you say that something is easier said than done, you are emphasizing that although it sounds like a good idea in theory, you think it would be difficult to actually do it.

to be said for sth: If you say there is a lot to be said for something, you mean you think it has a lot of good qualities or aspects .

least said, soonest mended: said to mean that it is a good idea to say very little, because you might upset someone or make a situation worse if you say too much

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Однокоренные слова:

unsaid - невысказанный, непроизнесенный

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