Abbreviation: суббота


he sat (close) beside his friend - он сидел рядом со своим другом

we sat us down - мы сели

he sat close beside his friend - он сидел рядом со своим другом; он стоял рядом со своим другом

we sat till the second cock - мы сидели до вторых петухов

we sat through the concert - мы высидели весь концерт

he sat the boy down to do his lessons - он усадил мальчика за уроки

sat cloth-testing apparatus - прибор "сэт" для испытания ткани на раздирание

sat sol - насыщенный раствор; saturated solution

she sat for the statue - она служила натурой для этой статуи

verbum sapienti sat est - умный понимает с полуслова

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Связанные термины:

sit: If you are sitting somewhere, for example in a chair, your bottom is resting on the chair and the upper part of your body is upright.

housesit: to stay in a residence and care for it while its residents are absent

sat nav: a. → short for satellite navigation b. → short for satellite navigation system

house-sat: to live in and look after a house during the absence of its owner or owners

sat sri akal: a salutation used in India

abdominal crunch: to raise (oneself or another) from a recumbent to an upright or alert sitting posture

sit by: If you sit by while something wrong or illegal is happening, you allow it to happen and do not do anything about it.

sit on: If you say that someone is sitting on something, you mean that they are delaying dealing with it.

sit up: If you sit up, you move into a sitting position when you have been leaning back or lying down.

baby-sit: to act or work as a baby-sitter

sit back: If you sit back while something is happening, you relax and do not become involved in it.

sit down: If you sit down and do something, you spend time and effort doing it in order to try to achieve something.

sit out: If you sit something out, you wait for it to finish, without taking any action.

sit over: to be seated in an advantageous position on the left of (the player)

house-sit: to live in and look after a house during the absence of its owner or owners

house-sitting: to live in and look after a house during the absence of its owner or owners

sit around: If you sit around or sit about, you spend time doing nothing useful or interesting.

sit under: to be seated on the right of (the player)

verb. sap.: verbum sapienti sat est

sit in on: If you sit in on a lesson, meeting, or discussion, you are present while it is taking place but do not take part in it.

sit through: If you sit through something such as a film, lecture, or meeting, you stay until it is finished although you are not enjoying it.

sit-in: A sit-in is a protest in which people go to a public place and stay there for a long time.

verbum sat sapienti (est): a word to the wise (is) enough

hike out: to lean backwards over the side of a light sailing boat in order to carry the centre of gravity as far to windward as possible to reduce heeling

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Однокоренные слова:

sated - удовлетворенный

Связанные слова: