Verb: пилиться пилить распиливать
Noun: пила пословица афоризм
Adjective: пильный


to saw diamond - распиливать алмаз

crown saw - продольная пила

to saw out - выпиливать

to saw up - отпиливать

belt saw - ленточная пила

buzz saw - циркулярная пила

power saw - мотопила

petrol saw - бензомоторная пила

old / wise saw - старая / мудрая пословица

old saw - старая пословица

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We shall have to saw the old tree down. - Нам придётся спилить старое дерево.

Could you saw the branches into equal lengths of wood? - Не могли бы вы распилить ветки на равные части?

Связанные термины:

see: When you see something, you notice it using your eyes.

Chickasaw: a member of a Native American people of N Mississippi

bow saw: a saw having a narrow blade held at both ends by a bowed handle

pit saw: a large saw used, esp. formerly, to cut timber lengthwise and worked by two men, one standing above the log, the other in a pit below it

saw log: a log large enough for sawing into lumber

saw-off: a deadlock or stalemate

saw-pit: (esp formerly) a pit above which a log is sawn into planks with a large pitsaw

saw set: a tool used for setting the teeth of a saw, consisting of a type of clamp used to bend each tooth in turn at a slight angle to the plane of the saw to improve cutting, alternate teeth being bent in the same direction

band saw: a power-operated saw consisting of an endless toothed metal band running over and driven by two wheels

buzz saw: a power-operated circular saw

chain saw: A chain saw is a big saw with teeth fixed in a chain that is driven round by a motor .

crown saw: a hollow cylinder with cutting teeth forming a rotary saw for trepanning

frame saw: a saw with a thin blade held in a specially shaped frame

fret saw: a fine-toothed saw with a long thin narrow blade, used for cutting designs in thin wood or metal

gang saw: a saw having several parallel blades making simultaneous cuts

hole saw: a hollow cylinder with teeth on the bottom edge attached by means of a bit, as to a portable electric drill, and used for cutting circles

panel saw: a saw with a long narrow blade for cutting thin wood

power saw: a saw driven by a motor

rack saw: a wide-toothed saw

sabre saw: a portable electric saw with a narrow, oscillating blade

sash saw: a small tenon saw used for cutting sashes

saw edge: the serrated edge of a saw

saw grass: any of a number of related sedges with saw-edged leaves; esp., the Jamaica saw grass ( Cladium jamaicense ) found in the SE U.S.

saw wood: to snore or sleep

saw-wort: a perennial Old World plant, Serratula tinctoria, having serrated leaves that yield a yellow dye : family Asteraceae ( composites )

Skil Saw: a portable electric saw

span saw: a saw with a thin blade held in a specially shaped frame

stone saw: an untoothed iron saw used to cut stone

sweep-saw: a saw with a thin blade that can be used for cutting curved shapes

table saw: a circular saw mounted on the underside of a table through which its blade projects: work to be sawed is placed on the table

tenon saw: a small fine-toothed saw with a strong back, used esp for cutting tenons

compass saw: a hand saw with a narrow tapered blade for making a curved cut

coping saw: a handsaw with a U-shaped frame used for cutting curves in a material too thick for a fret saw

keyhole saw: a saw with a long narrow blade, used for cutting small holes

musical saw: a handsaw held upright between the knees and variously flexed and stroked with a violin bow to produce musical tones

saw doctor: a sawmill specialist who sharpens and services saw blades

saw-toothed: having notches along the edge like the teeth of a saw ; serrate

scroll saw: a saw with a narrow blade for cutting intricate ornamental curves in wood

circular saw: A circular saw is a round metal disc with a sharp edge which is used for cutting wood and other materials.

crosscut saw: a saw for cutting timber across the grain

dovetail saw: a saw similar to a tenon saw but of smaller size

flooring saw: a type of saw curved at the end for cutting through floorboards

grooving saw: a circular saw used for making grooves

saw palmetto: any of several dwarf prickly palms, esp any of the genus Sabal, of the southeastern US

saw-whet owl: a very small North American forest owl ( Aegolius acadicus ) with brown-and-white plumage

see of: to meet ; be in contact with

see to: If you see to something that needs attention, you deal with it.

skip-tooth saw: a saw with alternate teeth absent

hacksaw: A hacksaw is a small saw used for cutting metal.

jigsaw: A jigsaw or jigsaw puzzle is a picture on cardboard or wood that has been cut up into odd shapes. You have to make the picture again by putting the pieces together correctly.

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Однокоренные слова:

oversaw - наблюдать, надзирать, подсматривать, случайно увидеть
resaw - распиливать доски на доски, продольная распиловка древесины
sawing - пиление, распиловка, распиливать

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