Noun: счет партитура количество очков отметка
Verb: вести счет выигрывать засчитывать отмечать


disastrous score - разгромный счёт

score an ace - выиграть очко

to kick a goal, make a goal, score a goal - забить гол

by a score - со счётом

the score stood (at) five to three - счёт был пять-три

a score or two of instances - десяток-другой примеров

to score against a team - вести счёт не в пользу команды

on the score of - по причине

to achieve / score a triumph - добиться победы

cutoff score - критическая оценка

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What's the score now? - Какой сейчас счёт?

What's the score? - Как обстановка?

The debt is paid, the score is crossed. - Долг уплачен, счёт закрыт.

Score up a debt to Tom. - Запишите долг на счёт Тома.

Score out that last name. - Вычеркните последнее имя.

My test score showed on the screen. - На экране появился результат моего теста.

How does the score stand? - Какой счёт?

She scored ten points for her team. - Она принесла своей команде десять очков.

The score was one all. - Счёт был "один — один".

He scored a 200. - Он набрал двести баллов.

He scored twice to level the score. - Он дважды забил и сравнял счёт.

The home team scored many times. - Хозяева поля забили много раз.

Who wrote the score for the movie? - Кто написал музыку для этого фильма?

Who's going to score the game? - Кто будет вести счёт игры?

We lost the game by a score of 4–2. - Мы проиграли этот матч со счётом 4-2.

You got a perfect score! Well done! - Вы получили высший балл! Молодец!

A new performance scored a great success. - Новая постановка имела большой успех.

The top score was 72. - Самый высокий результат составил 72 балла. / Максимальный набранный балл составил 72.

Does anyone know the final score? - Кто-нибудь знает итоговый счёт?

Did you score last night? - Ну что, тебе вчера перепало? (о сексе)

He studied the score of the sonata. - Он изучил партитуру этой сонаты.

No one else can score goals like he can! - Никто не умеет забивать голы так, как он!

Walter hail'd a score of names upon her. - Уолтер засыпал её двумя десятками имён.

The score was tied at the half. - После первой половины встречи счёт был ничейный.

The highest possible score is 100. - Наивысший возможный балл — 100.

When they robbed me, I had about a score on me. - Когда на меня напали грабители, при мне было где-то долларов двадцать.

Gloriana would run her very close on the score of beauty. - Глориана не отставала от неё по красоте.

He had an IQ score of 120. - Его коэффициент умственного развития был сто двадцать.

She scored twice in the game. - Она дважды отличилась в этой игре.

The score at half-time was 34-7. - После первой половины матча счёт был 34—7.

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Связанные термины:

box score: a detailed summary, printed typically in a rectangular format, of a contest, esp. a baseball or basketball game, showing the statistical performance of each contestant

raw score: the points awarded in a test before these are adjusted or converted

score off: to gain an advantage at someone else's expense

score out: to delete or cancel by marking through with a line or lines; cross out

TE score: Tertiary Entrance score : a score based on a pupil's performance in secondary school that determines his or her prospects of gaining entrance to tertiary educational institutions

the score: the actual situation; the true facts

apgar score: system for determining the condition of an infant at birth

full score: the entire score of a musical composition, showing each part separately

keep score: If you keep score of the number of things that are happening in a certain situation, you count them and record them.

line score: a brief listing of the final score and major statistical totals of a game, esp. a baseball game

score card: a card for recording the score of a game, match, etc., as in golf

score draw: A score draw is the result of a football match in which both teams score at least one goal, and they score the same number of goals.

short score: a condensed version of the score for a musical composition, usually written for piano

vocal score: a musical score that shows voice parts in full and orchestral parts in the form of a piano transcription

credit score: A borrower's credit score is a number calculated by a credit bureau to express how likely they are to be able to pay back their loans .

score points: to gain an advantage over someone, especially in a discussion or argument

scratch score: an estimated number of strokes for a hole or course that a scratch player should make

aggregate score: a score calculated by adding the results of several matches

Bradford score: a measure of the amount of time during which an employee is absent from work, based on assigning a number of points according to the frequency and length of absences

by the score: If things happen or exist by the score, they happen or exist in large numbers.

standard score: the test score of a participant expressed as the deviation of the score from the mean score of the sample in units of standard deviation

know the score: If you know the score, you know what the real facts of a situation are and how they affect you, even though you may not like them.

no-score draw: A no-score draw is the result of a football match in which neither team scores any goals .

over the score: excessive; unfair

settle a score: to take revenge for something that someone has done to you in the past

score points off: to gain an advantage at someone else's expense

on that/this score: You can use on that score or on this score to refer to something that has just been mentioned, especially an area of difficulty or concern .

piano reduction: a musical score having the parts condensed or simplified in two staves, to render the music playable on the piano by one person

scorecard: A scorecard is a printed card that tells you who is taking part in a match, and on which officials, players, or people watching can record each player's score.

scoresheet: a sheet of paper on which scores are recorded

standard scratch score: the number of strokes a scratch player would need to go round a particular course, based on the length of each hole to the green and allowing 36 putts for the round

score a point over / score points off: If you score a point over someone, or score points off them, you gain an advantage over them, usually by saying something clever or making a better argument .

make a hit with: to make a favourable impression on

to settle a score to settle an old score: If you settle a score or settle an old score with someone, you take revenge on them for something they have done in the past .

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Однокоренные слова:

score off - одержать верх, посадить в калошу, унижать
score out - вычеркивать

Связанные слова: