Noun: море волнение волна прилив
Adjective: морской приморский


boiling sea - бушующее море

carriage by sea - морская перевозка

compartment is open to sea - отсек имеет пробоину

to cross the sea - переплыть море

the depths of the sea - пучина моря

to determine a position at sea - определить место (судна) в море

to take / have a dip (in the sea) - окунуться (в море)

to divide a pathway through the sea - рассекать морские просторы

the smells evocative of the sea - запахи, напоминающие о море

fastness to sea water - стойкость к воздействию морской воды

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The sea was perfectly calm. - Море было совершенно спокойным.

He went to sea when he was eighteen. - Он стал моряком, когда ему было восемнадцать.

Brighton is on the sea - Брайтон расположен на море

They stood side by side looking out to sea. - Они стояли рядышком и смотрели на море.

Millions of plants and animals live in the sea. - В море живут миллионы животных и растений.

She's out enjoying the sea air. - Она на улице, наслаждается морским воздухом.

The refugees put to sea in five rickety rafts. - Беглецы отправились в море на пяти расшатанных плотах.

They headed west toward the open sea. - Они направились на запад, в сторону открытого моря.

There was a great castle built right on the sea. - Прямо на берегу моря стоял величественный замок.

Magellan's voyage is the greatest single human achievement on the sea. - Среди всех достижений человека на море, величайшим является плавание Магеллана.

He looked down at the sea of smiling faces before him. - Он посмотрел вниз, на море улыбающихся лиц перед ним.

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Связанные термины:

at sea: At sea means on or under the sea, far away from land.

Red Sea: a long narrow sea between Arabia and NE Africa, linked with the Mediterranean in the north by the Suez Canal and with the Indian Ocean in the south: occasionally reddish in appearance through algae. Area: 438 000 sq km (169 000 sq miles)

sea air: The sea air is the air at the seaside, which is regarded as being good for people's health.

sea bag: a large, cylindrical canvas bag in which a sailor carries clothing and personal belongings

sea cow: any sirenian mammal, such as a dugong or manatee

sea dog: A sea dog is a sailor is who has spent many years at sea.

Sea-Doo: a small self-propelled watercraft for one person

sea-ear: an edible marine gastropod mollusc, Haliotis tuberculata, that has an ear-shaped shell perforated with holes and occurs near the Channel Islands

sea eel: the conger eel ; Anguilla anguilla

sea egg: a green sea urchin, Evichinus chloroticus, eaten in New Zealand

sea fan: any of various corals of the genus Gorgonia and related genera, having a treelike or fan-shaped horny skeleton : order Gorgonacea ( gorgonians )

sea fir: of or relating to the Hydroida, an order of colonial hydrozoan coelenterates that have the polyp phase dominant

sea god: a god of the sea

sea mat: any aquatic invertebrate animal of the phylum Bryozoa, forming colonies of polyps each having a ciliated feeding organ ( lophophore )

sea mew: → sea gull

sea pen: any of various anthozoan coelenterates of the genus Pennatula and related genera, forming fleshy feather-like colonies in warm seas: order Pennatulacea

the sea: the mass of salt water on the earth's surface as differentiated from the land

Aral Sea: a lake in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, east of the Caspian Sea, formerly the fourth largest lake in the world: shallow and saline, now badly polluted ; use of its source waters for irrigation led to a loss of over 50% of its area between 1967 and 1997, after which the reduction began to be slowed . Area originally (to 1960) about 68 000 sq km (26 400 sq miles); water area reduced by 2004 to about 17 158 sq km (6625 sq miles) and the lake divided into sections

azure sea: The sea is the salty water that covers about three-quarters of the Earth's surface.

Banda Sea: a part of the Pacific in Indonesia, between Sulawesi and New Guinea

Black Sea: an inland sea between SE Europe and Asia: connected to the Aegean Sea by the Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles, and to the Sea of Azov by the Kerch Strait . Area: about 415 000 sq km (160 000 sq miles)

blue sea: The sea is the salty water that covers about three-quarters of the Earth's surface.

calm sea: The sea is the salty water that covers about three-quarters of the Earth's surface.

China Sea: part of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of China : divided by Taiwan into the East China Sea in the north and the South China Sea in the south

Coral Sea: the SW arm of the Pacific, between Australia, New Guinea, and Vanuatu

Dead Sea: a lake between Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank, now 430.5 m (1412 ft) below sea level ; originally 390 m (1285 ft): the lowest lake in the world, with no outlet and very high salinity; outline, esp at the southern end, reduced considerably in recent years. Area: originally about 950 sq km (365 sq miles); by 2016 about 605 sq km (234 sq miles)

deep-sea: Deep-sea activities take place in the areas of the sea that are a long way from the coast .

East Sea: → the Korean name for Sea of Japan

head sea: a sea in which the waves run directly against the course of a ship

high sea: the sea or ocean beyond the three-mile limit or territorial waters of a country

Irish Sea: an arm of the North Atlantic Ocean between Great Britain and Ireland

Java Sea: an inland sea north of the island of Java, and south of Borneo, Indonesia

Kara Sea: a shallow arm of the Arctic Ocean off the N coast of Russia : ice-free for about three months of the year

North Sea: an arm of the Atlantic between Great Britain and the N European mainland . Area: about 569 800 sq km (220 000 sq miles)

open sea: the expanse of sea away from any coastlines, bays, inlets, etc.

Ross Sea: a large arm of the S Pacific in Antarctica, incorporating the Ross Ice Shelf and lying between Victoria Land and the Edward VII Peninsula

rough sea: The sea is the salty water that covers about three-quarters of the Earth's surface.

sea aster: a composite perennial plant of salt marshes, Aster tripolium, having yellow and purple flowers like those of the related Michaelmas daisy

sea bass: any of various American coastal percoid fishes of the genus Centropristes and related genera, such as C. striatus ( black sea bass ), having an elongated body with a long spiny dorsal fin almost divided into two: family Serranidae

sea beet: the wild form of Beta vulgaris

sea bird: a bird such as a gull, that lives on the sea

sea boot: a very high waterproof boot worn by fishermen and sailors

sea bream: any sparid fish, esp Pagellus centrodontus, of European seas, valued as a food fish

sea calf: the common seal

sea chest: a usually large firm chest used by a sailor for storing personal property

sea devil: → devilfish

sea duck: any of various large diving ducks, such as the eider and the scoter, that occur along coasts

sea eagle: any of various fish-eating eagles that live near the sea, esp Haliaetus albicilla ( European sea eagle or white-tailed eagle ) having a brown plumage and white tail

sea fight: a battle at sea

sea fish: a fish that lives in salt water

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