Noun: поиски поиск обыск розыск
Verb: искать поискать разыскивать обыскивать


to search to the bottom - досконально исследовать, добираться до сути

to conduct a search - искать, обыскивать

disjunctive search - дизъюнктивный поиск

to drop the search - прекратить поиск

in search of adventure - в поисках приключений

to search narrowly - тщательно искать

a search party - группа поиска

to search for one's roots - искать свои корни

fruitless search - бесплодные поиски

to search for evidence - искать доказательства

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Mark went in search of water. - Марк отправился на поиски воды.

'Where is she?' 'Search me!' - "Где она?". 'Понятия не имею!' (Search me - в разговорном языке используется чтобы сообщить что не знаете ответа на вопрос)

She searched for information on the Web. - Она искала информацию в Интернете.

A search found 46 websites. - Поиск нашел 46 сайтов.

The search for the great is useless. - Поиски возвышенного бессмысленны.

Many people spend years searching after peace of mind. - Многие люди проводят годы в поисках душевного покоя.

a search and rescue team - поисково-спасательная команда

The police searched the suspect - Полицейские обыскали подозреваемого.

After a half-hearted search, they go home. - После вялых поисков, они отправляются домой.

I won't let the police search her basement. - Я не позволю полиции обыскивать её подвал.

VLSI search tree - СБИС-реализация дерева поиска, микросхемная реализация алгоритма древовидного поиска

in search of plunder - в поисках, чего бы пограбить

Anya searched his face anxiously. - Аня встревоженно всмотрелась в его лицо.

The area was thoroughly searched. - Район тщательно обыскали.

Search the Web for cheap flights. - Дешёвые авиабилеты ищите в интернете.

Young people gravitate to / towards the cities in search of work. - Молодёжь стремится в большие города в поисках работы.

Scientists are still searching for a cure. - Учёные всё ещё находятся в поисках лекарства.

The search party broke up into smaller units. - Поисковая партия разбилась на более мелкие группы.

Do a search on 'rabbit' and see what it brings up. - Забейте в поиск слово "rabbit" (кролик), и посмотрите, что появится на экране.

The cattle range over many miles in search of food. - Скот проходит мили в поисках пищи.

a lawful search of the property - законный обыск имущества

I performed a search for the file. - Я произвёл поиск файла (на компьютере).

a sinner's search for redemption - поиск грешником пути к спасению души

the search for the elixir of life - поиски эликсира жизни

He roamed about in search of work. - Он бродил по округе в поисках работы.

migrants in search of work on farms - мигранты в поисках работы на ферме

The cattle roamed in search of water. - Коровы бродили в поисках воды.

She paused, searching for inspiration. - Она остановилась, в поисках вдохновения.

a futile search for intelligent nightlife - бесплодные поиски интеллектуальных ночных развлечений

They organized a party to search for food. - Они организовали группу для поиска продовольствия.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

search me: You say ' search me ' when someone asks you a question and you want to emphasize that you do not know the answer .

body search: If a person is body searched, someone such as a police officer searches them while they remain clothed. Comparestrip-search .

job search: a search for employment

search dog: a dog trained to assist rescue workers in finding people buried under rubble by detection by smell

search out: If you search something out, you keep looking for it until you find it.

search tool: You can refer to anything that you use for a particular purpose as a particular type of tool .

global search: a word-processing operation in which a complete computer file or set of files is searched for every occurrence of a particular word or other sequence of characters

search engine: A search engine is a computer program that searches for documents containing a particular word or words on the internet.

search order: an injunction allowing a person to enter the premises of another to search for and take copies of evidence required for a court case, used esp in cases of infringement of copyright

search party: A search party is an organized group of people who are searching for someone who is missing.

strip-search: If a person is strip-searched, someone such as a police officer makes them take off all their clothes and searches them, usually to see if they are carrying drugs or weapons . Comparebody search .

in search of: If you go in search of something or someone, you try to find them.

search warrant: A search warrant is a special document that gives the police permission to search a house or other building.

fingertip search: When the police carry out a fingertip search of a place, they examine it for evidence in a very detailed way .

search an area: An area is a particular part of a town, a country, a region, or the world.

right of search: the right of a belligerent to stop and search neutral merchant ships on the high seas in wartime

search an address: Your address is the number of the house, flat, or apartment and the name of the street and the town where you live or work.

search-and-destroy: designed to find and destroy by bombing etc

search and rescue: the activity of looking for and rescuing people who are lost or in danger

Anton Piller order: an injunction allowing a person to enter the premises of another to search for and take copies of evidence required for a court case, used esp in cases of infringement of copyright

search engine optimization: the process of adjusting the content, structure, etc, of a website so that it will be displayed prominently by a search engine

search high and low for something: to look for something very carefully and thoroughly, looking in every possible place that it could be

SEO: search engine optimization

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Однокоренные слова:

search out - разыскивать, находить

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