Noun: секунда мгновение момент секундант
Adjective: другой повторный дополнительный вторичный
Adverb: вторым классом вторым номером во второй группе
Verb: подкреплять поддерживать быть секундантом помогать
Numeral: второй


to be in second childhood - впасть в детство

second conviction - повторная судимость

degeneracy of the second kind - вырождение второго рода

determinant of second order - определитель второго порядка

second distributive law - второй закон дистрибутивности

the second flight of ads - вторая серия рекламы

in a fraction of a second - за долю секунды

machine translation systems of the second generation - системы машинного перевода второго поколения

second language - второй язык

second molar - второй коренной зуб

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I'll be back in a second. - Я вернусь через секунду.

Just a second, please. - Одну секундочку. / Подождите минутку, пожалуйста.

I'll second that motion. - Я поддержу это предложение.

The motion has been seconded. - Предложение получило поддержку.

He stood second in line. - Он был вторым в шеренге.

the second house on the left - второй дом слева

Mrs. Charlton instantly seconded the proposal. - Миссис Чарльтон тотчас же одобрила предложение.

Henry the Second - Генрих II

That's the second time I've seen him today. - Я его за сегодня второй раз вижу.

This is the second of the four tests. - Это второй из четырех тестов.

We sat in the second row. - Мы сидели во втором ряду.

Hold your breath for six seconds. - Задержите дыхание на шесть секунд.

I'll second that motion. - Я поддержу это предложение.

She was seconded to the Foreign Office. - Она была прикомандирована к Министерству иностранных дел.

She plays second violin in the city orchestra. - Она играет вторую скрипку в городском оркестре.

She won second prize. - Она заняла второе место. / Она выиграла вторую премию.

He came in a close second. - Он пришёл вторым, с небольшим отставанием от первого места.

He is the second Napoleon. - Он — второй Наполеон.

Clinton's second term in office - второй срок Клинтона на посту президента

Within seconds, Bev called back. - Бев перезвонила через несколько секунд.

Africa's second highest mountain - вторая по высоте гора Африки

The operation takes only 30 seconds. - Операция занимает всего тридцать секунд.

We advertised for a second guitarist. - Мы дали объявление о поиске второго гитариста.

Second, we must consider the economy. - Во-вторых, мы должны учитывать экономику.

I came second in the UK Championships. - Я занял второе место на первенстве Великобритании.

B is the second letter in the alphabet. - "Б" — вторая буква алфавита.

The chair needs a second coat of paint. - Этот стул нужно покрыть вторым слоем краски.

They climbed to second place in the League. - Они поднялись на второе место в Лиге.

The officer was seconded for duty overseas. - Этот офицер был откомандирован для прохождения службы за рубежом.

There was a second reason for his dismissal. - Был и второй повод для его увольнения.

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Связанные термины:

half-second: 1/120 of a minute of time

leap second: a second added to or removed from a scale for reckoning time on one particular occasion, to synchronize it with another scale

second base: the base located behind the pitcher, the second of the four bases that a base runner attempts to reach safely

second best: Second best is used to describe something that is not as good as the best thing of its kind but is better than all the other things of that kind.

Second City: Chicago, Ill .

second form: → the second form

second gear: → another word for second 1 (sense 11 )

second-half: happening in the second half of a game

second hand: Second-hand things are not new and have been owned by someone else.

second home: another house ; an additional house; a holiday house

second line: a jaunty, syncopated rhythm in 2/4 time, often used in the rhythm and blues and jazz of New Orleans

second man: a person who assists the driver in crewing a locomotive

second mate: the next in command of a merchant vessel after the first mate

second name: Someone's second name is their family name, or the name that comes after their first name and before their family name.

second-rate: If you describe something as second-rate, you mean that it is of poor quality.

second row: the forwards in the second row of a scrum

second-run: designating or of:

second self: a person so intimately associated with another as to have taken on many of that person's personality traits, attitudes, beliefs, etc.

second-tier: not in the first rank

second unit: an additional crew on a film production, usually used at a second location for filming crowd scenes, exteriors, and other shots that do not require the principal actors

second wife: Someone's wife is the woman they are married to.

second wind: When you get your second wind, you become able to continue doing something difficult or energetic after you have been tired or out of breath .

Second Advent: the prophesied return of Christ to earth at the Last Judgment

second ballot: an electoral procedure in which, if no candidate emerges as a clear winner in a first ballot, candidates at the bottom of the poll are eliminated and another ballot is held among the remaining candidates

second banana: a performer in show business, esp. burlesque, who plays a subordinate role, as straight man, to the top banana, or star comedian

second class: If someone treats you as a second-class citizen, they treat you as if you are less valuable and less important than other people.

Second Coming: When Christians refer to the second coming, they mean the expected return to Earth of Jesus Christ.

second cousin: Your second cousins are the children of your parents' first cousins. Comparefirst cousin .

second-degree: In the United States, second-degree is used to describe crimes that are considered to be less serious than first-degree crimes.

Second Empire: the imperial government of France under Napoleon III

second estate: the nobility collectively

second fiddle: the second violin in a string quartet or one of the second violins in an orchestra

second floor: the storey of a building immediately above the first and two floors up from the ground

second grade: (in the US) the second year of school, when children are seven or eight years old

second-grader: a pupil who is in the second grade

second growth: natural regrowth of a forest after fire, cutting, or some other disturbance

second-guess: If you try to second-guess something, you try to guess in advance what someone will do or what will happen .

second-homer: a person who owns another house in addition to their main home, often in an area where they are not native and used as a holiday home

second house: → the second house

second nature: If a way of behaving is second nature to you, you do it almost without thinking because it is easy for you or obvious to you.

second papers: the documents by which an alien formerly made application for U.S. citizenship after having earlier filed a declaration of intention

second person: A statement in the second person is a statement about the person or people you are talking to. The subject of a statement like this is 'you'.

Second Reich: the Holy Roman Empire ( First Reich )

second sight: If you say that someone has second sight, you mean that they seem to have the ability to know or see things that are going to happen in the future, or are happening in a different place.

second-source: of or pertaining to a cooperative arrangement whereby the products, as electronic parts, of one company are also manufactured by another company

second-strike: (of a nuclear weapon) intended to be used in a counterattack in response to a nuclear attack

second string: If you describe a person or thing as someone's second string, you mean that they are only used if another person or thing is not available .

second teeth: the teeth which replace the milk teeth

sixty-second: being between sixty-one and sixty-three in numbering or counting order, position, time, etc: often written 62nd

split second: A split second is an extremely short period of time.

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Однокоренные слова:

secondary - вторичный, средний, второй, подчиненный, представитель
seconder - выступающий за проект
secondly - во-вторых, кроме того, к тому же

Связанные слова: