Adjective: посланный


documents sent for collection - документы, посланные на инкассо

he sent the book flying at me - он швырнул в меня книгой

he was sent to buy pigeon's milk - его разыграли

sent not a cat for lard - пустить козла в огород

be sent through - пропускаться через

sent his/her regards - передаёт свой привет

sent his regards - передаёт свой привет

sent off fumes - выделять испарения

sent to the bottom - пустить ко дну

something sent it out of my head - это почему-то выскочило у меня из головы; я почему-то забыл об этом

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Связанные термины:

scend: (of a vessel) to surge upwards in a heavy sea

send: When you send someone something, you arrange for it to be taken and delivered to them, for example by post .

sended: to cause or order (a person or thing) to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place

resend: to send again or back

swash: (esp of water or things in water) to wash or move with noisy splashing

swash channel: (esp of water or things in water) to wash or move with noisy splashing

heaven-sent: You use heaven-sent to describe something such as an opportunity which is unexpected, but which is very welcome because it occurs at just the right time.

send for: If you send for someone, you send them a message asking them to come and see you.

send in: If you send in something such as a competition entry or a letter applying for a job, you post it to the organization concerned.

send off: When you send off a letter or package, you send it somewhere by post .

send on: If you send on something you have received, especially a document, you send it to another place or person.

send out: If you send out things such as letters or bills, you send them to a large number of people at the same time.

send up: If you send someone or something up, you imitate them in an amusing way that makes them appear foolish.

send down: If a student is sent down from their university or college, they are made to leave because they have behaved very badly .

send a fax: If you send a fax, you send a copy of a document from one fax machine to another.

send out for: If you send out for food, for example pizzas or sandwiches, you phone and ask for it to be delivered to you.

sendoff: a demonstration of good wishes to a person about to set off on a journey, new career, etc

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Однокоренные слова:

dissent - несогласие, разногласие, раскол, расходиться во взглядах
resent - возмущаться, обижаться, негодовать
sentence - предложение, приговор, изречение, приговорить, приговаривать, осуждать
sentiment - настроение, чувство, мнение, отношение, сентиментальность, пожелание

Связанные слова: