Noun: служба услуга обслуживание сервис
Verb: обслуживать случать уплачивать заправлять горючим
Adjective: служебный вспомогательный послужной временный


service bureau - бюро услуг

bus service - (местное) автобусное сообщение

to come into service / use - входить в употребление

to service a car - отправить машину в автосервис

service charge - плата за обслуживание

the clerical service of the customs - канцелярия таможни

compulsory (military) service - воинская повинность

to conscript into the military service - призывать на военную службу

customer service - служба работы с покупателями (клиентами)

in-service time - продолжительность эксплуатации

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I am glad to be of service. - Рад услужить. / Рад помочь.

He did a year's military service. - Он отслужил в армии один год.

It is time to get my car serviced. - Пора проходить техобслуживание.

I'm getting the bus homemy car's in for a service. - Я добираюсь домой на автобусе: мой автомобиль в сервисе.

I am entirely at your service. - Я полностью в вашем распоряжении.

It's your service. - Тебе подавать. / Ваша подача. (о теннисе)

He died on active service. - Он погиб на фронте.

Service is included in the bill. - Обслуживание включено в счёт.

Can I be of any service? - Могу ли я быть чем-то полезен?

How far is it to the next services? - Как далеко до следующей СТО?

This service is not tariffed. - Эта услуга нетарифицирована.

Technical service will be charged extra. - Техническое обслуживание будет оплачиваться дополнительно.

The service was rotten. - Обслуживание было тухлое. (разг.)

I'm having the car serviced next week. - На следующей неделе у меня техобслуживание автомобиля.

Your car will be serviced on Thursday. - Ваша машина будет отремонтирована в четверг.

The company was unable to service the loan. - Компания была не в состоянии обслуживать заём.

The electric company services all nine counties. - Эта энергетическая компания обслуживает все девять округов.

The hotel provides a shoe-cleaning service for guests. - Отель предоставляет гостям услугу чистки обуви.

United Kingdom Transplant Service - Трансплантационная служба Соединенного Королевства

They complained of poor bar service. - Они пожаловались на плохое обслуживание в баре.

Intelligence Service - Интеллидженс Сервис (разведывательная служба в Великобритании)

Internal Revenue Service - Налоговое управление (США)

The choir monotone the service. - Хор монотонно поёт службу.

I really grudge paying for poor service. - Мне очень жалко платить за некачественный сервис.

He saw service during the First World War. - Он служил в армии во время Первой мировой войны.

He was evaluated as unfit for military service. - Его признали негодным для военной службы.

They bitched about the service, then about the bill. - Сначала они брюзжали по поводу обслуживания, потом по поводу счёта.

She was dissatisfied by the poor service. - Она была недовольна плохим обслуживанием

The risks are incident to military service. - Риск присущ военной службе.

Civil Service mandarins - отсталые государственные чиновники

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Связанные термины:

e-service: the use of electronic technology by an organization to provide services to its customers

air service: the services performed by an airline, as flights between various destinations to transport passengers, freight, and mail

ex-service: having formerly served in the armed forces

in-service: If people working in a particular profession are given in-service training, they attend special courses to improve their skills or to learn about new developments in their field .

lip service: If you say that someone pays lip service to an idea, you are critical of them because they say they are in favour of it, but they do not do anything to support it.

of service: If someone or something is of service to you, they help you or are useful to you.

service bus: a public bus with a regular route

service cap: a military cap with a round, flat top and a visor

tea service: A tea service is the same as a → tea set .

break service: to win a game in which an opponent is serving

carol service: a service, held in a church around Christmas, at which Christmas carols are sung

civil service: The Civil Service of a country consists of its government departments and all the people who work in them. In many countries, the departments concerned with military and legal affairs are not part of the Civil Service.

curb service: service, for example, from a restaurant to customers in vehicles parked at the curb

debt service: the amount set aside annually in a fund to pay the interest and the part of the principal due on a debt

field service: military service performed in the field

fire service: The fire service is an organization which has the job of putting out fires.

food service: the preparation, delivery, serving, etc., of ready-to-eat foods

full-service: offering the complete range of services for a business of its type

goods service: a transport service in which goods are sent by train from one location to another

jury service: civic duty to serve on a jury

maid service: a service in a hotel or other form of holiday accommodation in which a chambermaid cleans and tidies your room

manu-service: denoting a business that involves both the manufacture of goods and the provision of after-sales services

news service: an organization that gathers and publishes or broadcasts news

poor service: The level or standard of service provided by an organization or company is the amount or quality of the work it can do for you.

room service: Room service is a service in a hotel by which meals or drinks are provided for guests in their rooms.

self-service: A self-service shop, restaurant, or garage is one where you get things for yourself rather than being served by another person.

service area: A service area is a place beside a motorway where you can buy petrol and other things, or have a meal .

service book: a book containing the forms of worship used in divine services

service break: a tennis game won when the other player was serving

service club: any of various clubs, as Rotary, Kiwanis, etc., organized to provide certain services for its members and to promote the community welfare

service dress: a khaki army uniform more formal than khakis but less formal than full army dress

service flat: a flat in which domestic services are provided by the management

service game: a game in which a particular tennis player is the one who serves

service hatch: a small hatch or opening in a kitchen wall used to serve food through to an adjoining room

service lift: a lift which carries heavy goods in a place of business, as for example, plates in a restaurant

service line: the line at the back of the court behind which the server must stand when serving

service mark: a symbol, design, word, letter, slogan, etc. used by a supplier of a service, as transportation, laundry, etc. to distinguish the service from that of a competitor

service medal: a medal awarded for performance of specified service, usually in time of war or national emergency

service rifle: a rifle that is issued as standard to soldiers of an army or armed force

service road: a relatively narrow road running parallel to a main road and providing access to houses, shops, offices, factories, etc, situated along its length

service tree: a Eurasian rosaceous tree, Sorbus domestica, cultivated for its white flowers and brown edible apple-like fruits

train service: the provision of trains available to the public

valet service: a cleaning service, in which your clothes are collected for cleaning, from your house or hotel, and returned to you

wire service: an agency supplying news, etc, to newspapers, radio and television stations, etc

World Service: a service of the British Broadcasting Corporation which transmits programmes in many languages around the world

active service: Someone who is on active service is taking part in a war as a member of the armed forces.

church service: an instance of a religious service in a church

coffee service: a set of china consisting of coffee cups and saucers, a pot, milk jug, and sugar bowl

courier service: a special delivery service

customs service: The Customs Service is a United States federal organization which is responsible for collecting taxes on imported and exported goods. CompareCustoms and Excise .

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Однокоренные слова:

disservice - плохая услуга, ущерб, вред
serviceable - пригодный к эксплуатации, полезный, практичный, прочный
servicing - обслуживать, случать, заправлять горючим

Связанные слова: