Adjective: установившийся установленный определенный предусмотренный
Verb: устанавливать задавать ставить определять
Noun: набор комплект комплекс сет


to detonate / explode / set off a bomb - взрывать бомбу

to set bond - выпустить облигации

to set a booby trap - поставить ловушку

to set off / trigger a booby trap - приводить в действие мину-ловушку

to set antenna to bear on an object - наводить антенну на объект

to put / set bounds (to) - ограничивать

to draw / fix / set a boundary - провести границу

to set up a call - предоставлять разговор

to make / pitch / set up a camp - разбить лагерь, расположиться лагерем

to set equal to - приравнивать

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Did you set the alarm? - Ты поставила / завела будильник?

The film is set in Africa. - Действие фильма происходит в Африке.

A man with deep-set eyes - Мужчина с глубоко посаженными глазами

a house set on a hilltop - дом, который находится на вершине холма

Her last remark has set me thinking. - Ее последнее высказывание заставило меня задуматься.

Her college is set in the countryside. - Её колледж находится в сельской местности.

The novel is set in France. - Действие романа разворачивается во Франции.

The hotel does a very good set menu. - В этой гостинице очень хорошее комплексное меню.

We are set to go at any time. - Мы готовы отправиться в любое время.

I remember setting my bag right here. - Я помню, что поставил сумку вот здесь.

We face a new set of problems. - Мы стоим перед лицом новых проблем.

We met on the set of Hamlet. - Мы познакомились на съёмочной площадке "Гамлета".

Are you all set for the trip? - Все готовы к путешествию?

The sun sets early these days. - Солнце сейчас садится рано.

'Damn you,' he said through set teeth. - 'Черт с тобой", - сказал он сквозь зубы.

Usually the heating is set on 'low'. - Обычно отопление установлено на низком уровне.

We were paid a set amount each week. - Каждую неделю нам платили одинаковую /установленную/ сумму.

Their house is set back from the road. - Их дом находится в стороне от дороги.

Sasha performed a 3-hour set. - Саша дал трёхчасовой концерт.

He tested the set of the glue. - Он проверил, застыл ли клей.

He gave a final set to his hat. - Он закончил поправлять на голове шляпу.

Sampras won the second set 6 - 4. - Сампрас выиграл второй сет со счётом шесть — четыре.

the time set for the launching - время, назначенное для запуска

Protestors set fire to two buses. - Протестующие подожгли два автобуса.

Rangers will set a trap to catch the bear. - Лесничие устроят западню /поставят капкан/, чтобы поймать медведя.

He stared at her, his face set. - Он уставился на неё с застывшим лицом.

Adam's in the top set for maths. - Адам — среди лучших по математике.

Small children like a set routine. - Маленькие дети любят, когда всё идёт, как обычно /по установленному порядку/.

The set of prime numbers is infinite. - Множество всех простых чисел — бесконечно.

The set (x, y) has two members. - Множество (x, y) содержит два члена.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

set width: to put or place in position or into a specified state or condition

filmset: to set (type matter ) by filmsetting

set in: If something unpleasant sets in, it begins and seems likely to continue or develop.

set on: To set animals on someone means to cause the animals to attack them.

set to: A set-to is a dispute or fight.

set up: If you set something up, you create or arrange it.

all set: prepared ; ready

box set: a collection of items of the same type, packaged together for sale in a presentation box

jet set: You can refer to rich and successful people who live in a luxurious way as the jet set .

saw set: a tool used for setting the teeth of a saw, consisting of a type of clamp used to bend each tooth in turn at a slight angle to the plane of the saw to improve cutting, alternate teeth being bent in the same direction

set off: When you set off, you start a journey.

set out: When you set out, you start a journey.

tea set: A tea set is a set of cups, saucers, and plates, with a milk jug, sugar bowl, and teapot .

boxed set: a collection of items of the same type, packaged together for sale in a presentation box

chess set: a set of 32 chessmen constituting complete sets in two colours, and sometimes including a chess board

close-set: (esp of the eyes) positioned close together

cruet set: a set of pots to hold salt and pepper

data set: a folder, box, etc, used to keep documents or other items in order

dead set: absolutely

deep-set: Deep-set eyes seem to be further back in the face than most people's eyes.

drum set: a set of drums, cymbals and possibly some other percussion instruments, intended to be played by a single player and arranged accordingly

film set: the scenery and props as arranged for shooting a film

flash set: undesirably rapid setting of cement in concrete

hard-set: plagued by difficulties

heavy-set: Someone who is heavy-set has a large solid body.

love set: a set in which the loser has a score of zero

mains set: an appliance, such as a television or radio, that is powered by mains electricity

mind-set: the ideas and attitudes with which a person approaches a situation, esp when these are seen as being difficult to alter

nail set: a tool used in driving the head of a nail below, or level with, a wood surface

open set: a set which is not a closed set

power set: a set the elements of which are all the subsets of a given set

proof set: a set of coins ( proof coins ), one of each denomination, minted annually from highly polished metal on special dies, issued for collectors rather than for circulation

radio set: an apparatus that receives radio signals

set about: to start or begin

set apart: If a characteristic sets you apart from other people, it makes you different from the others in a noticeable way.

set aside: If you set something aside for a special use or purpose, you keep it available for that use or purpose.

set back: If something sets you back or sets back a project or scheme, it causes a delay .

set down: If a committee or organization sets down rules for doing something, it decides what they should be and officially records them.

set forth: If you set forth a number of facts, beliefs, or arguments, you explain them in writing or speech in a clear, organized way.

set free: to cause to be free; release ; liberate

set loose: to make free; release

set lunch: Lunch is the meal that you have in the middle of the day.

set menu: a complete meal in a restaurant or café for a stated price with a limited number of options to choose from for each course; it is usually cheaper than ordering dishes individually from the à la carte menu

set piece: A set piece is an occasion such as a battle or a move in a game of football that is planned and carried out in an ordered way.

set point: a point that would enable one side to win a set

set sail: to embark on a voyage by ship

set scrum: the act or method of restarting play after an infringement, called by the referee, when the two opposing packs of forwards group together with heads down and arms interlocked and push to gain ground while the scrum half throws the ball in and the hookers attempt to scoop it out to their own team

set shot: a shot attempted by a player while standing in place, rather than while jumping in the air

set upon: If you are set upon by people, they make a sudden and unexpected physical attack on you.

sharp-set: set to give an acute cutting angle

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Однокоренные слова:

set about - приступать к, начинать, делать, нападать, начинать драку с, побуждать
set apart - отделять, приберегать, разнимать, откладывать в сторону
set aside - отложить, отставить, отменять, аннулировать, откладывать в сторону, отвергать
set back - воспрепятствовать, задерживать, переводить назад стрелки часов, остановить
set by - откладывать, приберегать
set down - отложить, высаживать, записывать, класть, засесть, усесться, осадить
set forth - излагать, отправляться, объяснять, выставлять напоказ
set forward - выдвигать, отправляться
set in - устанавливаться, наступать, начинаться
set off - отправлять, отправляться, выделять, выделяться, оттенять, запускать
set on - натравить, подстрекать, нападать, натравливать, наводить, подуськивать
set out - излагать, отправляться, выставлять, выехать, двинуться, намереваться
set over - ставить во главе
set to - приниматься за, браться за, начинать, вступать в бой
set up - устанавливать, учреждать, открывать, выдвигать, основывать, воздвигать, набирать

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