Adjective: фасонный профилированный фигурный имеющий определенную форму


shaped like a pear - грушевидный

saddle-shaped surface - седлообразная поверхность

star-shaped body - звездообразное тело

flying-wing-shaped bomber - бомбардировщик схемы "летающее крыло"

hopper-shaped bottom - холодная воронка

bouquet-shaped molecules - молекулы в форме букета

ram-shaped bow - таранный нос

bulb-shaped finisher - грушевидная концевая фреза

bulb-shaped lamp - шаровая лампа

glass pear-shaped bulb - стеклянная груша

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The dress was shaped to her figure. - Платье подогнали по её фигуре.

The building was shaped like a giant pyramid. - Здание было выстроено в форме гигантской пирамиды.

This exercise develops a classically shaped body. - Это упражнение придаёт телу классические формы.

The artist shaped the stone with a hammer and chisel. - Художник обтесал камень молотком и зубилом.

The educational system should be shaped to the needs of the children. - Система образования должна отвечать потребностям детей.

the house's oddly shaped roof - странная форма крыши дома

The marketplace of the town is a spacious and irregularly shaped vacuity. - Городская рыночная площадь - это просторный пустырь неправильной формы.

Decisions are shaped by political calculations. - Решения принимаются на основании политической выгоды.

His early orphanage shaped his character as an adult. - Ранняя смерть родителей сформировала его характер взрослого.

Our strong sense of national identity has been shaped by our history. - Наше сильное чувство национального самознания сформировалось под влиянием нашей истории.

People's political beliefs are shaped by what they see in the papers. - Политические убеждения людей формируются за счёт того, что они видят в газетах.

The theories have been shaped and reshaped by this steady growth of knowledge. - Теории создаются и изменяются благодаря постоянному росту знаний.

The book is an excellent appraisal of the influences that have shaped our government. - Книга представляет собой отличную оценку факторов, которые сформировали наше правительство.

For their various and bizarrely shaped plumage, males of the bird of paradise species have few rivals. - По разнообразию и причудливой форме оперения самцам райских птиц почти нет равных.

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Связанные термины:

shape: The shape of an object, a person, or an area is the appearance of their outside edges or surfaces, for example whether they are round, square, curved, or fat .

L-shaped: having the shape of the letter L

O-shaped: resembling the rounded form of the letter O

T-shaped: having the shape of a letter T

U-shaped: having a shape in the form of the letter u

V-shaped: having the shape of a letter V

awl-shaped: shaped like an awl

bell-shaped: shaped like a bell

boat-shaped: shaped like a boat

egg-shaped: in the shape of an egg

fan-shaped: shaped like a fan

oval-shaped: having the shape of an ellipse or ellipsoid

pear-shaped: Something that is pear-shaped has a shape like a pear.

well-shaped: (of physical attributes ) having a good shape aesthetically or for a certain function

almond-shaped: oval

barrel-shaped: having the shape of a barrel

cigar-shaped: resembling a cigar in shape

heart-shaped: shaped like a stylized heart with a double rounded top

kidney-shaped: shaped like an oval with an inward curve at one side

onion-shaped: bulb-shaped; shaped like an onion

shaped charge: a charge arranged, in an armor-piercing projectile, in such a way as to concentrate its explosive force in a desired direction

wedge-shaped: shaped like a wedge

crescent-shaped: having the shape of a crescent

diamond-shaped: rhombic

go pear-shaped: If a situation goes pear-shaped, bad things start happening .

L-shaped curve: a curve on a graph that shows a sharp fall after which values remain low for a long period

V-shaped curve: a curve on a graph that shows a sharp fall followed by a correspondingly sharp rise

bell-shaped curve: → bell curve

U-shaped valley: a steep-sided valley caused by glacial erosion

shape up: If something is shaping up, it is starting to develop or seems likely to happen .

starlike: like a star in brilliance

salverform: (of the corolla of the phlox and certain other flowers) consisting of a narrow tube with flat spreading terminal petals

gourd: A gourd is a large round fruit with a hard skin . You can also use gourd to refer to the plant on which this fruit grows .

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Однокоренные слова:

shaper - формирователь, закройщик
shaping - шейпинг, придание формы, фасонирование, пластическая обработка

Связанные слова: