Noun: корабль судно парусное судно самолет
Verb: отправлять отгружать перевозить садиться на корабль


cargo boat / ship - грузовое судно

to clear a ship - разгрузить судно

to discharge cargo from a ship - разгружать корабль

ship is lying at dock - судно находится в доке

to ship by an air freight - отправлять грузовым самолётом

to ship goods overseas - отправлять товары за границу

to leave off a ship - снять судно с мели

to ship by air freight - отправлять грузовым самолётом

ship by water - отправлять водным транспортом

cargo ship - грузовое судно

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The ship was trim. - Корабль был великолепный.

The ship will unload tomorrow. - Судно будет разгружаться завтра.

He will travel by ship. - Он поплывёт на корабле. / Он будет путешествовать на корабле.

We were shipped off. - Нас выставили.

Coal is shipped by rail. - Уголь перевозят по железной дороге.

The ship was frozen in. - Корабль был скован льдом.

The ship struck a rock. - Судно наскочило на скалу / ударилось о скалу.

Grain is shipped by water. - Зерно перевозят водным транспортом.

It was among the first firms to ship cargo by air. - Она была одной из первых фирм, специализирующихся на перевозке грузов по воздуху.

Ship rides at anchor. - Судно стоит на якоре.

The ship was wharfed. - Корабль был пришвартован у пристани.

The ship rides the waves. - Судно скользит по волнам.

All the people were shipped. - Все поднялись на борт.

The big ship coaled. - Большой корабль загрузился углём.

Steam propels this ship - Пар приводит в движение этот корабль.

The ship was at anchor. - Корабль стоял на якоре.

The ship is in distress. - Корабль терпит бедствие.

The ship finally ported. - Корабль наконец-то пристал к берегу.

The ship was set afloat. - Судно было спущено на воду.

the ship's captain and crew - капитан и экипаж корабля

The ship hit an iceberg. - Корабль столкнулся с айсбергом.

in the belly of the ship - во чреве корабля

The torpedo sank the ship. - Торпеда потопила корабль.

The ship began to waterlog. - Корабль начал наполняться водой.

The ship struck an iceberg. - Корабль столкнулся с айсбергом.

a ship with an armored hull - корабль с бронированным корпусом

The ship was beyond salvage. - Корабль невозможно было спасти.

The ship was carrying drugs. - Этот корабль перевозил наркотики /медикаменты/.

The ship leaves at midnight. - Судно уходит в полночь.

Waves tossed the ship about. - Волны швыряли корабль из стороны в сторону.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If someone ships out, they leave a place, especially by ship.

If someone ships out, they leave a place, especially by ship.

Связанные термины:

Q-ship: a merchant ship with concealed guns, used to decoy enemy ships into the range of its weapons

drop-ship: To drop-ship an item is to have it sent direct from your supplier to your customer . This is a common method of fulfilling online orders.

fire ship: a ship filled with explosive materials, set afire and floated among an enemy's ships to destroy them

flak ship: a ship heavily armed with anti-aircraft weapons, used to protect other vessels from air attack

jump ship: to leave an organization or cause, either because you think it is about to fail or because you want to join a rival organization

ship out: If someone ships out, they leave a place, especially by ship.

ship over: to enlist or reenlist in the U.S. Navy

spy ship: a ship carrying surveillance equipment, used to secretly observe an enemy state from the sea

tall ship: A tall ship is a sailing ship which has very tall masts and square sails .

the Ship: the constellation → Argo

wear ship: to change the tack of a sailing vessel, esp a square-rigger, by coming about so that the wind passes astern

about-ship: to manoeuvre a vessel onto a new tack

cargo ship: a ship carrying cargo

cruise ship: A cruise ship is a large ship which takes people from place to place on a cruise holiday, and on which entertainment, food, and drink are provided.

depot ship: a ship providing supplies and facilities for other vessels or naval bases

dress ship: to decorate a vessel by displaying all signal flags on lines run from the bow to the stern over the mast trucks

drill ship: A drill ship is a ship which has been modified to include a drilling rig .

hotel ship: a ship which is moored and used as a hotel

mother ship: a ship providing facilities and supplies for a number of small vessels

motor ship: a ship propelled by an internal-combustion engine or engines

pirate ship: a sailing vessel used by a person who commits robbery on the seas

rocket ship: a spacecraft powered by rockets

school ship: a ship for training young people in seamanship, for a career in the regular or merchant navy

ship-broker: a person who acts for a shipowner by getting cargo and passengers for his or her ships and also handling insurance and other matters

ship canal: a canal constructed to carry ocean-going ships

ship money: a tax levied to finance the fitting out of warships : abolished 1640

ship-rigged: rigged as a full-rigged ship

slave ship: a ship used to transport slaves, esp formerly from Africa to the New World

supply ship: a ship that provides essential food and equipment to other ships or to offshore oil platforms

survey ship: a vessel designed to carry out research and surveying

tight ship: an institution, business, etc. that is highly organized and efficiently run, like a naval vessel on which discipline is strictly enforced

abandon ship: If people abandon ship, they get off a ship because it is sinking.

capital ship: one of the largest and most heavily armed ships in a naval fleet

drilling ship: a ship provided with drilling equipment and used esp for carrying out test drills

factory ship: A factory ship is a large fishing boat which has equipment for processing the fish that are caught, for example by cleaning or freezing them, before it returns to port .

hospital ship: a ship used in wars to provide hospital facilities, usually for the armed services

landing ship: any of various ships designed for transporting troops and heavy equipment in amphibious warfare, capable of making assault landings directly onto a beach

liberty ship: (in World War II) a US supply ship

merchant ship: a ship which is part of a nation's commercial shipping

recovery ship: a naval vessel designed to participate in the retrieval of a satellite, instrument package, or spaceship after it has re-entered the atmosphere and landed in the ocean

sailing ship: A sailing ship is a large ship with sails, especially of the kind that was used to carry passengers or cargo .

ship biscuit: → hardtack

ship chandler: a person or business dealing in supplies for ships

ship's boy: a young man or boy employed to attend the needs of passengers or officers aboard ship

training ship: a ship equipped for training novices in seamanship, esp for naval service

weather ship: a ship formerly used to collect meteorological information

whaling ship: a ship engaged in whaling

container ship: A container ship is a ship that is designed for carrying goods that are packed in large metal or wooden boxes .

passenger ship: a ship carrying passengers

ship of war: warship

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Однокоренные слова:

ship off - отправлять, отсылать, посылать
ship out - выйти в море, посылать, отправлять

Связанные слова: