Noun: рубашка рубаха сорочка блузка
Verb: надевать рубашку


check shirt - клетчатая рубашка

flaxen shirt - льняная рубаха

shirt mailed with silver - рубашка с серебряной кольчугой

check(ed) shirt - рубашка в клетку

to have not a shirt to one's back - жить в крайней нищете

to get one's shirt out - выйти из себя

sports shirt - рубашка-поло

polyester shirt - рубашка из полиэстера

to wave a bloody shirt - амер. натравливать одного на другого

shirt blouse - английская блузка

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How does this shirt fit? - Как сидит эта рубашка?

Have you ironed my shirt? - Вы погладили мою рубашку?

Tuck in your shirt. - Заправь рубаху.

Your shirt is similar to mine. - Ваша рубашка похожа на мою.

This shirt is all worn out. - Рубашка совсем износилась.

Does this shirt need ironing? - Нужно ли погладить эту рубашку?

Jack tucked his shirt in. - Джек заправил рубашку.

This shirt needs washing. - Эта рубашка нуждается в стирке.

Which shirt would you choose? - Какую рубашку вы бы выбрали?

The shirt smelled of perfume. - Рубашка пахла духами.

She has a stain on her shirt. - У неё пятно на рубашке.

a shirt with black and white stripes - рубашка в чёрно-белую полоску

The shirt is made of rayon. - Эта рубашка сделана из искусственного шёлка (вискозы).

This shirt fits just right. - Эта рубашка подходит в самый раз.

Is that shirt loose enough? - Не тесна ли эта рубашка?

She turned the shirt inside out. - Она вывернула рубашку наизнанку.

This shirt is too creased to wear. - Эта рубашка слишком мятая, чтобы её надевать.

He undid the top buttons of his shirt. - Он расстегнул верхние пуговицы своей рубашки.

He wore a blue shirt open at the neck. - На нём была голубая рубашка с открытым воротом.

Your shirt is drying on the clothesline. - Твоя рубашка сушится на бельевой веревке.

a man in a tattered shirt - мужчина в изорванной рубашке

Pin the needle to the shirt. - Приколи эту иголку к рубашке.

He pulled off his damp shirt. - Он стянул с себя влажную рубашку.

You've creased up my good shirt. - Ты помял мою чистую рубашку.

Perspiration dampened his shirt. - Его рубашка намокла от пота.

His wet shirt clung to his body. - Мокрая рубашка прилипла к его телу.

The label on this shirt itches me. - На этой рубашке щекочется ярлычок /бирка/.

His shirt was saturated with sweat. - Его рубашка была пропитана потом.

He turned under his shirt's collar. - Он подвернул воротничок рубашки.

I threw out that old shirt of yours. - Я выбросила эту твою старую рубашку.

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Связанные термины:

T-shirt: A T-shirt is a cotton shirt with no collar or buttons . T-shirts usually have short sleeves .

tee-shirt: → T-shirt

aloha shirt: → Hawaiian shirt

Black Shirt: a member of any fascist organization (specif., the former Italian Fascist party ) with a black-shirted uniform

Brown Shirt: (in Nazi Germany) a storm trooper

dress shirt: A dress shirt is a special shirt which men wear on formal occasions . It is worn with a dinner jacket and bow tie .

hair shirt: A hair shirt is a shirt made of rough uncomfortable cloth which some religious people used to wear to punish themselves.

polo shirt: A polo shirt is a soft short-sleeved piece of clothing with a collar, which you put on over your head.

rash shirt: a shirt worn by surfers as protection against sunburn, heat rash, etc

rugby shirt: a jersey, usually of brightly colored striped fabric with a white collar and placket, worn for playing rugby or as casual attire

shirt front: the upper front part of a shirt ; the part not covered by a jacket

shirt-tail: Shirt-tails are the long parts of a shirt below the waist.

sweat shirt: a heavy, loose, usually long-sleeved pullover made of cotton jersey, worn as by athletes to absorb sweat during or after exercise, sometimes with loose trousers ( sweat pants ) of the same material, forming an ensemble ( sweat suit )

bloody shirt: something, as a political issue or historical event, that can be used to stir up outrage, partisan support, etc.

boiled shirt: a dress shirt with a stiff front

grandad shirt: a long-sleeved collarless shirt

muscle shirt: a sleeveless and collarless shirt, worn esp by bodybuilders

safari shirt: a shirt of tough cotton, denim, etc; part of a safari suit

shirt button: Buttons are small hard objects sewn on to shirts, coats, or other pieces of clothing. You fasten the clothing by pushing the buttons through holes called buttonholes .

shirt jacket: a shirtlike jacket

shirt-lifter: a homosexual man

shirt pocket: A pocket is a kind of small bag which forms part of a piece of clothing, and which is used for carrying small things such as money or a handkerchief .

shirt-sleeve: in, or suitable for being in, one's shirt sleeves

shirt-tailed: (of a garment ) having a shirt-tail

sports shirt: a man's informal shirt, sometimes of knitted wool or cotton, which may be worn outside the trousers

stuffed shirt: If you describe someone, especially someone with an important position, as a stuffed shirt, you mean that they are extremely formal and old-fashioned .

Hawaiian shirt: a colourful, boldly patterned short-sleeved shirt

lumberjack shirt: a thick checked shirt, as worn by lumberjacks

a stuffed shirt: someone in an important position who behaves in a very formal or pompous way

lose one's shirt: to lose all that one has

lose your shirt: to lose all your money on a bad investment or bet

shirt-tail cousin: a distant cousin

bodysuit: A bodysuit is a piece of clothing that fits tightly over the top part of the body and fastens between the legs.

bush jacket: a casual jacket or shirt having four patch pockets and a belt

keep your shirt on: to calm down and not be angry or impatient . The usual British expression is keep your hair on .

put one's shirt on: to bet all one has on (a horse, etc)

wear a hair shirt: to deliberately make your own life unpleasant or uncomfortable in a way that is not necessary

shirttail: the part of a shirt extending below the waist

shirtwaist: a woman's blouse or bodice tailored more or less like a shirt

keep one's shirt on: to remain patient or calm

lose one's shirt on: to lose all one has on (a horse, etc)

skivvy: a servant, esp female, who does menial work of all kinds; drudge

in one's shirt sleeves: not wearing a coat or jacket over one's shirt

put your shirt on something: to bet or risk a large amount of money on something because you are convinced that it will win or succeed

been there, done that (got the t-shirt): People say been there, done that to show that they have had a similar experience to the one that has just been mentioned .

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Однокоренные слова:

shirting - рубашечная ткань
shirty - раздраженный, рассерженный, сердитый
undershirt - нижняя рубаха

Связанные слова: