Noun: шок удар потрясение толчок
Adjective: ударный шоковый сокрушительный
Verb: шокировать потрясать поражать сотрясаться


head / shock of hair - шапка волос, грива

resistance to shock - сопротивление удару, ударопрочность

to feel a shock - испытать потрясение

to get / have a shock - получить потрясение

to give smb. a shock - потрясти кого-л., вызвать у кого-л. потрясение

electric shock - электрошок

a shock of ginger hair - копна рыжих волос

shock-wave heating - ударный нагрев

shock-capturing method - метод сквозного счета

shock mount - амортизационная подвеска

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He gave us quite a shock. - Он нас порядком /довольно сильно/ шокировал.

The shock began to wear off. - Шок начал проходить.

I was speechless with shock. - Я утратил дар речи от шока. / Я онемел от шока.

The shock numbed her senses - Шок лишил её чувств.

He had a big (or bad) shock. - Он был очень потрясён.

His face went grey with shock. - Его лицо побледнело от пережитого шока.

Everyone expressed shock at the hijacking. - Все были потрясены угоном самолёта.

He seems to enjoy shocking people. - Кажется, ему нравится шокировать людей.

It gave me a nasty shock. - Это меня неприятно потрясло.

The hatred in her voice shocked him. - Ненависть в её голосе потрясла его. / Он был шокирован ненавистью в её голосе.

It was quite a shock when she rounded on me. - Когда она стала меня распекать, я был очень удивлён.

I got a terrible shock when I saw how ill he looked. - Я был ужасно потрясён, когда увидел, насколько плохо он выглядит.

Sybil has never got over the shock of her mother's death. - Сибил так и не оправилась от потрясения после смерти матери.

'No!' she exclaimed in shock. - — Нет! — потрясённо воскликнула она.

She became mute after a shock. - После потрясения она онемела.

whole fields of wheat in shock - полностью заскирдованные пшеничные поля

The shock was too much for him. - Потрясение было для него слишком сильным.

The scientists set up a shock wave - Ученые вызвали ударную волну

He is clearly in a state of shock. - Он явно находится в состоянии шока.

Her death came as a terrible shock. - Её смерть стала страшным ударом.

The news of the bombing shocked her. - Новости о бомбардировке шокировали её.

Her face registered shock and anger. - На её лице отразились потрясение и гнев.

His arrest was a shock to everybody. - Его арест был ударом для всех.

He had an unruly shock of black hair. - У него была непокорная копна чёрных волос.

The poor little bugger got an awful shock. - Бедный маленький негодник ужасно перепугался.

They'll get a shock when they get this bill. - Они будут в шоке, когда получат этот счёт.

Loss of blood is an important cause of shock. - Потеря крови является важной причиной шока.

As he listened, his face went grey with shock. - Он слушал, и от потрясения его лицо становилось серым.

He was numbed by the shock of his wife's death. - Потрясение от смерти жены привело его в состояние оцепенения.

The decision created a shock wave of criticism. - Это решение вызвало мощную волну критики.

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Связанные термины:

bill shock: If you have a shock, something suddenly happens which is unpleasant, upsetting, or very surprising .

corn shock: a stack or bundle of bound or unbound corn piled upright for curing or drying

nasty shock: If you have a shock, something suddenly happens which is unpleasant, upsetting, or very surprising .

shell shock: Shell shock is the confused or nervous mental condition of people who have been under fire in a war .

shock jock: A shock jock is a radio disc jockey who deliberately uses language or expresses opinions that many people find offensive .

shock tube: an apparatus in which a gas is heated to very high temperatures by means of a shock wave, usually for spectroscopic investigation of the natures and reactions of the resulting radicals and excited molecules

shock wave: A shock wave is an area of very high pressure moving through the air, earth, or water. It is caused by an explosion or an earthquake, or by an object travelling faster than sound .

culture shock: Culture shock is a feeling of anxiety, loneliness, and confusion that people sometimes experience when they first arrive in another country.

future shock: the inability to cope with the rapid and myriad changes of modern society, or the distress resulting from this

insulin shock: the abnormal condition caused by an overdose or excess secretion of insulin, resulting in a sudden reduction in the sugar content of the blood: it is characterized by tremors, cold sweat, convulsions, and coma

shock factor: A factor is one of the things that affects an event, decision, or situation.

shock-horror: A shock horror story is presented in a way that is intended to cause great shock or anger .

shock result: A result is the situation that exists at the end of a contest .

shock tactic: Shock tactics are a way of trying to influence people's attitudes to a particular matter by shocking them.

shock tactics: shock tactics are a way of trying to influence people's attitudes to a particular matter by shocking them

shock therapy: You can refer to the use of extreme policies or actions to solve a particular problem quickly as shock therapy .

shock troops: Shock troops are soldiers who are specially trained to carry out a quick attack .

sticker shock: the surprise and dismay supposedly experienced by consumers when confronted with high or greatly increased prices, esp. the sticker price of a new automobile

thermal shock: a fluctuation in temperature causing stress in a material. It often results in fracture, esp in brittle materials such as ceramics

acoustic shock: a condition characterized by dizziness and partial hearing loss suffered by some people exposed to sudden loud noises over telephone or radio headsets ; associated esp with workers in call centres

complete shock: If you have a shock, something suddenly happens which is unpleasant, upsetting, or very surprising .

electric shock: If you get an electric shock, you get a sudden painful feeling when you touch something which is connected to a supply of electricity .

shock absorber: A shock absorber is a device fitted near the wheels of a car or other vehicle to reduce the effects of travelling over uneven ground .

shock probation: the release on probation of a criminal after brief imprisonment

shock resistant: not affected by impact

shock treatment: Shock treatment is the same as shock therapy .

surgical shock: a state of shock that can occur during or after surgery

anaphylactic shock: a severe, sometimes fatal, reaction to a substance to which a person has an extreme sensitivity, often involving respiratory difficulty and circulation failure

electrical shock: the physiological reaction, characterized by pain and muscular spasm, to the passage of an electric current through the body. It can affect the respiratory system and heart rhythm

shock and awe: the strategy of using overwhelming force at the outset of a conflict in order to break the enemy's will to resist

spring a shock: If you have a shock, something suddenly happens which is unpleasant, upsetting, or very surprising .

shock the audience: The audience at a play, concert, film, or public meeting is the group of people watching or listening to it.

short sharp shock: A short, sharp shock is a punishment that is fairly harsh and severe but only lasts for a short time.

electro-shock baton: a baton used as a weapon to pass an electric current through part of the body

toxic shock syndrome: a potentially fatal condition, characterized by fever, stomachache, a painful rash, and a drop in blood pressure, that is caused by staphylococcal blood poisoning . In women it is most commonly caused by a retained tampon during menstruation

prank flash: a short film or animation linked surreptitiously to an innocuous website, intended to shock unsuspecting and easily-offended users of the internet

shockproof: capable of absorbing shock without damage

to use shock tactics: to attempt to influence people by shocking them

short sharp shock treatment: a quick, severe punishment

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Однокоренные слова:

shocker - бульварный роман, дешевый бульварный роман, амортизатор
shocking - отвратительный, очень, копнение
shocked - потрясенный

Связанные слова: