Noun: башмак ботинок туфля колодка
Adjective: обувной сапожный
Verb: обувать подбивать подковывать


custom shoe maker - индивидуальный сапожник

shoe factory - обувная фабрика

to shoe a horse - подковывать лошадь

shoe manufacturer - производитель обуви

boot and shoe mart - обувная лавка

odd shoe - туфля без пары

to repair a shoe - чинить ботинок

shoe adhesive - обувной клей

rail shoe - рельсовый башмак

shoe repair shop - мастерская по ремонту обуви

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I stopped to tie my shoe. - Я остановился, чтобы завязать ботинок.

Shoes pinch. - Туфли жмут.

You need to tie your shoe. - Вам нужно зашнуровать ботинок.

What size shoe do you take? - Какой размер обуви вы носите?

Shoes fit. - Туфли приходятся впору.

I have sand in my shoe. - У меня песок в ботинках.

A single shoe was found. - Был найден один ботинок.

I need more shoe polish. - Мне нужно больше крема/лака для обуви.

She bought a pair of shoes. - Она купила пару туфель.

the clerk in the shoe store - продавец в обувном магазине

I wouldn't be in your shoes. - Не хотел бы я оказаться в твоей шкуре.

What size shoes do you take? - Какой у вас размер обуви?

He took off his shoes and socks. - Он снял туфли и носки.

He beat the table with his shoe. - Он постучал по столу ботинком.

I've got some sticky stuff on my shoe. - На моём ботинке — какая-то липкая дрянь /фигня/.

The bank is between the shoe shop and the post office. - Банк расположен между почтой и обувным магазином.

This style of shoe is in demand. - Такой фасон обуви пользуется спросом.

a shoe with a thick, blocky heel - обувь с толстым, блочным каблуком

Keep still while I tie your shoe. - Не двигайся, пока я завязываю тебе шнурки.

a shoe that fastens with a buckle - туфля, которая застегивается пряжкой

The car was shod with radial tyres. - На автомобиль были надеты шины радиального типа.

a shoe made of soft, pliable leather - ботинок, изготовленный из мягкой, податливой кожи

The store sells a variety of shoe brands. - В магазине продаётся множество обувных брендов.

I scuffed the heel of my shoe on the stonework. - У меня стёрся каблук от частой ходьбы по мостовой.

Anyone in her shoes would have done the same thing. - Любой на её месте сделал бы то же самое.

The dearth of salesclerks at the shoe store annoyed us. - Нехватка продавцов в обувном магазине вызвала у нас раздражение.

It's best for children's feet to be shod with real leather. - Детям лучше носить обувь из натуральной кожи.

He lost the mate to his shoe. - Он потерял второй ботинок из пары.

He flung his shoe across the room. - Он швырнул свой ботинок через всю комнату.

She lost a shoe in the oozy field. - Она потеряла туфлю на этом илистом вязком поле.

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Связанные термины:

boat shoe: a shoe, usually in a style somewhat like a moccasin, with a rubber sole suitable for walking on the deck of a boat

deck shoe: Deck shoes are flat casual shoes made of canvas or leather.

drag shoe: a type of braking device on a vehicle

gym shoe: → sneaker (sense 2 )

hot shoe: an accessory shoe on a camera through which electrical contact is made to an electronic flash device

jazz shoe: a man's plain, close-fitting, low-heeled oxford made of soft leather or other material and having a thin, flexible sole, worn for jazz dancing

old shoe: a person or thing that is comfortably familiar and unpretentious

pile shoe: an iron casting shaped to a point and fitted to a lower end of a wooden or concrete pile

sand shoe: a light tennis shoe; sneaker

shoe box: a box in which shoes are packed

shoe rack: a rack for storing shoes

shoe shop: a shop which sells shoes

shoe size: one of the sizes in the standard range of sizes shoes are made in

shoe tree: a form, as of wood or metal, inserted in a shoe to stretch it or preserve its shape

soft-shoe: relating to a type of tap dancing performed wearing soft-soled shoes

ballet shoe: a flexible, lightweight shoe designed for ballet dancing; typically made of leather or silk, and often fastened with ribbons

brake shoe: the curved metal casting to which the brake lining is riveted in a drum brake

casing shoe: A casing shoe is the bottom of the casing string, including the cement around it.

court shoe: Court shoes are women's shoes that do not cover the top part of the foot and are usually made of plain leather with no design.

guide shoe: A guide shoe is a protective cap at the end of the casing string, which makes it easier to insert the string into the hole.

launch shoe: an attachment to an aircraft from which a missile is launched

saddle shoe: an oxford with a saddle of contrasting color

shoe cream: cream for polishing shoes

shoe polish: polish for shoes

space shoe: a custom shoe molded to the contours of the wearer's foot

tennis shoe: a rubber-soled canvas shoe tied with laces

track shoe: either of a pair of light running shoes fitted with steel spikes for better grip

white-shoe: designating or characteristic of a business company, esp. a law firm or brokerage, in which the partners belong almost exclusively to the white, Protestant, upper-class elite and are thought of as being conservative

wooden shoe: sabot (sense 1 )

athletic shoe: a shoe designed to be worn for sports, exercising, or recreational activity, as racquetball, jogging, or aerobic dancing

blocked shoe: a dancing shoe with a stiffened toe that enables a ballet dancer to dance on the tips of the toes

charlier shoe: special light horseshoe

elevator shoe: a shoe designed to increase the wearer's height

jogging shoe: an athletic shoe designed to be worn while jogging

platform shoe: a shoe with a platform

running shoe: casual shoes with rubber soles, in the style of those used for sports training

shoe leather: leather used to make shoes

shoe repairer: a person who mends shoes

shoe repairs: repairs to shoes

training shoe: Training shoes are the same astrainers .

walking shoe: a sturdy comfortable shoe worn by hillwalkers, etc

accessory shoe: a bracket on top of a camera to which a flash unit or other accessory may be fitted

shoe repairing: the trade of mending shoes

comfortable shoe: Shoes are objects which you wear on your feet. They cover most of your foot and you wear them over socks or stockings .

toeshoe: a ballet pump with padded toes

if the shoe fits: used to tell someone that unpleasant or critical remarks which have been made about them are probably true or fair . The usual British expression is if the cap fits .

save shoe leather: to avoid wearing out shoes, as by taking a bus rather than walking

Oxford: a city in S England, administrative centre of Oxfordshire, at the confluence of the Rivers Thames and Cherwell : Royalist headquarters during the Civil War; seat of Oxford University, consisting of 40 separate colleges, the oldest being University College (1249), and Oxford Brookes University (1993); motor-vehicle industry . Pop: 143 016 (2001)

drop the other shoe: to complete a task by doing the second and final part of it

where the shoe pinches: the source of trouble, grief, difficulty, etc.

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Однокоренные слова:

overshoe - бот, галоша, ботик
shoal - мелководье, косяк, мель, стая, толпиться, мелеть, мелкий, мелководный
shoeless - босой, без обуви, босоногий
unshoe - снимать обувь, расковывать
shoer - кузнец
shoeing - ковка

Связанные слова: