Noun: магазин цех мастерская лавка
Verb: делать покупки совершать покупки сажать в тюрьму присматриваться к товарам
Adjective: цеховой


close up a shop - закрыть магазин, ликвидировать магазин

to dress a (shop) window - украшать витрину (магазина)

fitting shop - сборочная мастерская

coffee shop hours - время работы кафе

to keep a shop - иметь магазин

self-service shop - магазин самообслуживания

at / in shop - в магазине

to manage / operate a shop - управлять, заведовать магазином

tailor's shop - мастерская портного

to shop at / in a supermarket - делать покупки в супермаркете

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She works in a shop. - Она работает в магазине.

It's not available in the shops. - Этого нет в магазинах.

Many people now shop online. - Сегодня многие делают покупки через Интернет.

I'm just going down to the shops. - Я как раз собираюсь пойти по магазинам.

I spent a happy afternoon wandering around the shops. - Я счастливо провела день, блуждая по магазинам.

The generators are put together in the machine shop. - Данные генераторы собирают в механическом цехе.

The shop carries only name brands. - Магазин торгует только фирменными товарами.

I made a table in shop. - На уроке труда я изготовил стол. (амер.)

Where do you like to shop? - Куда вы любите ходить за покупками?

Shop rents are extremely high. - Аренда магазинов чрезвычайно высока.

She goes shopping every Friday. - Она ходит за покупками каждую пятницу.

They live next door to the shop. - Они живут по соседству с магазином.

I took the car to the shop to get new brakes. - Я отдал машину в сервис, чтобы поставить новые тормозные колодки.

Never shop on your friends. - Никогда не доноси на своих друзей.

He was shopped by his ex-wife. - Его сдала /заложила/ бывшая жена.

I'm all over the shop this morning. - Сегодня с утра у меня всё идёт, как попало. (брит. all over the shop — как попало, в беспорядке)

The shop was boarded up. - Окна магазина были заколочены досками.

The shop sells local crafts. - Магазин торгует ремесленными изделиями местного производства.

The shop sells organic food. - В этом магазине можно приобрести органические продукты питания.

I built a birdhouse in shop. - Я сделал скворечник на уроке труда.

She always shops at Tesco's. - Она всегда скупается в Теско.

I built a birdhouse in shop. - На уроке труда я изготовил скворечник.

Doug made this table in shop. - Даг сделал этот стол в школьной мастерской /на уроке труда/.

She is shopping for a new car. - Она подыскивает себе новую машину.

He keeps the shop when I am gone. - Он получит магазин, когда меня не станет.

We're going to shop till we drop! - Будем ходить по магазинам до упаду!

The store where we shop is closing. - (Тот) магазин, где мы обычно делаем покупки, закрывается.

She's shopping her idea for a film. - Она пытается продать свой замысел фильма.

Cut off now before the shop closes. - Бегите прямо сейчас, пока не закрылся магазин.

I'm shopping for a safe investment. - Я присматриваюсь, куда бы понадёжнее поместить капитал.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you shop around, you go to different shops or companies in order to compare the prices and quality of goods or services before you decide to buy them.

If you shop around, you go to different shops or companies in order to compare the prices and quality of goods or services before you decide to buy them.

Связанные термины:

op-shop: a shop selling second-hand goods for charitable funds

bike shop: a shop that sells and usually repairs bicycles and bicycle parts

body shop: a place where the bodywork of motor vehicles is built or repaired

cake shop: a shop that sells cakes

chip shop: A chip shop is a shop which sells hot food such as fish and chips, fried chicken, sausages, and meat pies . The food is cooked in the shop and people take it away to eat at home or in the street .

chop shop: a place where stolen automobiles are dismantled for parts which are sold or used to repair wrecked vehicles which are then illicitly resold

cook shop: a shop that sells cookery equipment

cop shop: a police station

copy shop: a business that provides copies of documents or prints documents

farm shop: a shop that sells farm produce

fish shop: a shop that sells fish; a fishmonger's

hat shop: a shop that sell hats

head shop: a shop that sells equipment connected with using drugs

junk shop: a shop selling miscellaneous secondhand goods

open shop: an establishment in which persons are hired and employed irrespective of their membership or nonmembership of a trade union

pawn shop: A pawn shop is a pawnbroker's shop.

pet shop: a shop selling animals intended as pets

pop shop: the premises of a pawnbroker

pro shop: a shop that is operated in connection with a golf or tennis club, resort, etc., and has sports equipment and often recreational clothing for sale or rent and is usually supervised by a resident professional coach or instructor

sex shop: A sex shop is a shop that sells products associated with sex, for example magazines, films, and special clothing or equipment .

shoe shop: a shop which sells shoes

swap shop: a place or occasion at which articles no longer wanted may be exchanged for other articles

talk shop: to talk about work to other people who do the same type of work, in a way that is boring for other people to hear

tea shop: A tea shop is a small restaurant where tea, coffee, cakes, sandwiches, and light meals are served .

tuck shop: a shop, esp one in or near a school, where food such as cakes and sweets are sold

wool shop: a shop that sells knitting wool

shop-in-shop: A shop-in-shop is an area that one retailer sublets within another retailer’s premises .

agency shop: a contract arrangement between an employer and the union representing the majority of employees, which requires those who do not wish to be members to pay the union a fee equivalent to union dues

barber shop: A barber shop is a shop where a barber works.

beauty shop: A beauty shop is the same as a → beauty parlour .

bottle shop: A bottle shop is a shop which sells wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks.

bread shop: a baker's shop

bridal shop: a shop that specializes in selling bridal wear

bucket shop: an unregistered firm of stockbrokers that engages in speculation with clients ' funds

closed shop: If a factory, shop, or other business is a closed shop, the employees must be members of a particular trade union.

coffee shop: A coffee shop is a kind of restaurant that sells coffee, tea, cakes, and sometimes sandwiches and light meals .

corner shop: A corner shop is a small shop, usually on the corner of a street, that sells mainly food and household goods.

cycle shop: a shop that sells and usually repairs bicycles and bicycle parts

empty shop: A shop is a building or part of a building where things are sold.

flower shop: a shop where flowers and pot plants are sold

fruit shop: a shop that sells a variety of edible fruits

glove shop: a shop that sells gloves

mobile shop: a van, truck, etc, which travels from place to place and from which goods are sold

paper shop: A paper shop is a shop that sells newspapers and magazines, and also things such as tobacco, sweets, and cards.

print shop: A print shop is a small business which prints and copies things such as documents and cards for customers .

record shop: Britishanother name for record store

reject shop: a shop that sells damaged or imperfect products that cannot be sold at the full price

repair shop: a shop where you can take broken machines such as televisions, computers, telephones, etc to be repaired

retail shop: a shop which sells goods to individual customers

share shop: A share shop is a shop or internet website where members of the public can buy shares in companies .

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Однокоренные слова:

shop around - искать работу

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