Noun: шопинг покупка в свободной продаже покупка на открытом рынке посещение магазина с целью покупки


to go shopping, to be shopping - ходить за покупками, ходить по магазинам

shopping habit - покупательская привычка

closed shopping mall - торговый центр с крытыми пешеходными галереями

shopping mall - торговый пассаж; пассаж

shopping malls - большие торговые центры

routine shopping - повседневные покупки; обыденные покупки

a shopping gantlope - муки добывания нужных товаров

armchair shopping - совершение покупок, не выходя из дома; магазин на диване; домашний магазин

babyland shopping - беременная

suburban shopping centre - пригородный торговый центр

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I need to go shopping this afternoon. - Днём мне нужно сходить за покупками /по магазинам/.

I hate doing the shopping at weekends. - Терпеть не могу делать покупки в выходные дни.

I am just raring to go shopping. - Мне просто не терпится отправиться в поход по магазинам.

I enjoy shopping for new clothes. - Я люблю покупать новую одежду.

He took a trip to the shopping center. - Он съездил в торговый центр.

Do you want to push the shopping cart? - Хочешь повезти тележку? (в супермаркете)

Do you need help to carry your shopping? - Вам нужна помощь, чтобы донести ваши покупки?

She had several items on her shopping list. - В списке её покупок было несколько пунктов.

Most people now use their cars to go shopping. - Сейчас большинство людей пользуются своими автомобилями для совершения покупок.

More and more people are shopping on the Internet. - Все больше и больше людей совершают покупки через интернет.

I was shopping all day but didn't find what I need. - Я целый день ходил по магазинам, но так и не нашел то, что мне нужно.

I've just been out shopping. - Я только что пришла из магазина.

She goes shopping every Friday. - Она ходит за покупками каждую пятницу.

I'll go shopping during my lunch break. - Я пойду за покупками во время своего обеденного перерыва.

I did the shopping during my lunch hour. - Я сделала покупки во время обеденного перерыва.

The nearest shopping mall is two towns away. - Ближайший торговый центр находится в двух городах отсюда (по шоссе).

Shopping by mail order lets you beat the queues. - Заказы товаров по почте позволяют обойти проблему очередей.

a shopping binge at the mall - безудержная скупка всего подряд в торговом центре

I went on a shopping sortie. - Я совершил поход по магазинам.

I absolutely loathe shopping. - Я просто ненавижу ходить по магазинам.

She is shopping for a new car. - Она подыскивает себе новую машину.

Mum's out shopping with Granny. - Мама с бабушкой ходят по магазинам.

We will do the shopping for you. - Мы сделаем покупки за вас.

All this shopping has worn us out. - Все эти походы по магазинам нас вымотали.

She's shopping her idea for a film. - Она пытается продать свой замысел фильма.

She ordered him to do the shopping. - Она приказала ему сходить за покупками.

I'm shopping for a safe investment. - Я присматриваюсь, куда бы понадёжнее поместить капитал.

a blueprint for the new shopping mall - проект нового торгового центра

The day's shopping left her exhausted. - Проходив весь день по магазинам, она совершенно выбилась из сил.

They adored shopping in all the boutiques. - Они просто обожали скупаться /делать покупки/ во всех этих бутиках.

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Связанные термины:

shop: A shop is a building or part of a building where things are sold .

teleshop: to buy goods by telephone or via the internet

body shopping: the purchasing of manpower from another country, usually one where wages are cheap

food shopping: shopping to buy food

home shopping: Home shopping is shopping that people do by ordering goods from their homes, using catalogues, television channels, or computers.

jury shopping: the practice of presenting a case to several juries until a favourable decision is obtained

shopping area: An area is a particular part of a town, a country, a region, or the world.

shopping bag: a bag for carrying shopping, esp groceries

shopping cart: A shopping cart is the same as a → shopping trolley .

shopping list: A shopping list is a list of the things that you want to buy when you go shopping, which you write on a piece of paper .

shopping mall: A shopping mall is a specially built covered area containing shops and restaurants which people can walk between, and where cars are not allowed .

shopping trip: a visit to shops, or to a supermarket

shopping arcade: a place where a number of shops are connected together under one roof

shopping basket: a metal or plastic container with one or two handles, used to carry shopping in a shop

shopping center: a complex of stores, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. grouped together and having a common parking area

shopping centre: A shopping centre is a specially built area containing a lot of different shops.

shopping frenzy: Frenzy or a frenzy is great excitement or wild behaviour that often results from losing control of your feelings.

shopping habits: A habit is something that you do often or regularly.

shopping hours: the times during which shops are open

shopping plaza: a shopping centre

shopping spree: → to go on a shopping spree

window shopping: If you do some window shopping, you spend time looking at the goods in the windows of shops without intending to buy anything.

armchair shopping: buying goods using a computer, telephone, or television in the home or via the postal system

Christmas shopping: shopping for Christmas presents, food and drink, and all the other things required over the Christmas period

shopping channel: A shopping channel is a television channel that broadcasts programmes showing products that you can phone the channel and buy.

shopping complex: a shopping centre

shopping precinct: a pedestrian area containing shops, restaurants, etc, forming a single architectural unit and usually providing car-parking facilities

shopping trolley: A shopping trolley is a large metal basket on wheels which is provided by shops such as supermarkets for customers to use while they are in the shop.

shopping village: a shopping centre that designed to look like a village

a shopping list: a list of demands or requirements that someone wants to get from a particular person or organization

comparison shopping: Comparison shopping is comparing similar products from different stores or suppliers. Comparison shopping services are popular on the Internet .

duty-free shopping: the making of duty-free purchases

one-stop shopping: the provision of everything that a customer or client might require in one place

sex-and-shopping: (of a novel ) belonging to a genre of novel in which the central character, a woman, has a number of sexual encounters, and the author mentions the name of many up-market products

shopping bag lady: a woman who is homeless and wanders city streets with all her possessions in shopping bags

shopping facilities: shops or other retail services

late-night shopping: later opening hours of shops than usual, esp as a regular occurrence on a particular night of the week

Fendalton shopping cart: a four-wheel drive recreational vehicle

shop around: If you shop around, you go to different shops or companies in order to compare the prices and quality of goods or services before you decide to buy them.

window-shop: to look at goods in shop windows without buying them

window-shopped: to look at goods in shop windows without buying them

to go on a shopping spree: to shop excessively; to buy a lot of things in an extravagant way

to go on a shopping trip: to go somewhere for the purpose of shopping

bag lady: A bag lady is a homeless woman who carries her possessions in shopping bags.

Fendalton tractor: a four-wheel drive recreational vehicle

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Однокоренные слова:

shop - магазин, цех, мастерская, делать покупки, цеховой