Adjective: короткий краткий краткосрочный короткометражный
Adverb: коротко кратко резко внезапно
Noun: короткое замыкание краткость короткометражный фильм недолет


short borrowing - краткосрочные ссуды

short choppy strides - короткие неровные шаги

short of destination - вблизи от места назначения

short distance - небольшое расстояние

short-range forecast - краткосрочное прогнозирование

short hair - короткие волосы

a short / trendy haircut - короткая, модная стрижка

short hike - краткая, недолгая прогулка

short hop - краткий перелёт

brief / short interval - небольшой интервал

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Food was short. - Еды было мало.

We are short of cash. - У нас не хватает наличных.

He cut me short. - Он прервал меня на полуслове.

Bad news caught him short. - Дурная новость застала его врасплох.

He's short, as jockeys go. - Он низкого роста, как и все жокеи.

Her time was only 2 seconds short of the world record. - Её результату не хватило двух секунд до мирового рекорда.

Do you fancy a short? - Хочешь (выпить) по маленькой?

He is short on brains. - Он не слишком умён. (разг.)

The movie was very short. - Фильм был очень короткий.

Come on, time's running short! - Живее, времени у нас мало!

Money was short in those days. - Денег тогда не хватало.

She wears her hair short. - Она носит короткую стрижку.

He's a bit shorter than me. - Он немного ниже меня.

The toaster shorted and caused a fire. - Тостер замкнуло, и это вызвало пожар.

The body of the message was short. - Содержательная часть сообщения была короткой.

I was caught short. - Меня застали врасплох. / Мне вдруг приспичило в туалет.

Let's take a short break for lunch. - Давайте сделаем короткий перерыв на завтрак.

The car stopped short. - Машина резко затормозила.

He threw the ball short. - Он недобросил мяч.

She was wearing a short skirt. - На ней была короткая юбка.

Do you feel up to a short walk? - Не хочешь немного прогуляться?

The ball fell short. - Мяч недолетел.

He is short for his age. - Для своего возраста он низковат.

Morris gave a short laugh. - Моррис издал короткий смешок.

He was suffering from shortness of breath. - Он страдал одышкой.

a short burst of speed - резкий набор скорости

a short stay in the hospital - кратковременное пребывание в больнице

Her question brought me up short. - Её вопрос прервал меня на полуслове.

She was just short of six feet tall. - Она была чуть ниже шести футов.

Shirley was very conscious of her shortness and always wore high heels. - Ширли очень стеснялась своего маленького роста, и всегда носила высокие каблуки.

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Связанные термины:

cut short: to stop abruptly before the end

for short: If a person or thing is called something for short, that is the short version of their name.

go short: If you go short of something, especially food, you do not have as much of it as you want or need .

in short: You use in short when you have been giving a lot of details and you want to give a conclusion or summary.

run short: to have or be less than enough

short cut: A short cut is a quicker way of getting somewhere than the usual route.

short-day: (of plants) able to flower only if exposed to short periods of daylight (less than 12 hours ), each followed by a long dark period

short for: an abbreviation for

short leg: a fielding position on the leg side near the batsman's wicket

short of: except

short-run: lasting for a short period of time; short-term

short ton: a unit of weight equal to 2240 pounds or 1016.046909 kilograms

fall short: to prove inadequate

sell short: to disparage or belittle

short-arse: a small person

short bill: a bill of exchange that is payable at sight, on demand, or within less than ten days

short-dated: (of a gilt-edged security) having less than five years to run before redemption

short fuse: a quick temper

short game: the aspect of golf considered in relation to the ability of a player to hit medium or short shots, as chip shots, pitch shots, and putts, with accuracy

short haul: Short-haul is used to describe things that involve transporting passengers or goods over short distances. Comparelong-haul .

short head: a distance shorter than the length of a horse's head

short iron: a club, as a pitcher, pitching niblick, or niblick, with a short shaft and an iron head the face of which has great slope, for hitting approach shots

short jenny: an in-off into a middle pocket

short-life: not designed to last

short-lived: Something that is short-lived does not last very long.

short loin: the front part of a loin of beef, from the ribs to the sirloin

short metre: a stanza form, used esp for hymns, consisting of four lines, the third of which has eight syllables, while the rest have six

Short money: (in Britain) the annual payment made to Opposition parties in the House of Commons to help them pay for certain services necessary to the carrying out of their parliamentary duties ; established in 1975

short novel: a prose narrative midway between the novel and the short story in length and scope

short odds: (in betting ) an almost even chance

short order: food that is easily and quickly prepared

short-range: Short-range weapons or missiles are designed to be fired across short distances.

short rate: a charge, proportionately higher than the annual rate, made for insurance issued or continued in force by the insured for less than one year

short ream: 480 sheets of paper

short ribs: the rib ends of beef from the forequarter, next to the plate

short sale: a sale of securities or commodities which the seller does not yet have but expects to cover later at a lower price

short score: a condensed version of the score for a musical composition, usually written for piano

short-sheet: to fold and tuck in the top sheet of (a bed ) so that it simulates both the top and bottom sheets: when the victim of this joke enters the bed, his or her legs are obstructed by the fold

short sight: myopia

short snort: a quick drink of liquor

short-stay: available or valid for a limited time

short story: A short story is a written story about imaginary events that is only a few pages long.

short straw: → draw the short straw

short-term: Short-term is used to describe things that will last for a short time, or things that will have an effect soon rather than in the distant future .

short time: If workers are put on short time, they are asked to work fewer hours than the normal working week, because their employer can not afford to pay them a full-time wage .

short wave: Short-wave is a range of short radio wavelengths used for broadcasting.

short while: A while is a period of time.

caught short: having a sudden need to urinate or defecate

short account: the aggregate of short sales on an open market, esp a stock market

short-acting: (of a drug) quickly effective, but requiring regularly repeated doses for long-term treatment, being rapidly absorbed, distributed in the body, and excreted

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Однокоренные слова:

shortage - нехватка, дефицит, недостаток, недобор
shorten - сокращать, сокращаться, укорачивать, укорачиваться, урезать
shortly - вскоре, незадолго, коротко, быстро, вкратце, отрывисто, резко, сжато
shorts - шорты, трусики
shorty - коротышка
shortness - краткость, нехватка, слабость
shorter - краткий, короче

Связанные слова: