Noun: плечо буртик уступ лопатка
Verb: брать на себя проталкиваться толкать толкаться


shoulder belt - поясной, диагональный ремень безопасности

to bear / carry / shoulder a burden - нести груз

to clap (a person) on the shoulder - похлопать (кого-л.) по плечу

shoulder dislocation - вывих плеча

great broad-shoulder'd genial Englishman - огромный, широкоплечий добродушный англичанин

to peer over smb.'s shoulder - заглядывать кому-л. через плечо

to accept / admit / assume / claim / shoulder / take / take on (the) responsibility - взять на себя ответственность

to work shoulder to shoulder - работать плечом к плечу

shoulder wing - высокорасположенное крыло

shoulder-elbow length - длина плеча

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She carried a backpack on one shoulder. - Она несла рюкзак на одном плече.

Lean against my shoulder. - Прислонись к моему плечу.

My shoulder hurts like hell. - Моё плечо ужасно /адски/ болит.

He grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. - Он схватил меня за плечо и развернул.

He tapped me on the shoulder. - Он похлопал меня по плечу.

We had pork shoulder for dinner. - На ужин у нас была свиная лопатка.

He rested the baby's head on his shoulder. - Он положил голову ребенка себе на плечо (чтобы тот отдохнул).

Rest your head on my shoulder. - Положи голову мне на плечо.

He felt a dull ache in his shoulder. - Он чувствовал тупую, ноющую боль в плече.

She glanced fearfully over her shoulder. - Она испуганно взглянула через плечо.

I can't play tennis, I've put my shoulder out. - Я не могу играть в теннис, я вывихнул плечо.

I felt someone tap my shoulder. - Я почувствовал, что кто-то похлопал меня по плечу.

She fell and dislocated her shoulder. - Она упала и вывихнула плечо.

He laid his hand on my shoulder. - Он положил руку мне на плечо.

The wrestler twisted his shoulder. - Борец вывихнул плечо.

She felt a tap on her shoulder. - Она почувствовала, как её легонько похлопали по плечу.

I've got a lump on my shoulder. - У меня на плече появилась шишка.

That rude man shouldered me aside and got on the bus. - Этот грубиян оттолкнул меня плечом и вошёл в автобус.

an easy pat on the shoulder - лёгкое похлопывание по плечу

My shoulder ached shrewdly. - Мое плечо мучительно болело.

He shouldered the door open. - Он приналёг плечом, и дверь открылась.

She shouldered through the crowd. - Она протолкнулась сквозь толпу.

She slung the bag over her shoulder. - Она перекинула сумку через плечо.

Emily glanced over her shoulder. - Эмили взглянула через плечо.

an avuncular pat on the shoulder - отеческое похлопывание по плечу

He was looking over his shoulder. - Он оглядывался через плечо. / Он постоянно был начеку.

The bullet lodged in her shoulder. - Пуля попала ей в плечо.

He threw his shoulder out of whack. - Он вывихнул себе плечо.

A hand touched her on the shoulder. - Чья-то рука коснулась её плеча.

He felt a light tap on his shoulder. - Он почувствовал, что его легонько похлопали по плечу.

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Связанные термины:

cold shoulder: If one person gives another the cold shoulder, they behave towards them in an unfriendly way, to show them that they do not care about them or that they want them to go away .

hard shoulder: The hard shoulder is the area at the side of a motorway or other road where you are allowed to stop if your car breaks down.

shoulder arms: to bring the rifle vertically close to the right side with the muzzle uppermost and held at the trigger guard

shoulder bag: A shoulder-bag is a bag that has a long strap so that it can be carried on a person's shoulder.

shoulder high: A shoulder-high object is as high as your shoulders.

shoulder knot: a knot of ribbon or lace formerly worn as an ornament on the shoulder

shoulder pad: Shoulder pads are small pads that are put inside the shoulders of a jacket, coat, or other article of clothing in order to raise them.

soft shoulder: On a busy road such as a freeway, the soft shoulder is the area at the side of the road where vehicles are allowed to stop in an emergency .

cover-shoulder: a type of blouse worn in Ghana

frozen shoulder: a painful stiffness in a shoulder joint

shoulder blade: Your shoulder blades are the two large, flat, triangular bones that you have in the upper part of your back, below your shoulders.

shoulder board: either of a pair of oblong pieces of stiffened cloth worn on the shoulders of certain uniforms and showing insignia of rank

shoulder charge: an instance of a player charging into another so that there is contact between their shoulders ( permissible in some circumstances )

shoulder flash: an emblem worn high on the arm as an insignia

shoulder girdle: → pectoral girdle

shoulder joint: the joint at the junction of the forelimb with the pectoral girdle

shoulder-length: Shoulder-length hair is long enough to reach your shoulders.

shoulder patch: an emblem worn high on the arm as an insignia

shoulder season: a travel season between peak and off-peak seasons, esp. spring and fall, when fares tend to be relatively low

shoulder strap: The shoulder straps on a piece of clothing such as a dress are two narrow straps that go over the shoulders.

shoulder harness: a restraining device consisting of an anchored strap passing diagonally across the chest, used with a seat belt, as in an automobile

shoulder holster: a holster that is worn on the shoulder

shoulder operation: When a patient has an operation, a surgeon cuts open their body in order to remove, replace, or repair a diseased or damaged part.

shoulder surfing: a form of credit-card fraud in which the perpetrator stands behind and looks over the shoulder of the victim as he or she withdraws money from an automated teller machine, memorizes the card details, and later steals the card

shoulder to shoulder: If two or more people stand shoulder to shoulder, they are standing next to each other, with their shoulders touching .

off-the-shoulder: not covering the shoulder

the cold shoulder: a show of indifference ; slight

shoulder-length hair: hair that reaches a person's shoulders

shoulder responsibility: If you have responsibility for something or someone, or if they are your responsibility, it is your job or duty to deal with them and to take decisions relating to them.

lap and shoulder belt: a car seat belt

stand shoulder to shoulder: to work co-operatively with and support someone else in order to achieve a common aim

a chip on your shoulder: a feeling of anger and resentment because you think that you have been treated unfairly in the past

a shoulder to cry on: If someone offers you a shoulder to cry on or is a shoulder to cry on, they listen sympathetically as you talk about your troubles.

chip on one's shoulder: an inclination to fight or quarrel

cry on someone's shoulder: to tell one's troubles to someone in seeking comfort or sympathy

look over one's shoulder: If you say that someone is looking over their shoulder, you mean that they feel anxious all the time about what someone may do to them.

turn a cold shoulder to: to treat with disdain ; snub

picnic: When people have a picnic, they eat a meal out of doors, usually in a field or a forest, or at the beach .

a chip on one's shoulder: If you say that someone has a chip on their shoulder, you think that they feel inferior or that they believe they have been treated unfairly.

straight from the shoulder: moving straight forward from the shoulder

come straight from the shoulder: to be direct and completely honest

give someone the cold shoulder: to deliberately ignore someone

have a chip on one's shoulder: to be aggressively sensitive about a particular thing or bear a grudge

put your shoulder to the wheel: to put a great deal of effort into a difficult task

put one's shoulder to the wheel: to work very hard

scapula: Your scapula is your shoulder blade .

scapulae: either of two large flat triangular bones, one on each side of the back part of the shoulder in humans

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Однокоренные слова:

shouldering - действие, работа плечами, взваливание на себя

Связанные слова: